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An absolute delight
barbicane33339 January 2010
I saw Leap Year today. Matthew Goode has been a favorite of mine since his performance in Chasing Liberty with Mandy Moore. Amy Adams was new to me. Both leads were outstanding in this film. I am 58 and single, an old softy who always looks for a good "chick flick" and this one is a beaut. I don't want to give away anything. Just see it. You will love the interplay between Amy and Matthew. Theirs is a very sweet romance that builds ever so slowly. For laughs, there are pratfalls and other silliness (that's a good thing). The supporting characters are also funny and charming. The Irish countryside is gorgeous. On the way out, I heard a man behind me tell his wife "That was a good movie. I'd see it again." So would I. Definitely!
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Most fun I've had at a theater in quite a while
StarDragyn8 January 2010
I just got back from the theater under an hour ago, and am still in a good mood after having watched this. Some romantic comedies are more comedy than romance, or more romance than comedy, but this one blends the two into something especially delightful. I left the theater with more of a bounce in my step and a wide smile on my face, despite having had a not so great day.

It's not perfectly original--there were parts where I was able to say ahead of time precisely what was going to happen next--but it is not entirely formulaic, either. And there is something comfortable about the familiar, especially if it is done slightly different.

Matthew Goode surprised me in his role, and there the originality is quite refreshing. I hadn't realized exactly how limited of roles I am used to seeing the typical "rom-com" male fit into, until he kept breaking my expectations. And I like how real Amy Adams is: no harsh looking clavicle bones sticking out, minimal makeup, and her face hasn't been pinched and pulled into a tight canvas.

The Irish scenes are gorgeous, and the accents entertaining. And, I don't know if there was anyone else who was pleased, but I was ecstatic at this proof of a great romantic comedy kept within a PG rating. No embarrassing scenes to make mixed company awkward; no offensive profanity. It IS PG, of course, so don't expect "Little Mermaid" standards, but it was still incredibly clean for the genre. I have little brothers aged 7 and 9 (who I'm very protective of), and I would not have felt embarrassed to allow them to watch this.

Overall, a great show for the genre. The best I've seen in a long time. Not perfect, but if you're in it for entertainment and a feel-good story, rather than as a movie critic, I think you'll really enjoy it.
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Leap Year: nice romantic comedy
MovieZoo8 January 2010
Anna (Amy Adams) - busy, dedicated, talented, goal oriented with one track mind on life matters. Has "what she wants and not what she needs".

Jeremy (Adam Scott) - accomplished cardiologist with no need to be concerned. Has what he wants and not sure what he needs. Loves himself and thinks everyone else does, too.

Declan (Matthew Goode) - very much a Hugh Jackman "coulda-been", content with what he has and thinks he needs nothing, Luck 'o the Irish did nothing for him but he doesn't believe in luck anyway.

As Anna herself put it, she has "what she wants but not what she needs". Since becoming an accomplished "Stager", decorating homes to display in hopes of selling, she happily puts herself on display, knowing exactly what it takes. We see her first known personal disappointment when she expects her boyfriend, Jeremy, to propose. He is so comfortable with her company, earrings are the obvious gift to surprise his girlfriend of 4 years, and not an engagement ring. She is further disappointed when he immediately has to leave the country temporarily. Being the woman she is, she spends no time with self pity but decides it's time to go to Dublin and propose to him as Leap Year permits.

Leap Year is an excellent romantic comedy. I was reminded of Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn comedies. Nothing hilarious, Amy really has wonderful physical comedic skills but still allows her charm to come across and make me smile. While the movie gets a little clumsy, nothing is bad enough to keep me from appreciating her. Her chemistry with Matthew Goode played well. He was fun to watch as the Irish he-man who lives a casual life with no expectations and no concern for others'. But then along comes Anna, and their one-track lives intertwine and soon the future becomes less clear. Anna and Declan travel to Dublin finding strangers and situations that force them to examine life and its meaning, or lack thereof. A forked road appears and we find both now have reason to question a future with or without each other.

Please don't expect hilarity. Sit down, get comfy, and admire a good, simple love story. It's what we all need.

