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"Legend of the Seeker" Sacrifice (2009)

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Richard, Kahlan and Zedd encounter a group of Confessors and their leader, Mother Confessor Serena, who are on their way to an island called Valeria to hide from Rahl. After discovering that her sister Dennee is alive and is being held at a D'Haran prison, Kahlan rescues her by disguising as a Mord'Sith and Richard as her prisoner. The Confessors' happiness at finding Dennee pregnant is short-lived when she gives birth to a boy. As part of their tradition, all male Confessors are killed at birth because they are unable to control their power. Serena confesses Zedd and retrieves Dennee's son from Richard, who does not want the boy to be killed. Deciding to help Dennee save her child, the remaining Confessors confess Rahl's pursuing soldiers with Richard and Kahlan's help and use them to distract Zedd while they confront Serena. Dennee's mate kills Serena, releasing Zedd from her control, and leaves for Valeria with Dennee and their son. The remaining Confessors name Kahlan as their new Mother Confessor.


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