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In truth, what follows is less disturbing than intriguing - to audiences hip to the mechanics of horror flicks, it's rare fun to be fooled, and this one is pretty damned clever.
You don't have to believe in far-fetched tales of mysterious beams of light and alien abductions to get caught up in The Fourth Kind.
Too often, The Fourth Kind makes the paranormal look disappointingly normal.
A mildly scary, totally meaningless excursion into the realms of psychological horror and alien-abduction conspiracies.
Miami Herald
While there are some genuinely creepy moments, it never truly ends up as more than an average "X-Files" episode.
The Fourth Kind has a clever gimmick and nothing more.
The Hollywood Reporter
Combines purported raw case study footage with dramatic "recreations" to unsuccessful effect.
When he divides the screen into quadrants for his big finish, the effect is just laughable -- but then by that point, the movie is too.
Wall Street Journal
Mr. Osunsanmi's chutzpah exceeds his skill.
As it stands,The Fourth Kind boasts a creepy kind of joke - and a confusing kind of horror.
By the end of its way-too-long 98 minutes, there are four things audiences will be haunted by: Jovovich's annoying, whispery monotone; silly closeups of owls; Will Patton's Z-movie turn as a grizzled sheriff, and dialogue like "It's too late to forget what you already know." Ain't that the truth.

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