7 of 10
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Delightfully innocent and sweet
modland27 June 2010
I absolutely adored this movie. So much so that I watched it 6 times within one week. Not because it's anything amazing or Oscar-worthy. Don't expect anything completely awe- inspiring, complex, or brilliant. It's just a simple love story. And what I really appreciate about this movie is how innocent and lighthearted it is. Kind of a breath of fresh, romantic air. Adams and Goode have amazing chemistry and perform their personalities to a T. It was really fun to watch the steady but stubborn transformation of their relationship throughout the movie. If you're a little bored by the acting in the very beginning, don't give up on it... It gets better! And it's even better the second time around.
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Always Kiss Like It Is the First Time and the Last Time
Claudio Carvalho9 July 2010
The uptight stager Anna Brady (Amy Adams) from Boston is a planner that stages apartments for Realtors. Anna has been dating the cardiologist Jeremy (Adam Scott) for four years and they are buying a high standard apartment in Davenport together. Anna expects Jeremy to propose her in a dinner but he gives a pair of rings to her instead and travels to Dublin for a congress. Anna decides to meet him in Dublin on the February 29th and propose him in accordance with an old Irish folklore tradition from the Fifth Century of leap-year proposals by women. However, her airplane is forced to land in Wales due to bad weather and she is not able to find a connection since the Dublin airport is closed. She decides to travel in a supply vessel but she is forced to disembark in Dingle due to a storm. Anna walks to the only restaurant and inn of the area and she hires the cynical and sarcastic owner Declan (Matthew Goode) to drive her to Dublin. Declan accepts to drive her since he needs money to quit his debts and along their journey they have many incidents. But they fall in love for each other but when they finally arrive in Dublin, Jeremy proposes Anna.

"Leap Year" is a delightful and innocent romantic comedy. The sweet and gorgeous Amy Adams shines in every scene and Matthew Goode shows a perfect chemistry with her. The plot is predictable but I laughed a lot with the funny situations along the journey of Anna to arrive in Dublin. I know that there are bitter viewers that do not enjoy this type of film that will never be nominated to any award. But I loved "Leap Year" with the lovely Amy Adams and the awesome landscapes of Ireland. My suggestion: invite your wife, fiancée or girlfriend; enjoy this adorable film; and always kiss her like it was the first time and the last time. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Casa Comigo?" ("Marry Me?")
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Romantic Comedy
doczol-25 January 2010
I had a chance to see an advance showing, and I found it to be quite enjoyable. But for me, Amy Adams can do no wrong. She lights up the screen in every scene, whether in a drama such as "Doubt," or a lighter story, as in "Julie & Julia." Her character, Anna, is sweet and vulnerable, but self-reliant when she has to be. The male actors support Ms Adams admirably and the pace never lags, thanks to competent direction of Anand Tucker. The Irish countryside is spectacular. The story is a variation on an old theme, but it is retold in movies because it is a good one. This is a fine date movie, but enjoyable as well for those of us who fondly remember the sometimes funny, sometimes painful quest for a mate.
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Romantic Comedy in the Classic Mold
kevncarlin9 January 2010
It has been years since my wife and I have seen a new romantic comedy that did not offend or annoy us with some element or another. Even our favorite current director in the genre, Richard Curtis, slips in a bit of unnecessary Chaucerian vulgarity. At his best, it redeems itself, but it seems a fixation (artistic or commercial, I wonder?).

This comedy could have been directed by Frank Capra. It is rooted, it is humanistic, and it is earnestly funny in spots.

She (played by Amy Adams) is an American career woman who has responded to her father's (played by John Lithgow) financial misadventures by forging a life of success and security. He is a cardiac specialist who likes to consult on surgeries from the dinner date by IM and share the pictures at the table. The other he is a cranky Irish tavern owner on the brink of ruin conducting her to Dublin after her own travel misadventure because he needs the money to stave off ruin.

Ireland serves as the fairyland where, at the end of a long overcompensation for her father's flibbertigibbet ways, she finds her total control solution also has unfortunate limitations.

