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Abbey Tyler: An encounter in the first kind, that's when you see a UFO. The second kind is when you see evidence of it: crop circles, radiation. The third kind is when you make contact. But the fourth kind, there's nothing more frightening than the fourth. You see, that one is when they abduct you.

real Abbey Tyler: [suppressing strong emotions] I believe the things I've seen, the presence I've felt inside of me, is beyond anything you can imagine. It was hopelessness. So, it cannot be God, but it can, it can pretend to be.

[first lines]

Abbey Tyler: I'm actress Milla Jovovich, and I will be portraying Dr. Abigail Tyler in The Fourth Kind. This film is a dramatization of events that occurred October 1st through the 9th of 2000, in the Northern Alaskan town of Nome. To better explain the events of this story, the director has included actual archived footage throughout the film. This footage was acquired from Nome psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler, who has personally documented over 65 hours of video and audio materials during the time of the incidents. To better protect their privacy, we have changed the names and professions of many of the people involved. Every dramatized scene in this movie is supported by either archived audio, video or as it was related by Dr. Tyler during extensive interviews with the director. In the end, what you believe is yours to decide. Please be advised, that some of what you're about to see is extremely disturbing.

Deputy Ryan: It's pulling them out of the house. It's taking them.

Abbey Tyler: In the end, what you believe is yours to decide.

[last lines]

Interviewee: You have to experience this to believe me. I, I, I'm afraid to walk outside, I need help, I don't know how to deal with this, it's so strange. I'm frightened to go to sleep. What if they come back...

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Sheriff August: Difficult to go back.

Abbey Tyler: To go back?

Sheriff August: Back over the line from fiction to reality. You can't just stop being insane whenever you want to. It's the the kind of thing that stays with you - forever.

Interviewee: My little brother, he's three, he'll be four next month, last night he started talking to my parents, and I just got done talking to him. He told my dad "You have to lock the door, cause the creatures are gonna come get me," and he said "The men in the stars," he said, "they're coming to get me." They follow him when he goes outside he says "The star follows me. The star follows me."

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