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Out of respect for Paul Newman, who died in 2008, Doc Hudson Hornet from Cars (2006) is not included in Cars 2 (2011). An early scene implies that Hudson has died. However, Fillmore the VW van, once voiced by George Carlin who also died in 2008, appears here voiced by Lloyd Sherr. Red the fire truck, once voiced by Joe Ranft who died in 2005, also appears, but doesn't have any dialogue or vocalizations.
Pixar is known to include references to their upcoming productions. Characters from Pixar's next feature, Brave (2012), can be seen (as cars) in a piece of artwork on the wall in the pub in London.
The first Pixar film not to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Film since the award was created in 2001.
Finn McMissile is a hybrid of several cars. The roof-line and doors are from a Volvo P1800, the car used by James Bond actor Roger Moore in the The Saint (1962), the grill and fenders are from a BMW 507 and many other elements are from an Aston Martin DB5, James Bond's trademark vehicle. (According to 'James Bond Vehicles' by John Cork and Collin Stutz, it never carried missiles, though. The Goldfinger (1964) version had machine guns where McMissile has his missiles.)
HIDDEN MICKEY: Luigi's family are all variants of the Fiat 500, a popular small car produced in Italy from 1936-1955. The car was nicknamed 'Topolino' which is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse. This is why Luigi's uncle is called Uncle Topolino.
SERIES TRADEMARK: The Pizza Planet truck (appears in every Pixar film) appears twice: as a guest on the Tire Talk TV show and as a spectator near the end of the film (while Mater was flying on jet packs).
Finn McMissile was originally conceived for an unused scene in the first Cars (2006) where Lightning McQueen and Sally were seeing a spy movie featuring McMissile while on a date.
Finn McMissile's license plate - 314-FNMC - includes Michael Caine's birthday, March 14th.
Professor Z is a Zündapp Janus, a strange German microcar made by the Zündapp motorcycle company from 1957-1958. The name 'Janus' came from the Roman god, based on the unusual design of having the doors at the front and rear - passengers in the rear faced backwards. It had a 250cc engine with an optimistic top speed of around 50MPH and, due to the unusual weight configuration, handled very poorly.
The town Porto Corsa is a fictional composite of Nice, France and Portofino, Italy, and the Monaco Grand Prix race track.
After Mater and McQueen are done "cow tipping" the Colossus XXL, you see them drive past the Drive-In. The movie being shown in the Drive-In is "The Incredimobiles" which is the cars version of Pixars "The Incredibles". You see a movie poster of the movie when Holley Shiftwell and Finn McMissile are in Paris.
The name Miles Axlerod, as voiced by Eddie Izzard, was taken from one of Izzard's stand-up routines about the invention of the wheel and axle.
The British Intelligence seal in the private jet that McMissile and Shiftwell use says "Honor, Animus, Vis Equorum", which in Latin means "Honor, Spirit, Horse Power".
The script originally had five races with Paris and Germany in addition to Tokyo, London and Porto Corsa. As the story expanded and became too long during production, the German race was dropped and the Paris segment was reworked.
The race car Francesco Bernoulli is based on a modern Formula 1 Grand Prix car and is named after the Bernoulli principle, which is the basis of the functioning of the aerodynamic wings found on Formula 1 cars such as Francesco. The Bernoulli principle is also the explanation of how automobile carburetors mix air and gasoline. Newer cars use fuel injection rather than the older carburetors.
Fillmore's license plate reads 51237. George Carlin's birthday is May 12, 1937. 51237 is also the postal ZIP code for the small town of George, IA.
Tomber (French for "Tumbling") is a Reliant Regal three wheeler, a car notorious for its poor handling and tendency to roll over in even light turns.
On the plane ride to Tokyo, Mater and Lightning are watching a cars' version of Takeshi's Castle, an old Japanese game show.
The boat in the beginning of the movie that is transporting Finn McMissile is an almost exact replica of the Northwestern from the Discovery Channel TV show "Deadliest Catch". You can even see the blue crest on the front of the boat with the letters SH which are the initials of the boat's first captain, Sverre Hansen.