Excellent work.
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Biggest load of vomit inducing nonsense I've ever seen!
KingBrianoftheLeprechauns13 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I start?? Oh yes, why do Americans always portray ALL Irish people as backward, smelly, Guinness guzzling, tractor driving, mumbling smelly farmers that wear tweed hats and knitted jumpers. Oh yes... and the mobile phone invention hasn't reached Ireland yet either by all accounts. Public transport is a bit of a disaster too you know! And why would the 'cool Irish guy' EVER go for an annoying, materialistic, American girl? Why does that always happen in these stupid films too? This film is so disgustingly predictable. I do like the occasional 'Rom Com' (I hate that word!) but this is dire, diabolical drivel at it's best! The groaning continued long after the film ended. And the thing that gets me....most people on this website loved it. Dear God...
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way better than your average romantic comedy
ilostthenestegg5 January 2010
I saw Leap Year at a screening before the holidays, and found it much more "enchanting" than the typical romantic comedy. The story line is simple - basically, it is "It Happened One Night" in Ireland: apartment "stager" Amy Adams, tired of waiting for her uptight, longtime boyfriend to propose, decides to meet him on business in Dublin on Leap Day when tradition states that a man must accept a woman's proposal. Weather forces her to be diverted, first to Wales and then to the west coast of Ireland, she has to be driven to Dublin by and disgruntled bitter local.

But while the story is straight-ahead, the movie is extremely charming due to the terrific chemistry in between Amy Adams and Matthew Good. Whereas other romantic comedies pander to the lowest common denominator with base humor, this one feels much more like "4 Weddings and a Funeral" or "Local Hero." The characters seem simple at first, but we see the depth beyond them as the movie goes on. The comedy is always sharp, and special kudos to the actors who play the superstitious friends of Matthew Good, but this movie never forces in the pratfalls and dumb jokes that we see in your typical romantic comedy movie. And when there a bigger laughs (a scene at a wedding is particularly funny), the movie delivers.

There are a couple of slow spots, especially at the very beginning, but the last 20 minutes are funny, touching and real. I think it is a very good movie for our times right now, with a message that rebukes control and superficiality and all the trappings of what most of feel makes for a successful life. And our audience was with it throughout, and applauded at the end.
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Did the writers even look at a map of Ireland??
saucerva15 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
OK ...first of all the Cliffs of Moher are not in Dingle so don't plan a trip there expecting to see those amazing cliffs ...they are in Connemara, on Ireland's West coast. Also a ferry from Wales can bring you to Dublin in 2 hours .... to get to Dingle will take you 24 hrs!!! I know it's just a movie but please!! Also could they not find an equally handsome Irish actor to play the Irish fella - British born Mr. Goode's accent was awful and all over the place. He couldn't decide himself what part of Ireland he was supposed to be from. Last but not least nobody in Ireland would ever get married on a Sunday (or plan it outside at the end of Feb) .... total blasphemy. I enjoyed the comedy and the chemistry between the 2 main characters and apart from the very predictable script it was a cute little movie. I suppose I'm just a wee bit offended that the writers couldn't have made the back drop a bit more believable.
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A beautiful romantic comedy
Gordon-111 May 2010
This film is about an American woman who decides to fly to Ireland to surprise her boyfriend, and to propose to him because an Irish tradition allows it.

"Leap Year" is a predictable romantic comedy that captures female psychology well. I can see women loving this film so much because it is so romantic and full of love. Amy Adams acts well in her role, she portrays her desire to be married so well that even by looking at her face, you know she wants to get a proposal so much.

"Leap Year" showcases amazing Irish scenery, with all the right colours, composition and saturation. I am also impressed by the technical side of it, as the filmmakers paid a lot of details into location scouting, set decoration and composing a scene. It makes "Leap Year" visually so pleasing to watch.
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I loved it
christineeve18 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I see that many people do not like this movie. It reminds me of my whirlwind and surprise wedding. I love it!

Some things I really liked about the movie was the transition of Anna. She got on the airplane looking very polished, at the end of the journey, she had rolled with all the punches, never lost her sense of humor, and still looked lovely.

Our Dekko was cool-headed, kind, patient, and forgiving. He seemed to take her for who she is, and find things to like about her. He rolled with the punches too.

My favorite scene was when they were cooking. They cooked together. He wasn't telling her how to do things, he wasn't expecting her to wait on him. They were a team. Pretty much that's how they got to Dublin.

On the way they found out about each others values and deepest hurts. Both showed compassion for each other.

It doesn't take four years to know that you love each other and are for each other, maybe it just takes preparing dinner together as a team, and throw in a road trip for a bonus!
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Frank_Scorpio18 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
If you see one film which makes you want to take a holiday in Ireland this year, make sure it's not this one.

