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Bones Bites the Big One Badly.

Author: budwebster from United States
20 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Last night was the season-ender for Bones, a show that Mary and I try never to miss. Wish we had last night, though. Better still, I wish the cast and crew had missed it.

I've never thought much of the "Gormogon" arc, it seemed stuck on as an afterthought, a plot device to give Hodgins something to point to gleefully. So except where it was the primary focus of an episode, I've mostly ignored it.

What I HAVE paid attention to over the three seasons has been characterization. The "squints" are a well-working machine, a team made up of individuals who nevertheless add up to more than just their numbers.

Hell with this. If you're into the show, you know what I'm talking about; if you aren't, you'll probably not give a damn. Suffice to say that, up until now, Bones hasn't violated its characters for the sake of a silly sub-plot.

I'm going off on a bit of a tangent here to illustrate my point, so bear with me. I'm a big fan of Thomas Harris, especially _The Red Dragon_ and _Silence of the Lambs_. I liked the character development, especially the interesting - and adversarial - relationship between Lector and Starling. So, when the third novel, _Hannibal_, came out, I was excited and bought it before it was remaindered in hardcover or went into paperback.

BIG mistake. The final scene, with Starling and Lector having a romantic dinner of her ex-boss's brains while he was still alive, utterly repudiated the character of Clarice Starling as Harris had spent an entire novel building, and didn't treat Lector with much authorial respect, either. It's the closest I've ever come to actually throwing a book across the room.

Much the same here. Zack Addy has been an integral part of the Bones machine since the beginning. He's been through some changes, which is part of being part of an on-going story, but he's been quite the steadiest of the squints, reliable, clever, and clearly the only one there whose intellect is the equal of Temperance's.

(Let's leave aside for the moment that in the last episode, Booth took a hit to the chest, yet in the bath-tub scene shows neither wound nor bruising, which would have been present even had he been wearing a vest. That's the least of the problems with this episode.)

There was absolutely no overwhelming - or just plain whelming, for that matter - reason for Zack Addy to be the Apprentice. It was a stupid choice, all head and no heart. Zack Addy, as he has been depicted in the show to this point, simple would NOT have fallen for some charismatic yobbo with bad eating habits. I cannot imagine the justification he could have given himself, let alone what he'd tell his friends once they found out (and it was inevitable that they would), and the writers and producers must have felt the same way, because WE'RE NEVER GIVEN ONE.

It's as if somebody said, "Say, who's the least likely candidate in the Bones continuity to be Gormogon's Apprentice? Zack? Okay, what the hell. Let's give it a whirl." All head; no thought at all about the violation of Zack's character. None.

It was bad writing, it was a silly and stupid concept. It wasn't a surprise, it was a bewilderment, a cipher. The only possible way for them to preserve what had been to now a really rich and fertile source of character-driven stories would be for the first episode of the fourth series to begin with Temperance waking up in bed and saying "Oh, God, what a terrible nightmare." I have no confidence this will happen; at this point, I have little confidence in the show at all.

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Were the writers in a hurry to go home?

Author: dendo from San Jose, CA
21 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For the plot turn to involve Zack, good writers might have given some background that might lead viewers to understand how an intelligent and patriotic young scientist like Zack Addy might be seduced by an evil figure like Gormagon. Good writers might have explained what gave an odd figure like Gormagon, who was later described as "a nobody" his irresistible urge to kill, as well as the personal charisma it would have taken to seduce a young and intelligent man working in a highly respected government laboratory, a young man who served his nation in the military when called to do so, into an activity which should be so reprehensible to that young scientist. Good writers might have shown the pursuit and capture of such an evil and charismatic figure. Good writers might have fleshed-out the story enough to explain such oddities of storyline to viewers of such a highly respected show.

Sadly, good writers were not working on "Bones" that week.

These writers totally ignored every principle of good writing and simply glossed over all the necessary background, glossed over all the appropriate character development, all the story leading up to the discovery of Gormagon's identity, glossed over the pursuit and capture of the villain while showing it in the background over a few brief seconds, and totally shafted the character Zack Addy along with all the viewers, as though they had some other place to be.

Shame on the writers, and shame on the executives who allowed such drivel to go on the air.

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Did they actually watch this before they aired it?

Author: MattyBoosh from United Kingdom
3 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There was so much wrong with this episode its unreal.The opening scene for starters just seemed pointless pretending booth was dead was just pointless it was purely for shock factor which might have shocked if he wasn't a producer of the show, Shows had it if he leaves.Then onto the gorman thing Zac is a clever character i doubt a toothless old man would be able to talk him into killing people for him to eat. Zac: He approached me 3 months ago.

