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10 Dec. 2007
Introducing the Circus
IFC's resident political junkies Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully kicked off the network's election coverage with a 10-minute overview of how the process begins. Reporting from Iowa and New Hampshire, they spoke with candidates, their supporters and pundits about what to look for as the 2008 election kicks off.
8 Jan. 2008
Inside the Iowa Caucus
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15 Jan. 2008
Surprise in New Hampshire
Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully report from New Hampshire on the Clinton comeback, the McCain jump start as well as touching on the beginning of "Obamania" and the Ron Paul Revolution. Setting up the stakes for the next contests, Will and Sarah speak to pundits such as David Brooks, Maureen Dowd and Juan Williams and the proudly independent citizens of this small state.
22 Jan. 2008
Republican South Carolina Primary
Will and Sarah report form numerous locations in South Carolina on the GOP effort to win the elusive "southern vote," assessing the damage to the second, third and fourth place candidates as well as investigating underground negative attacks.
29 Jan. 2008
The Democratic South Carolina Primary
Will and Sarah return to SC to report on a very different style of primary race, analyzing the intensification of the Clinton vs. Obama battle with Rep. James Clyburn, questioning the campaigns (including interview with Hillary Clinton) and visiting with the Edwards campaign on what ends up being their last event. WIll and Sarah also show a first hand account of the historic turnout at the polls.
12 Feb. 2008
Super Tuesday Wrap-Up
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19 Feb. 2008
The Youth Vote
Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully examine the rise of the youth vote, speaking with some of the varied, enthusiastic young people who are suddenly crowding the campaign trail.
19 Feb. 2008
America's Next Top Candidate
In a super-sized special, Will and Sarah take step back to look at the election so far, putting the election in historical perspective with top politicos such as John Zogby, Margaret Carlson and Al Hunt, Will and Sarah speak with candidates current and former (Geraldine Ferraro) and get a shout out for IFC from Bill Clinton. This episode provides a highlights reel of the most entertaining moments in the nomination battle, including an outrageously funny interview with pollster Frank Luntz and former SC Governor David Beasley in the credit roll.
26 Feb. 2008
The Press Squeeze
Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like from the reporter's perspective. As the chase down the candidates, Will and Sarah also speak with reporters such as Maureen Dowd, Ron Brownstein and Jonathan Martin about what it's like to cover a presidential race. Complete with footage from debate Spin Rooms and campaign buses.
Rob Reiner on Hillary Clinton
Sarah Scully interviews Rob Reiner about his support of Hillary Clinton outside of her Super Tuesday rally in New York.
18 Mar. 2008
Polling 101
Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully explore the nature of polling in the 2008 election.
11 Mar. 2008
Showdown in Texas and Ohio
Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully join up with the Clinton, Obama and McCain campaigns as the GOP ties up their nomination and the Democrats protract their struggle. Rabbe drops in on the Obama campaign, grilling top adviser David Axelrod about strategy and expectations while Sarah flies with Hillary Clinton between Texas and Ohio. Rabbe explains how the results affect the Democratic race while Sarah reports from McCain's official nomination victory party in Dallas.
18 Mar. 2008
The Youtube Election
Will and Sarah speak with tech guru Andrew Rasiej, YouTube's Steve Grove, Bill Bradly and many others about how new technology has changed the ways voters and campaigns interact with each other, assessing which candidates have made the most of this democratic tool and revisiting the "Macaca" moment.
8 Apr. 2008
The Neverending Story
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6 May 2008
Consulting 101
Sarah and Will talk to current and former consultants like Mark McKinnon who explain what this murky word means, with humorous anecdotes from members of the press such as Margaret Carlson.
22 Apr. 2008
Stump Speech
Will and Sarah dissect the carefully craft messages that candidates repeat dozens of times a day.  Reporters who listen to the repetition for a living, offer their own amusing takes on the topic, particularly Jennifer Senior of New York Magazine, who has McCain's stump speech down pat.
30 May 2008
The Primary Playoffs
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27 May 2008
Anatomy of a Campaign Worker
Will and Sarah interview just a few of the hundred of thousands of people volunteering on the campaigns, sacrificing sleep and pay to knock-on-doors and wave signs. These impassioned volunteers explain what makes them tick and what they do on a daily basis.
10 Jun. 2008
Three's a Crowd
In this 17-minute election special, Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully take you to the starting line of the general election as well as Hillary Clinton's final frontier.  With coverage from inside the campaigns from DC to LA and various stops in between, Will gets a run down of arguments for staying in the race from the Clinton campaign while Sarah hops on the McCain campaign to catch a glimpse of the candidate with President Bush.  Will and Sarah get a thorough analysis of the McCain Obama match-up from political thinkers as varied as Frank Luntz, Joe Trippi, Byron York, ...
17 Jun. 2008
I'm with the Band
IFC News takes a look at the trials and tribulations of the poor downtrodden souls riding on the press bus. You will never look at a buffet table (or a urinal) the same way again.
1 Jul. 2008
Fundraising 101
Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully explore how technology has changed campaign finance in 2008.
15 Jul. 2008
Vice Presidential Speculation
Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully speculate on whom the candidates will choose as running mates and why.
12 Aug. 2008
Humor in Politics
Bill Bradley says humor is essential in keeping up morale within the campaign. Late-night comics count on election years to boost their ratings. Candidates themselves even try to make jokes sometimes. Rabbe and Scully speak with politicians, strategists and humorists about the role of comedy in the election.
26 Aug. 2008
Conventions Primer
Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully offer a primer on what to look for and what to expect from the upcoming party conventions.
9 Sep. 2008
Attack of the Attack Ads
Will Rabbe explores the nature of attack ads.
16 Sep. 2008
Conventional Wisdom
Behind the scenes story of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, revealing the high and low points of each party's prime time pep-rally.
30 Sep. 2008
It's the Economy, Silly!
Sarah Scully talks to the experts about how the economy is effecting the election.
7 Oct. 2008
First Presidential Debate
Sarah Scully goes behind the scenes of the first debate between John McCain and Barack Obama.
14 Oct. 2008
The Vice Presidential Debate
Will Rabbe goes behind the scenes of the highly anticipated debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.
21 Oct. 2008
The Final Debate
IFC covers the last presidential debate of 2008 in their own, distinctively sardonic way.
28 Oct. 2008
Red State Blue State
Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully examine the shifting colors of the election map for IFC News
4 Nov. 2008
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Election But Were Afraid to Ask
IFC's Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully reveal the furry underside of electoral politics with a recap of their unique, behind-the-scenes coverage of the 2008 election.

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