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Brilliant!!! Soon to be classic

Author: RayrayUK from United Kingdom
4 July 2008

Soul Eater is a fairly new anime and manga series in which demons weapons and masters work together, attend a school and carry out missions.

The story starts with main characters 'Maka' and 'Soul', Maka being Soul's master and soul being the demon weapon. Soul and Maka are one step away from gaining a high title, yet are disappointed when all their passed hard work is wiped clean by one easy mistake, resulting in them having to start from scratch. As the story progresses, you are introduced to 'Black Star' and his demon weapon 'Tsubaki' and 'Kid' with his demon weapons 'Liz and Patty'.

While watching the series, you will gain some incite into the characters histories.

Soul Eater is a unique series as it manages to be light hearted, entertaining, up-beat and sinister!!! :o Flawless, must see series.

P.S. Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes!!! :o

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Great and outrageously funny anime!

Author: (nomadd_7) from Bulgaria
18 March 2010

Plot-wise, the series is about a vocational school where masters learn to wield their weapons. The twist is that the weapons are not simply weapons, but people, who have the ability to turn into magical weapons for the fight.

Soul Eater is a masterful combination of cool moments, funny moments, and touching moments. You'll need a bit of time to get used to its world and its setting, but as soon as you do that, you'll feel so happy there you wouldn't want to leave it! You'll grow to love the antics of each of the characters, sometimes even to the point of laughing to tears.

Watch it - you won't regret it!

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Interesting but ultimately too formulaic shounen anime.

Author: mrseriously from Sweden
17 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The premise and art style of Soul Eater is quite appealing even though it has some undeniable similarities even in that field to at least one other anime. Outside of that my main gripes with the show center around how formulaic most of the show is. This is of course something which is more or less consistent within animes targeted at guys in their early teens.

The characters, for starters, are more or less the obligatory posse of various flavours of weirdos with a few variations. There's the serious hard-working girl, the overconfident and at first seemingly incompetent loudmouth, the pervy older guy, the scarily severe mature woman, the person who is really nice but is a victim of their circumstances, a whole collection of unhinged characters for comedy relief and so on and so forth. I feel like I could go on quite a while but I think that will do. My main point of this is that most of the characters are neither particularly interesting nor relatable, especially what with the constant digressions into weird comic relief situations.

One thing that I thought was quite interesting - even though it didn't necessarily make for a better character - was Kid's obsession with symmetry. It was really surprising to see that it actually came into play in some of his battles. Usually in this kind of show the modus operandi seems to be to throw all kinds of established character flaws out the window to make room for fight scenes and whatnot. Asura also seemed like an interesting character initially. The fact that one of the most powerful beings in the world couldn't stop shaking with fear and would reflexively kill people because he just couldn't help himself was - at least to myself - a new way of presenting the main villain. Sadly this characterisation was later thrown away in favour of the more typical and less interesting calm and completely nihilistic flavour of bad guy.

Speaking of fight scenes, here too the problem is how according to formula the fights are. Almost every battle seems to consist of the same steps as every other shounen anime: the hero is outmatched, the villain taunts him, the hero gets to play punching bag for a while until he or she somehow pulls the victory right out of their nether region, and usually along with one or other contrived explanation for it.

The main moral aesop is also delivered in a very ham-fisted way, going as far as to write it out on the screen in huge letters.

Pretty much all of this can be explained to some degree by the intended audience for the show, but I still feel like there is untapped potential for something more interesting even for the older viewer which is ultimately squandered. For example, I would have liked to see the concepts of fear and madness and how they work as driving forces for the villains be given more space than they got. When it was present the horror feeling was very well done, but it would often evaporate as soon as one of the above mentioned comedy relief moments came along.

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Not For Everyone But If Your Like Me You'll Like It

Author: Chris Wilkinson from United States
10 July 2012

I have watched the first six episodes of this show and from what I can see this is a pretty good show. It has a very unique premise in which a person called a "meister" is capable of wielding another person who can turn into a weapon. And throw this the weapon and the meister go out and hunt down people in history who's souls have been tainted by demons and made evil(Ex. Jack the Ripper, Al Capone. Etc.) and when the weapon has 99 evil human souls and 1 witch soul the weapon turns into a weapon for the Grim Reaper. Is this show good? I think so. Is this show for everyone? Not at all. This show is a comedy which causes you to sometimes think "that was pretty funny and clever" and other times just be like "thats kind of stupid". So if u can't stand that kind of comedy you may not like soul eater. But if you don't mind or like that comedy then give Soul Eater a shot you'll probably like it.