Right first off how do you approach somebody to become your serial killing apprentice.....Hey you look like you've got a lot of free time on your hands i've got a job for you, now i know its going to sound abit odd but hear me out first. I kill and eat people following an ancient order that spent time killing and eating people, Now i don't expect you to eat people that's a big ask i just need somebody to deliver bodies for me to eat. I'd rather they were dead......actually some fries and coke would be nice too. anyway i'm going off the point abit, i want you to be my assistant it doesn't pay very well but you have the satisfaction of knowing i'll never go hungry. oh yeah now i remember eating flesh is hard with teeth so if you could make me a pair that would be brilliant.

Worst of all Zack never gave a reason for doing it, could they not think of one. Anything would have been better than nothing. Money, voices or even 10% off at starbucks. anything!!!!! They could of used him going to Iraq being awful for him and him being really clever over thinks everything and decided people need to die. Also why was the gorman a random guy why couldn't it be somebody you wouldn't expect (with a decent reason why)

Coming to think of it this review seems just as pointless as this episode i just really thought it was funny and badly done! Lets hope next bones series will be better.

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Season finale

Author: Gem_n_Al from United Kingdom
23 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Frankly I am disgusted that the Bones writers would expect to pass off this unbelievable storyline. Zach is an extremely intelligent individual, there is absolutely no way he would be convinced to kill someone (even if gormagon uses logic to convince him) I think this was a weak finish to what was a promising storyline, and I'm not sure I'm going to be tuning in next season. Zack was one of my favourite characters in the show, and they will be hard pressed to find a suitable replacement for him. I'm also gutted that Eric Millegan didn't want to leave the show but had no choice in the matter. This is the reason shows get cancelled people...for getting all unbelievable and weird on us fans.

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Spoiler warning. WTF?????

Author: moonbeam1670 from United States
19 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Zack's the apprentice??!!?? How the hell did this happen? Who can up with this storyline? I love Zack, he's so sweet and honest and pure. How could they corrupt him, in so shoddy a plot twist, no less. Is Zack a weak personality? He's so sure of himself intellectually, 'King of the Lab.' It should have been Sweets, he was an obnoxious jerk, we love Zack. And Gormogon is a no one that we've never seen before, what kind of let down is that? They should have put it off for another season, or made it a two-parter for us to complain about. This was badly done and a terrible heartbreak, I am horribly disappointed in them for this episode, even though I loved it. The banter between everyone was well written and wonderfully acted, it is a terrible loss to the show to lose Zack's character.

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Even Shyamalan Couldn't Have Made it Worse

Author: shadowfax_ik from United States
27 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first time I saw this episode, I didn't care at all about the reckless discarding of the Zack Addy character. I still don't.

Don't get me wrong, he's a great character and addition to the story, but there's never anything wrong with a plot pulling no punches and never being afraid of doing the unexpected, taking risks, and making bold choices like removing a main character.

However, this episode contains the worst variety of twist. The kind which says, "Hey, look how clever we are for coming up with this." It even comes with a line from a character to point out how clever the writers were for creating the scenario. Seriously, when it's revealed, one of the characters says, "I did not see that coming." Neither did we. Not because it's clever, but because it's ever so much not.

It's a twist for the sake of a twist, for the sake of TV advertisements which scream, "One of them is the killer! Tune in to find out!" and for the sake of trying to squeeze the most drops drama out of every moment, every situation. The twist has zero set-up, zero follow-through, and makes zero sense. The delivery and through-line is sloppy, awkward, and essentially pointless, and it flattens particular characters into a mockery of any depth they've developed up until this point.

Simply put, it's incredibly poorly written.

Okay, so I can respect the difficulty in television production, especially if the oft-mentioned writer's strike is involved. However, there are far too many instances where bad writing and artificial dramatizing for the sake of viewer/ratings boost is the rule and not the exception. I really enjoy Bones, but The Pain in the Heart is one of the worst and most poorly constructed hours of television I've ever seen.

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Disappointing, but still there is hope.....

Author: h_berry from United Kingdom
30 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hampered, as so many show were by the (deep breath) Writer's Strike, Bones found itself with multiple long running story arcs to wrap up in just a few short episodes. However, unlike most shows who managed to pull it out of the bag, Bones has let its fans down badly with this superficial and glib season finale.

