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  • Richard and Zedd get an idea of how Richard can control the power of Orden. But Darken Rahl has captured Jennsen and cursed her village. And she threw the Box of Orden to the bottom of a lake before being captured.


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  • Fever Opens with Jennsen in a domestic scene, but soon the d'harans come for her, and she flees. Richard is reading the book of Shadows, which tells him that he needs the power of auden on a full moon to defeat Rahl. He speculates with Zedd that perhaps the power of love might help. If he is confessed that may do it. They dont tell the sleeping Kahlan though.

    They arrive at Jennsens house, it is empty. Rahl has unleashed a plague, and will only stop it in exchange for the seekers head. Zedd can combat the plague, slowly. Jensen has been brought to Rahl, she still lives, but has lost her memory. Rahl pretends to be her friend, and that her brother is her enemy, he also pretends to be her brother also.

    Zedd turns a stone into what looks like the seekers head. He uses it to ambush some dharan soldiers. Rahl keeps pressing Jensen for her memories, filling her head with falsehoods. Zedd cures a soldier with the plague so that Kahlan can confess him. Richard and Rahl find the answer at the same time, she threw them into the lake. Richard searches the lake, finds the boxes. D'harans arrive, slay the confessed soldier and wound the seeker.

    Zedd is attacked by the villagers in their panic over the plague, Kahlan confesses their ringleader and catches the plague. The turned man protects them but they are sick. Rahl persuades Jennsen to get the boxes from Richard and give them to Rahl. Richard has a plan to kill himself with a poison seed while putting the boxes together, so he will die before becoming a tyrant. Richard gets the cure from Jennsen who disappears with the boxes, he chases her. He catches her, and persuades her of the truth. D'harans come, the seeker slays them. Rahl hears that Jennsen has turned, and pulls back his army to stop them being sent against him.

    Richard tells Kahlan his plan to confess him.

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