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The Ghost ship helmed by the cruel captain Wolf Larsen brings two shipwrecked aboard his doomed boat .
ma-cortes1 March 2013
Fine television rendition about Jack London novel with enjoyable interpretations from protagonist quartet . Adapted for television in it's latest outing, from the original book written by the American journalist and author Jack London, including a good main cast and acceptable supporting roles . Jack London's adventure novel about a brutal captain named Wold Larsen , his rebellious crew and some unexpected passengers and a young man who is taken aboard a seal-hunting vessel . Captain Larsen commands a surly ship of seal hunters through sheer ruthlessness and ego , being pursued by his brother called Death Larsen who commands a ship named Macedonia . Bound for Japanese poaching grounds, 'Ghost' is captained by Wolf Larsen (Sebastian Koch), who is a man not to be crossed, as he is as strong and tyrannical as he is cunning and rescues snob theatre critic Weyden and pretty Maud from an escape . It is the unlucky fate of Humphrey Van Weyden , that he should find himself on board the 'Ghost' and under the service of the Sea Wolf, Larsen . As the film narrates about a cocky young named Van Weyden (Stephen Campbell Moore) and a beautiful girl (Neve Campbell) who are shipwrecked and picked up by a ship called ¨the Ghost¨ commanded by captain Larsen , a cruel but clever seaman reader of classic novels and prestigious authors . The shipwreck survivors , picked up by Larsen are forced into working aboard his ship , the aptly called Ghost . We follow Humphrey, as he enters the story and finds himself in service on board , after being rescued from . The passengers convert themselves in accidental sailors confronting wits and taking on brutal crewmen . The ruthless captain wants to test out his theories about survival of the fittest young . While Van Wyden is mistreated by sniveling cook named Cookie , but also falls for Maud and tries to rally the shipmates into resisting the megalomaniac captain .

Yet another rendition of London 's classic battle of wills story . The picture is a fine television adaptation of a famous novel by Jack London scripted by Nigel Williams . The Sea Wolf is an agreeable tale of life on the high seas, and in particular on board a sealing schooner named 'Ghost' . The film has an intelligent character study, reflecting on the various roles and stunningly playing the tale . Fine acting by all , thus , Sebastian Koch as the personification of malevolent ego , he is an obstinate and brutal captain , obsessed to track down his brother Tim Roth , both of whom are magnificent . Stephen Campbell Moore as his contender and with numerous wishes to escape is splendid . Neve Campbell is attractive and enticing . Special mention to support cast as Andrew Jackson , Tobias Schenke , among others . Filmed entirely on location in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and in tank studios, sets and pervasive fog machines . The TV series was professionally directed by Mike Barber . Rating : 6,5 ; well worthwhile seeing. The flick will appeal to seafaring adventure genre enthusiastic .

Previously filmed several times as ¨Barracuda¨ and ¨Wolf Larsen¨ and as TV movie by Michael Anderson with Charles Bronson , Christopher Reeve and Catherine Mary Stewart. Furthermore an Italian version with Chuck Connors and Barbara Bach . The black and white classic version novel is the best and was directed by Michael Curtiz in 1941 with Edward G. Robinson (Larsen), Alexander Knox (Stephen Campbell's role), Ida Lupino (Neve Campbell's role) and John Garfield .
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Are people missing something...........?
cedaredge9 December 2013
Never saw the original. In fact there are a few versions of this story. I will make the effort to at least watch the Edward G. Robinson version after watching this mess. I can NOT fault the actors....AT ALL. The director completely 'lost it' on the 2nd episode. I'm not going to give anything away but so many red flags came up that it really brought down the whole production. The story is good but the director took it in some direction that escapes logic. Halmi Jr. fell quite a distance from his polished Dad. Still, it is interesting to watch and try to make any sense of why no one stepped in and righted this misguided work of the wonderful Jack London.
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Highly watchable adaptation
When I bought this in a charity shop for a couple of quid, I thought I wasn't risking much for something I suspected was going to be a low-budget, ham-acted flop. Actually, it is one of the better things I've watched this year. It's a two-part made for TV miniseries adaptation of Jack London's adventure novel of the same name. You may not have heard of the cast (apart from Tim Roth), though their faces will rings distant bells, but the acting was in a different league the dreadful school-play stuff that chokes turns the free film channels on TV. It is well produced, solidly directed with, for the most part, believable sets and stunts. Of particular note is Sebastian Koch's portrayal of the sadistic (or is he...?) Wolf Larsen. As an adventure drama it works and is worth watching.
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