Seeking Justice (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

vigilante vigilante group
high school musician
teacher hospital
journalist chess
gunfight rescue
fugitive body landing on a car
graffiti corpse
shootout gas station
rape victim fake identity
duct tape over mouth superdome
shot to death shot in the leg
disarming someone police vigilantism
security guard blood
arrest bicycle
vigilante justice stalking
boat abandoned building
gay slur paranoia
psychological torture blood splatter
impalement cellist
cellphone video mugshot
double cross storage unit
vigilantism conspiracy
school bus corrupt cop
cover up betrayal
bribery hit by a truck
newspaper office elephant
shot in the chest stolen car
police station punched in the face
internet punched in the chest
two way mirror man punching a woman
metal detector flat tire
high school teacher secret organization
husband wife relationship police corruption
deception police lieutenant
mardi gras impersonating a police officer
foot chase zoo
vengeance escalator
escape rape
fight new orleans louisiana
target practice apartment
shot in the head manipulation
lens flare hot dog stand
beating kidnapping
laptop box office flop
security camera marital love
pushed from height shot in the back
friendship doctor
car chase framed for murder
pistol detective
car crash revenge
intimidation shot in the arm
gun store silencer
photograph shot multiple times
whistleblower martial arts
deal gun held to head
chase news report
slow motion scene police interrogation
orchestra falling to death
funeral wake disguise
stalker cell phone
character says i love you suspended from job
shot in the forehead on the run
monster truck scene during opening credits
memorial interracial friendship
necklace pay phone
restaurant police
bare chested male wrongful arrest
car accident critically bashed
newspaper reporter taxi
reference to santa claus interrogation
escape attempt police detective
dvd flash forward
pepper spray product placement
bus off screen rape
frame up english teacher
assassin home invasion
high school principal elevator
police chase falling from height
investigation false name
suspense stadium
surveillance footage bar
death brawl
parking garage mall
surveillance shot in the shoulder
social decay flashback
vending machine revolver
nurse shooting range
hostage fist fight
newspaper headline tap dancer
one word title falling off a bridge
investigative reporter 555 phone number
murder website
fight to the death held at gunpoint
handcuffs character repeating someone else's dialogue
moral dilemma hit by a car
showdown pool table
reporter rapist
reference to william shakespeare assassination
neo noir independent film
title spoken by character surprise ending

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