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These episodes keep getting better...
blackavar-bunnie15 May 2008
A month ago when the episode wherein a doctor trapped in the antarctic must perform medical practices on herself and her partner, everybody--including myself--seemed to think that that was the best House episode ever. Now, just two episodes later, I find the same thing coming from my mouth.

This episode is absolutely incredible. It's enthralling and weird, and really defies the usual House formula of "Faint or seize, credits, convince House to take case, diagnosis one, screw up, diagnosis two, screw up, random dialogue, five minute long expression of realization, diagnosis three, success, credits." Let me just say that the last few episodes of this season have managed to create more positive feelings towards Amber, and that for a few seconds on the screen, House shows a little more desperation to save someone than we have ever seen. It's an incredible episode. If you haven't watched it, you need to.
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House is always fantastic, but this episode raised the bar!
MofaMatt12 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
***Very minor spoilers, nothing to worry about I promise*** The episode starts with a sexy lap dance, but then goes deep into a psychological nightmare. It is hard to talk about this episode without giving things away, but what I can say is that this episode alone is why House stands as the best Medical Drama on television today. No soap opera moments like Grey's Anatomy, just riveting suspense and superbly acted drama. There is also some really funny moments. This show is always fantastic and very funny, but this episode stands as one of the most engaging hours of television in a very long time. This episode contains one of the most realistic vehicle accidents I have ever seen put on screen. Absolutely jaw dropping! Drop what you are doing and watch it now!
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Its all inside the head
sam_avb13 September 2014
They could have easily made this a 1 and half hour movie. House head 1 is excellent. Yes the starting scene would stimulate your brain and heart for sure. But that is not all. You get to know what House is thinking. You really have to watch this closely for clues. It was all there right in the beginning and then in the middle. The last 15 minutes were brilliant. Direction was awesome. Acting was top-notch. It was intense, little funny but more of a thriller story. You will be completely hooked and intrigued by every small detail you see. House series just keeps getting better and better. House is brilliant actor. This TV series is so addictive. One of the best episodes so far. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Don't skip this one at all. Watch it with lot of concentration.
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The best House episode yet!
lordofmovies200513 May 2008
So i was thinking how can they do it and pull it off with glorious fashion with us wanting to see the 5th season.

(Believe me i really can't wait to see season 5)

They pulled it off. Not only just this episode but they keep you guessing ...and they left more for you to figure out in the next episode! That makes it just awesome.

I talked with a lot of my friends that love House and they just put it in one word "Wow." I would have to agree.

I can't wait for the grand finale. I Hope you enjoy this one as much as i did.
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deemo3128 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes House episodes can be predictable. You know. A bunch of idiots trying to figure out what's wrong. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. But this episode is trippier than a Grateful Dead concert in 1968. The last scene, when House figures out who the mysterious woman is, may be the most compelling ten seconds of television I've ever seen. The accident is more realistic than I would like to remember. The consequences of the accident and the fate of the mysterious woman will haunt the show until its final episode.

House will never be the same. But it will continue to get better. As if that's possible.
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Best House episode till this point!.
Alejandro Castillo2 March 2015
OK, so, I don't really know about you guys, but the episodes I prefer the most are the ones where you get to know House's mind, what's he really thinking, what's he really feeling.

This episode is just pure gold, and it's gonna have you at the edge of your sit. This time (as the tile of the episode says) you are inside of House's head, you're gonna experience what is he thinking, how's he thinking it, and you need to be ready for it, because everything is a clue.

By the end, you're just gonna be in shock, you're gonna be shaking and thinking: "What just happened?".

Mind blowing!!!.
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If For No Other Reason... to Watch the Crash Sequence...
plannerlady8 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
***CONNTAINS Spoilers***

I've already mentioned in a comment for "Wilson's Heart" that these last two episodes of House are likely the best ever (and that's saying something for a normally critical person). So, when I say that this particular episode is mind blowing, it's really an unusual moment for me, as well. The bus crash sequence alone is so mind boggling that I have watched it repeatedly just to try and figure out how the heck they achieved it - and am still wondering. I even showed just that portion to a non-House fan I live with, and she was so riveted by the sequence that she had to watch the next episode before she could let it go. So phenomenal, especially as she's more critical of TV shows than I am!

So, all this to say, if you haven't given House a chance up until this point, these two episodes (House's Head and Wilson's Heart) are two good places to start, except that I could have done without the "raunch factor" of the stripper scenes, but that's just the need to reflect what House's mind is *really* like. It's not a pretty place in there!

Thanks for letting me share, and here's to many more seasons of this exceptional show.
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xredgarnetx13 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I never go above an 8, but I sure felt like it for this first of a two-part story that wraps up the show's fourth season. House finds himself suffering from a slight case of amnesia. He's also bleeding from a head wound. Turns out he was drunk and had to take the bus home, but the bus gets hit by a truck. As a wobbily House and his crew tend to the injured, he finds he has a partial memory of something severe having happened during the crash. Under hypnosis, he relives bits and pieces of the crash. He then decides to take more drastic measures, and this is when the suspense kicks into high gear. Along the way, House confesses feelings for Amber, which sort of amuses Wilson. And us. We also get to see Cuddy stripped down to a pair of sheer, French-cut panties, performing a private pole dance for House. Cuddy and House also lock lips. God, I have waited so long for this. Anyhow, the bus crash itself is incredible, filmed in the style of the airplane crash in FEARLESS, one of Jeff Bridges' best films. That, and some tricky photography as House relives the events leading up to the crash, are the highlights of the episode. A must-see, but definitely keep the little ones away. The gore quotient is off the scale.
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The most awesome episode of Season 4
Mohammed Ameen30 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I am a great fan of House, but I had grown into it, most(NOT all, some are effin' awesome) episodes were with the regular introductions of patients, the brainstorming and all, it all seemed like it was just one disease after another with a little story sprinkled over it.

I really didn't think I would be blown away by this episode, but then I was. Right from House's lap-dance to the end, it was one freakin' awesome episode. Loved the music, loved the story arcs, and the crash part was just facking brilliant. And the score, Gawd, never have I ever wanted to listened to something as much as this. This is perfection, at its best. This episode shows how House really beats himself to help a loved one of a friend.

The crash scene is proof enough to show that television can produce stuff that can really rival some recent crappy movies ! House M.D., has really changed my perception of TV shows.

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A masterful piece of work in every way possible
ofbodin-966-4855208 April 2017
My assumption after watching this episode was that it had to be the best rated episode of House. Turns out it really was. I understand very well why this is the best-rated episode of House there is. The build-up, the puzzle pieces coming together and the incredible climax... All of it made this the best episode I've ever seen in any series throughout my life.
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