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Season 3

13 Sep. 2010
The Fashion Show
Jay is annoyed when Carli asks Simon and not him to be a model in her charity fashion show, the proceeds going towards a kidney machine to help the unaccountably popular wheelchair-bound Alistair Scott. Against his principles Will takes the money at the door, when not fighting Alistair, but is thrilled when Charlotte returns and asks him to take part with her on the catwalk. Simon ends up modelling skimpy bathing trunks and, in his hurry to put them on, literally lets it all hang out. Unlike the onlookers, Carli is not amused.
20 Sep. 2010
The Gig and the Girlfriend
Simon takes Tara, a girl in the class below him, to a gig at a pub where to impress her, he has told her that he can get any drugs - courtesy of Jay. Jay's first attempt to score ends up with him buying tea-bags though eventually he does obtain some puff. None of the boys have smoked it before though and Will suffers severe side effects and takes to the stage to request an ambulance.
27 Sep. 2010
Will's Dilemma
It's Neil's eighteenth birthday and his dad is throwing him a party to which he can invite ten friends - not that he has that many. Simon, seriously dating Tara, arranges a double date for Will with her extremely tall and rapacious friend Kerry. Despite Will's efforts, she is not easy to shake off and, at Neil's dreary party, he dumps her, unaware that her father has just died, which leads to his vilification. Neil, however, takes advantage of the situation to have a happy birthday.
4 Oct. 2010
Trip to Warwick
Anxious to be alone so they can have sex Tara suggests to Simon they visit her sister Sophie at Warwick University but the other boys insist on coming too. Sophie is not impressed. Whilst Simon,thanks to bad advice from Jay,is having trouble with his manhood in the bedroom the others get involved with Sophie's beery flat-mates and their drunken dares. After Neil has wet the bed and Jay made an indecent proposal to a cold-stricken Dutch girl,all four boys are thrown out and Simon is still a virgin.
11 Oct. 2010
Will Is Home Alone
Already under pressure from Mr. Gilbert to rat on Neil and Jay for destroying a flower bed, Will does not think it a good idea that the other boys come to his house to throw a party whilst his mother is on a weekend break in the Cotswolds with an old flame. And he is right. Not only do they block the toilet and alter his Facebook picture but set about destroying more flowers in a neighbour's garden. Next morning the boys find themselves under siege from the angry gardener but there's no hiding place as Will's mother returns home early.
18 Oct. 2010
Camping Trip
Whilst Neil worries that he has got the girl from the cheese counter at ASDA pregnant, Simon is upset that his family must move to Swansea for his father's work. Will suggests a farewell camping trip for the four boys, though he is less than happy when the others use his possessions to light the camp-fire and Simon is not pleased when Neil and Jay let his car run into a lake. After a game in which each of them texts somebody on another's phone, Neil discovers that he is not a father after all and the boys bond in their own odd way.

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