The entire premise of the film is a fallacy. While there is a tradition in Ireland of a woman asking a man to marry her on the 29th of February, it is an extremely rare occurrence.

Then we move on to the locations. For those who have not read the goofs: A flight from Boston to Dublin would be redirected to Shannon airport in the West of Ireland and not to Wales (which is on a completely different island).

The ferries from Wales to Ireland do not sail to Dingle (South West of Ireland). They sail to either Dún Laoghaire (Dun leary) or Dublin, both of which are on the East coast and less than 50 miles from Holyhead port in Wales.

If you want to see some romanticised version of a country which has not existed for over 100 years, then watch this.

If you want to see what one of the wealthiest countries in the world is like, then this film is not for you. There are no cows on the main roads between Dublin and Dingle.
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Leap year - for fans of romantic comedy
veljkoerakovic2 June 2010
The latest film directed by Enanda Tucker certainly gives not so much false hope that romance and romantic moments still exist. In this really interesting film, the young actors Amy Adams and Matthew Goode certainly separates us from stress and harsh reality, and even in the hour and a half, give some hope in love. That is, I guess, and the essence of the film - and beautiful illusion, which is all we surrender! Ana is a haughty and self-confident woman (Amy Adams in the interpretation, which we know from the great movie Catch Me If You Can) lives a seemingly perfect life. Doing his job arranger, in connection with the young and successful cardiologist, and after a long connection, expect from your chosen that proposes ... But is it really happy?

When you see that the proposal does not have anything at the moment, decided to adventure: to go from Boston to Dublin (Ireland) and proposes her boyfriend there, leading to the old Irish customs!

However, rather than to surprise her boyfriend force unforeseen circumstances, it comes in a small town in Ireland and here, in a restaurant, is introduced to Declan, its opposite - cold and rough young men in the interpretation of the English actor Matthew Goody. So, the adventure can begin ...

Full of comical scenes, original dialogue and great acting, the film looks really full attention. As for the music theme, give special charm to the story. Particularly interesting is the appearance of actor John Lithgow, whom we know from a TV-series of Third rock from the sun. All events, of course, difficult to actually do happen, but it is not important? Because these films exist, and because they sometimes must leave.

If there is a list of 100 the most romantic movies of all time, Lap year would be entered in the top ten for sure.
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See this movie
someofusarebrave17 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie. It was the best romantic comedy I've seen all year, super sweet, with the right amount of sexual tension to keep the audience pegged to the screen without relying on sex to carry the thing through. First comedy I've seen in a long while that didn't somehow contrive to get the characters into bed with one another in order to further the plot along or convince the audience that they did in fact "love" each other. Great tale of two people who fall madly in love as one rediscovers her heritage, and one rediscovers his heart. This is the way movies should be made. Watch this movie. Well worth the watching.
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So bad it's almost racist
Wheely_98gnac26 April 2011
This is one of the most shockingly bad movies I've ever seen. I love Amy Adams more than the women in my own family and really thought that I could watch her in just about anything-Junebug, Enchanted, Charlie Wilson's War-she really does bring some sparkle into whatever she gets her teeth into. Here however, she can, at best, be described as a flower growing on a dung-heap.

There is no plot-what plot there is is pure run-of-the-mill tripe. The image it portrays of Ireland is actually kind of racist. Yes I'm Irish, but an ardent nationalist I am not. But the characters in this movie are a mix between what Americans thought Irish people were 100 years ago (save the anti-British republicanism) and what the stupider Irish "heros" were in bad Irish folklore, a la Darby of Gill. A hairdryer, a contraption so modern and so powerful that the Irish electrical grid cannot handle it, manages to cause a black-out in the town of Dingle, which seems to only consist of one pub/hotel and four cottages. It takes the protagonists days to drive from Kerry to Dublin, a feat which takes about 4 hours. 5 max. The men are superstitious fools, obsessed with black cats and omens attached to different days of the week, while others are thieves and brigands. Matthew Goode's accent is possibly the worst attempt at an Irish accent since Julia Roberts in Mary Reilly. Strike that. It's definitely worse. Oh, also there is no public transport in Ireland so to speak.

The little pickles that they get into along the way are idiotic. The dialogue is cringe-worthy. And I love a good chick-flick. As long as its good. Give me Notting Hill any day of the week.