During the race in England there is a sign on track wall that says "Lassetyre." This is a reference to the film's director/writer John Lasseter.
When Mater is trying to drive away from McQueen while driving backwards, Darrell Cartrip mentions "He's got to be the best backwards driver in the world!" Mater had made this claim himself in the first Cars (2006) movie.
The Queen is a classic 1950s Rolls Royce Phantom IV. Prince Wheeliam is a Bentley Continental GT.
In the credits, Tow Mater's Passport shows that he was born on 12 Jan 1957 in Radiator Springs. The date is director John Lasseter's actual birth date.
The bad guy's ships (that guarded their oil platforms) are modeled on the Independence class of the US Navy's littoral combat ships.
Rod "Torque" Redline's license plate is a Michigan plate. Michigan is where Detroit is located, home of American automotive manufacturers, including those of Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang, the two cars that were combined to create Rod. It is also the home state of Bruce Campbell, who provides Rod's voice.
At one point in the film, Mater is prompted to think of insurance agents, and he sings the State Farm Auto Insurance jingle, with modified lyrics. State Farm Insurance was one of the sponsors for the film, and Pixar created an animated television ad for them.
Announcer Darrell Cartrip is a Chevy Monte Carlo, David Hobbscap is a 1963 E Type Jaguar, in British Racing Green and Brent Mustangburger is a 1964 Mustang coupe.
The only Pixar feature film ever to receive a "Rotten" collective rating from critics at Rotten Tomatoes.
The film was going to be directed by Brad Lewis, but due to problems during production, John Lasseter was brought in to direct while Lewis was made the co-director.
During the end credits, as a map of the US is shown, Pixar's headquarters can be seen in northern California. It can be identified by a sculpture of Pixar's mascot, Luxo Jr. (1986). This sculpture actually exists at the real building.
SERIES TRADEMARK: The "A113" mark (referring to a CalArts classroom used by many Pixar employees when they were students), which is present in all Pixar movies, is shown as the catalog number of the engine photograph, when Mater, Finn McMissile, and Holley Shiftwell first watch it on Siddeley plane.
Rod 'Torque' Redline's license plate reads "M1911A1", which is the name of the famous .45 caliber Colt pistol issued for the U.S. military from 1911-1985.
In England, the cars pass under the Admiralty Arch. The Latin motto on the real arch reads: ANNO DECIMO EDWARDI SEPTIMI REGIS VICTORIÆ REGINÆ CIVES GRATISSIMI MDCCCCX which translates as "In the tenth year of King Edward VII, to Queen Victoria, from most grateful citizens, 1910." The same arch in the movie replaces REGINÆ with CORONÆ and CIVES with a word that is obscured by a flag but "AUTO" followed by either "E" or "C", other letters, then "TA" is most likely AUTOCESTA. So, the motto re-translated is now "In the tenth year of King Edward VII, to Crown Victoria, from most grateful highways, 1910." Crown Victoria being a Ford model car.
The first John Lasseter-directed Pixar film not to have a score by Randy Newman.
John Lasseter conceived the story for Cars 2 (2011) while he was in Europe promoting the first Cars (2006).
Siddeley's name is a reference to the British aerospace company, Hawker Siddeley.
WILHELM SCREAM: The cars in the Ye Left Turn Inn in London beat Grem and Acer up.
The last Pixar film released before Steve Jobs' death.
The song "You Might Think" in an early montage scene is performed here by Weezer, but was originally a hit by The Cars.
The first Pixar film not to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film since the category began in 2007.
In a nod to the director John Lasseter, a banner for "LasseTyres" can be seen on the London racecourse.
As of 2012, this the only Pixar film to not receive an Academy Award nomination.
Rod "Torque" Redline, the American spy who is supposed to meet Finn McMissile and Holly Shiftwell, is never addressed by name. Neither are Grem (the orange Gremlin) and Acer (the green Pacer), the two main lemons under the employment of Professor Z.
Stephenson is named after the "father of railways", George Stephenson.

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