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Season 1

13 Oct. 2008
Edward Albright is a man who lives two lives: while working as a ruthless and cynical secret agent for a clandestine government agency called the Janus Organization, he, under a hypnotic alter ego, lives as a comely family man, named Henry Spivey. Henry works in a downtown Los Angeles office and is married with a loyal wife Angie, and two teenage kids, Ruthy and Jackson. Edward is part of an experimental program called to "separate" his secret agent life from his suburban life with a computer created identity of Henry Spivey who is not aware of his real dominate ...
20 Oct. 2008
The Hummingbird
Edward and Raymond must kidnap a German software engineer with information about a possible terrorist attack. Back at home, Henry tries to deal with the fact that all his childhood memories were made up, as well as keeping his secret identity a secret from Angie, as well as from his therapist Dr. Skinner who starts to suspect something more about Henry. With the help of Mavis, Henry must pretend to be Edward when he accidentally meets Edward's boss, Alistair Trumbull.
27 Oct. 2008
Hello, Henry
Edward is double crossed during a mission in Mexico while search of a Russian "new age" nuclear bomb. Back in Los Angeles, Ruthy is accidentally put into a dangerous situation by Edward, which causes an FBI agent to look into the matter, which comes dangerously close to discovering Tony's computer shop - and Mavis' secret Janus Organization. Elsewhere, Tom/Raymond's wife, Mary, tells Angie that she thinks there is more to the business trips Tom always takes, so she hires a private investigator to check it out. However, "Raymond" has other plans for the PI... and her.
10 Nov. 2008
That Is Not My Son
Henry "reemerges" at the most unexpected time during a mission to China to rescue the captive Raymond, and finds himself in the midst of gunfire, and one of his partners, Paula, is wounded. Henry calls for help and inadvertently gives away his whereabouts and his identity. Mavis worries that her superior, the ruthless Alistair Trumbull, will see that Edward is 'broken' and wants to make plans to terminate him. Meanwhile, Mary Grady discovers that Tom is having an affair, while 'Raymond' plots to have another plot in motion. As Henry deals with the fact that his shrink...
17 Nov. 2008
The Night Train to Moscow
Henry begins to suspect that his wife, Angie, is actually a foreign spy assigned to investigate him and the covert company, Janus. At the same time, Edward makes a deal which could cost him dearly in exchange for information with the ex-KGB Agent Mariam Shefer. At Henry's advice, Dr. Norah Skinner investigates Angie and in the process, realizes how much Henry's other personality, Edward, means to her.
24 Nov. 2008
High Crimes and Turducken
Edward puts national security in jeopardy when he sets off on a personal quest to track down the culprit who murdered his parents over 15 years ago. Edward and Raymond embark on a mission to Rabat, Morroco where Edward steals a top-secret device to trade with for information, only to have Henry emerge later and finds himself the suspect in a manhunt for the stolen device. Meanwhile, Angie braces herself in the arrival of her estranged father for the Thanksgiving holiday, and whom never approved of Henry. Tom asks Mary to give their marriage second chance as they ...
1 Dec. 2008
Down Rio Way
Edward is forced to commit treason when he puts himself on a revenge quest to search for the former KGB agent who murdered his parents. But he soon learns that the lead given to him by ex-KGB agent Yuri is false. Alistair Trumbull eventually tells Edward (not realizing that Henry is awake) that the real killer of his parents lives in Rio, Brazil and Henry decides to take over Edward's revenge plan himself with some assistance from Norah. Meanwhile, Raymond is forced to play-act as Tom when he learns that Mary might have committed a hit-and-run, but learns that she was...
8 Dec. 2008
Love in All the Wrong Places
During a mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa to kidnap a fugitive Rwandan general, Edward and Raymond discover a group of American hostages held for a number of years. After completing their assignment, Edward wants to return to rescue the hostages, but all kinds of complications ensue when both Mavis and Alastar are against the idea since the hostages are not a priority and rescuing them could reveal the knowledge about their super-secret organization Janus. Also, Mavis reveals to Norah that she strongly suspects her of having sexual relations with ...
15 Dec. 2008
Henry and the Terrible... Day
While trying to track down a rouge D.O.D. agent who is planing to build a "dirty bomb" to use against American interests in Europe, Edward thinks that the chip in his brain which activates Henry may be fixed when he confides in Mavis, Tony, and Norah about an electrical surge which can turn on and off the switch which leads to a radical electro-therapy session to try to repair the chip. Meanwhile, Raymond's past begins to catch up to him when a ex-con recognizes him and begins to stalk him in which his other personality "Tom" gets dangerously close to discovering the ...

 Season 1 

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