Amy Adams, shame on you, please don't let me down again. The only way this film could be described as being in any way good is if it was so bad it was good. But I think it gets there and then it becomes a case of its so bad its good, for a minute but then it gets so bad that its just plain bad. Avoid, unless planning to play some form a drinking game with it whereby a drink is taken every time some inaccurate stereotype associated with Irishness is propounded.

Wait. Did I just propound an inaccurate stereotype associated with Irishness by suggesting you use the movie as the basis for a drinking game? Well, maybe they're not that inaccurate........
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Lame, lame, lame
vlcal6125 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was SO lame, it was almost unwatchable. In fact, it was totally unwatchable, but my daughter wanted me to watch the whole thing with her. The things we do for love. The story line was the typical boy/girl meet, hate at first glance, which was preposterous, totally unbelievable.

The dialogue for the most part was unnatural, stilted. The average February temperature in that area is 46F yet it looks like spring. There are new leaves on trees, a veggie garden, people in short sleeves. Yet Declan never takes his heavy coat off.

The plot devices used to push the story along were just so weak, hard to believe that anything would actually happen that way. And the wedding that they crash in the most contrived way (on a Sunday?) to get away from hail? She's in this big rush, yet stays for the reception so there can be more contrived, unworkable scenes. I'm glad I watched this on demand from the free section. I would have hated to have paid to watch this.Do not recommend to anyone,ever,even Amy Adams fans.
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Don't be fooled by the fluffy reviews on here
richard-kneller120 April 2011
This film was really, really painfully bad. To give you an idea, I watched it a few months ago and the badness really stuck with me, enough so to specifically join up to IMDb to write my first review on how rubbish it was now. At the time it was scoring a 6 on IMDb so it seemed like there might be some element of enjoyment to be had from it - after all I was really not expecting that much from a rom-com anyway. Little did I know. The plot was ridiculous (and i'm allowing for the fact that rom-com plots are often silly). The characters are detestable and you don't give a hoot what happens to them, though the outcome is obvious the whole way through. Some people have said on here it is not your average rom-com. I would agree - it is far worse.
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An absolute shamble
pauljameskearney22 February 2010
This movie has resulted in me missing two hours of my life. The director portrays Ireland( The Republic of Ireland) as a stagnant backwater from a bygone era, and its people unrivaled in unsophistication! The Cliffs of Moher are in the Burren, not Connemara, nor Kerry! You would be more likely to meet a herd of S500's on the Dublin road from Dingle than a herd of cattle(I mean the main road, that was no where near a main road.

Despite the recent recession, in the 3 areas of GDP Ireland is ranked 8th on the International Monetary Fund(IMF), 5TH on World Bank and 10th according to the CIA Fact Book. One would not conclude this from this "so called'representation of Ireland today.

Apart from the total unrealistic stage, the story was cliché and predictable. I suggest the producers finish their "homework" next time and actually do some research on a country in which they wish to set their film.
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A women travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend but ends up realizing that he's wrong for her as she falls in love with a handsome Irish Inn keeper
adams-nick736 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I am a guy, so this is hard for me to admit, but I really, really enjoyed this movie. A beautiful travelogue through Ireland with the infectious Amy Adams and the amazing (and underrated) Matthew Goode. Honestly, this is one of the best romantic comedies I have ever seen. It doesn't try to be more than it is, it's just simply a funny and uplifting story, very well told.

And it's very convincingly real. A great portrait of a woman at a crossroads in her life who realizes that what she's always thought she wanted, maybe isn't what she needs.