Once again the acting was impeccable, no one can fault the cast who gave outstanding performances with sub par material - but even that's being kind to the writers.

Zach is the Apprentice. Not a shock to those who have seen the demise of his character this season as nothing short of blinding neon lights that his term on the show was coming to an end. His Iraq storyline was inexcusably ignored and although Hartson wanted the audience to be shocked by the revelation, I don't think most fans wouldn't have seen it coming. Not for any subtle pointers throughout the series - oh no, just another disappointing facet to the finale was how out of left field the revelation came. Misjudged and rushed. We wouldn't have minded the Keenan trial rolling over to next season to really resolve Gormogon. Just so you know.

In addition, we've had more build up this season of pending vocalisation of romantic feelings between our leads than ever before and we get a manhandled and grossly obtuse 'B&B together and one of them is naked - ha ha isn't that funny' scene. An insult to those of us who felt there was so much scope following the penultimate episode where we were left with a cliffhanger of Booth's life being in the balance. Brennan, a character who has evolved so far in so short a time was sent back to her earliest incarnation of a stubborn and unfeeling first season Bones crippled by loneliness and unable to express her feelings. Had Booth actually been dead, he would have seen her revert, seemingly not having learned anything from him and been disappointed in heaven.

As we were here on earth.

It may have caused passionate responses from its viewers, and it does so for a reason. Even in the depths of plot line despair, the chemistry of the cast, the fascinating cases and the 'will they-won't they' dynamic will ensure the fans come back next season.

Damaged, but not irreparably

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Not as bad as many said

Author: Azja from Lithuania
23 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, I read many comments on this episode and I disagree that it was bad. Well it was a little bit messy, but still original and interesting.

I cant say that I loved Zack, but he was hilarious. Well, it is piety that he won't be with team any more, but I think it should be interesting that will be next. It is good, that some fresh blood will be in new episodes. And we can't forget our two couples and development of their relationships...

It is worth to see.


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Flawed? Yes, Atrocious and despicable? Hell No!

Author: ambee124 from United Kingdom
26 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Where ever you go there will always be controversy with this episode. People seem to love it or hate it. Personally I loved it, and there are a number of credible reasons to why I think this.

This episode was unarguably beautifully acted. We got some of the most heartbreaking Bones scenes to date (Zach and Brennan's scene especially) The emotion was real and raw. It kept me it Cam? Is it Sweets? it Hodgins?! We also got some golden scenes between Booth and Brennan...involving a bath tub- enough said! The plot? Yes it was rushed. But everyone has to remember this episode was a casualty of the strike and I and many others agree that we would have liked to see the Gormagon storyline wrapped up this season instead of being dragged out into next season.

Zach being the apprentice out of all the characters was the most believable for me. Zach is a weak character, he is emotionally detached from the world, he breathes and sees in logic...Gormagon a strong character took advantage of this, provided Zach with the logic and he followed. We definitely needed more clarification of this character flaw in the season (I.e further explanation of his Iraq experience) Unfortunately the strike prevented this.

I think this season was brilliant. In my opinion it reached new intense levels of grim reality and emotion.

I will repeat-the episode was flawed, some bits I found a bit OTT (Booth's 'funeral') But there is enough superb acting, heart-wrenching scenes, and a plot (that you will have to take with a pinch of salt)that will keep you guessing throughout that passes off the episode wonderfully.

In my opinion, at the end of the day, Bones never fails to deliver. People will say 'oh no Zach's gone! I'm never going to watch Bones again!'. No show can ever be perfect, even if this episode may have been a dud, it's not excuse to stop watching. There is so so much going for this show without Zach, and I personally can't wait until a fresh Season 4!

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Worst episode of the series

Author: rgbwdltli from United States
24 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow... that was atrocious. I've mostly enjoyed this show from the start, but it's gone steeply downhill and this episode will be the end of it for me. Implausible story lines and shoddy science I can tolerate as long as the characters are well written and their reactions and interactions are believable. That was not the case here. The plot twist wasn't just reaching, it was desperate and insulting.

Given that the Zack character was going to leave the show, there were myriad options to explain it in a manner that wouldn't have pointlessly thrown out three full seasons of character development for the sake of expediency.

After this travesty, any extrapolation of the remaining characters is pointless {"Agent Booth turns out to be a stiletto wearing transvestite from North Hampton... who knew?!"). They've left the viewers with no reason to follow or care about the people or the show.

This series is dead.

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