It's not going to win an Oscar, but it's the rare entertaining movie that the whole family can see. Get your girlfriend, your mom and your grandma and go see it. You won't be disappointed.
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Amina M Burrell25 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is the reason why so many googley-eyed American girls are in relationships with dead-beats. OF COURSE its a good idea to leave the financially independent, responsible, kind, reliable, CARDIOLOGIST! who promises a future of wealth and security for the rest of your life (and your children) in the apartment/city of your dreams, for a rude, bitter, emotionally unstable chip-on-the-shoulder, glorified bartender who has trouble paying his bills, and saying no less than 5 inappropriate, rude things per hour in a country/life-style you know nothing about! She says that she needs to be in control because her house was repo'd when she was young. But in the end she realizes that plans are for chumps! I hope she enjoys her divorce in 8 months. Way to set another great example of "real life" love and marriage, Hollywood. This film was so unrealistic and disappointing that I was unhappy they ended up together in the end. Notice how he didn't change a thing about himself in the end or COME to get HER, but she left HER entire life--everything she had built for herself--to be with this low-life emotional baggage-case! Nuf- said.
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Is that really a movie?
Abir Jmaiel10 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Actually that's my first review because it's the first time I feel so angry after seeing a movie. I thought that I'm going to watch a romantic comedy movie, classic may be but I was shocked by the most disgusting movie ever. The beginning was promising, and that's the all you will get from the movie. The story wasn't well built, shallow, not convincing how the personages changed by the events, how they become in love and the reason why the girl dumbed her fiancé.I didn't feel that experience could change her and that Matthew Goode's words could have that big effect on her. I'm not going to talk about comedy that didn't exist. It's the worst painful experience for me.
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So many mistakes, it's not even a romantic comedy anymore—it's worse
napierslogs16 May 2010
I tend to like most romantic comedies. I really disliked Leap Year.

Anna is our main character, successful but not-yet-engaged. She's desperate to get married (one of the many aspects of her character that bothered me), so we are off to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy. Cue all the problems. I was prepared for all the ridiculous obstacles in getting to Dublin, but I wasn't prepared for Anna's extreme selfishness in forcing everybody she meets to get her there. Because I found Anna so unlikeable, I couldn't find the humour in any of the contrived (not actually existent) travel problems in Ireland.

Ireland is a great setting, but they didn't really show us any part of it. Every time they had an opportunity for a beautiful wide shot of the countryside, they instead filled the screen with Amy Adams' and Matthew Goode's faces. Sure they are pretty, but Ireland is prettier.

This movie also had a lot of mistakes. All the geography of Ireland that they tried to show us was wrong. The bit of back-story that they gave for Anna was contrary to the selfish, superficial girl she is.

I am the target audience for this movie, and yet I hated it. I can't find a single redeeming quality of this movie, so I think they missed the mark big time.
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Go Dublin gooo - 4 thumbs up (feet included)!
hellaszer19 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I just loved it. The only thing I'm sorry for is that I saw this movie online, and not in the cinema (which is a shame, as I go to the movies almost every week).

The idea is brilliant - though not unique. Although it has already happened - girl fall in love with total stranger, just on the way to her love (sg like French Kiss?? The characters remind me of that...), this movie is so much more. The pictures are amaaaazingly beautiful, and realistic - if you see this film and haven't been to Ireland yet, you will want to go there. I have been to Ireland several times, and it was really great to see it again on screen. And I loved the tiny details: me too, I also have a Claddagh Ring (don't write at which part you will see it), but it is sooo traditionally Irish. And the old Irish people talking about superstition, they were funny.

I didn't like the actress in Julie and Julia, but here, she is really the best!! (If I had to choose between P.S. I love you Irish-American adaptation, and the romantic story overall, and this one: Leap Year would win with long miles). It is not exactly the story itself that makes this project a winning one: details, lively and vividly human situations and FEELINGS. It just goes straight to your heart and head.

As a girl I have to mention, this guy is amazingly cute...making a nice accent as well.

I can only recommend for all of you to watch this....love the idea of "what would you take with you in 60 seconds if there would be a fire"...

WATCH IT! And have fun......
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Aorta not make movies like this
David Ferguson9 January 2010
Greetings again from the darkness. Director Anand Tucker has a couple of nice films on his resume - "Shopgirl" and "Hilary and Jackie". What attracted him to this lame project is beyond me. The best thing I can say about this film is that the preview is actually more complex than the film ... it at least left you with small hope that maybe it wouldn't be as predictable as it appeared.

Amy Adams is a fine actress, actually an excellent actress and usually very likable. She really had no idea what to do with this character and thanks to the assembly-line script, who can even blame her. I won't go into the details here ... mostly because I don't want to think about it ever again.

The pace of the film is excruciatingly slow. Matthew Goode is miscast. Adam Scott plays a caricature of a stereotype. John Lithgow is one throw-away scene (I actually felt sorry for him). Don't worry though, you do get to see Amy Adams walking through cow dung in expensive heels, and riding a mudslide in expensive clothes, and wheeling her expensive luggage down Irish backroads and a hail storm. If that sounds cute and funny to you ... then I have been too kind in my description.
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