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Fresh ideas, great characters and smart story lines

Author: thelivingdeadkennedys from Bastion, Oz
2 May 2012

What I like about Soul Eater so much is that it has something new to offer in story,settings,persona's of the main characters and art style. Its centered around the Shibusen,a school for "Weapons and Masters" in the fictional town Death City Nevada.A Weapon is a person that is born with the ability to transform into a Weapon, not just any but just the one they were born as ( there are few exceptions but I don't want to spoil the details). Master are the people who handle Weapons, Master and Weapon can only work together when they have a "Soul Link" that fits, for example, two arrogant persona's wouldn't work together but one arrogant and the other one humbled would work because they would balance each other out.The main characters are the three students Maka,Black Star and Death the Kid (the number of main characters increases during the story) and there Weapons, Soul,Tsubaki and the sisters Patty and Liz Thompson. Maka being very self righteous and ambitious, and Soul being only concerned about his coolness make a good couple but there is not much more to it than a hate/love relationship they got going on, don't get me wrong its well done but just something done before, Black Star himself is just very obnoxious but his relationship with Tsubaki is one of the deepest side story's ever, I don't want to spoil it. The one Character that just takes the cake is Death the Kid, he is funny,cool,original and just a total blast to watch. His trademark is being obsessed with symmetry, If something is just a mm off he completely looses his mind and has to correct it. His Weapons are there for some good slapstick but don't do much for story telling.

If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, definitely check it out!

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Excellent wonderful,Amazing my all time favorite show

Author: Fusebox89 from United States
15 June 2011

This show is truly amazing it has great characters. The Story is original and completely amazing. Another thing that makes this to my favorite show is the villains are just amazing Arusa , Eruka ,Free, Arachne and then their is Medusa who is by far one of the greatest villains ever made. I can find no flaws with Medusa she is just perfect she even has the perfect voice. One scene in particular that makes her great is the scene where she posses the child's body that scene always send shivers up my spine every time i see it. The show changes from light a comical to dark and gritty giving a great shift in narrative. As i said before the plot of the show is completely original. Not only is it Original though it is excellent the ideas in this show draw you in it makes you think about law order and sanity. The animation in the show is some of the best i have ever seen it always amazes me when i am watch the show. The show always keeps you in a state of suspense. Probily one of the best parts of the show is when the madness starts to take over Dr. Stein.

This show desires a 20/10 unfortunately i could not rate it that high is i give it a 10/10

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After the first episode, I wanted more!

Author: Oliver Thiele from Australia
8 April 2010

SOUL EATER is possibly one of the most original anime's I've ever seen! Not just in story telling but art design too! Most animes all have the exact same looking art style. Soul Eater on the other hand, goes for a almost punk looking art style that you'd find with GORILLAZ! This anime also (strangely enough) has a very Tim Burton feel to it (and I'm a HUGE fan of Tim Burton), a lot like The Nightmare Before Christmas! At the time of making this review I've only watched the first episode and am thoroughly looking forward to the rest of the series! Soul is a very cool character and the only gripe I found was: WHY DID THEY GIVE BLACK STAR A FEMALES VOICE?! AND IT'S SO OBVIOUS IT'S A FEMALE!

But apart from that, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series!



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Didn't really like but I can see why it's so popular

Author: emma529 from United States
29 December 2014

The first time I watched Soul Eater I honestly liked it, however later on in the series I couldn't stand it.

I will admit the critical reasons I didn't adore it are unreasonable so we'll put those aside. This anime has a very unique sense of animation, the dub is fine, and the theme song is great. The characters, though, are very quirky. Which is enjoyable honestly, you can't find too many characters like them.

But like unlike other animes, this one disappointed me (will get to that later) It was very different, in many ways, for example it's comedy, it's characters, and it's storytelling. Throughout the series, however, I did not bond with any character like I do with at least one of every animes I watch.

There not a lot of reasoning to why, they just didn't seem relatable. Yes, the characters are funny but it's hard to click with them.

The ending is very unsatisfactory, in all honestly I wanted more but I didn't really want to read the manga. It's odd, I don't really how to explain maybe it's just me.

Beside the fact, it's a good watch. The appropriate age range would be maybe 12 or for mature kids 10. It's dark but not too dark.

In conclusion, I respect Soul Eater. It goes a different route than other anime and gives out a risky animation style. But besides it's dark humor, the story is pretty typical. Which is the main reason why this anime disappointed me.

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Fool! (You're a Fool if you don't see it!)

Author: Denise L from Ohio
23 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My children ADORE this. It is a bit violent, but nothing that hasn't been in other movies (Transformers, Iron Man...) that are based on American comic books. As you can tell which character makes me both cringe and giggle, we'll jump right into the review!

The anime focuses on 3 groups of students. We have Maka, the daughter of a particularly strong death scythe and Lord Death's weapon and the scythe's creator the meister. We have her weapon, Soul Eater (or just Soul). Soul is a atypical mouthy kid in typical anime style and reminds me of every thirteen year old I've met, including my own. The second pair is a Naruto clone character named Blackstar that believes he is the best meister in the world and #1, even when he's collected NO souls, and his poor abused weapon Tsubaki. She is an amazing if quiet character but we do get to see why and it's a nice descent into flashback and character development. The last is an OCD child of Lord Death (Death was married?) named aptly Kid Death. Because symmetry is a HUGE fanatical part of his brain, this Grim Reaper/meister must have two firearms named Liz and Patty Thompson. One reoccurring bit of humor is that the two firearms are sisters but not twins (he harps on the difference in breast size; logical for the directed audience of the show).

All these people are students at Death Meister Academy (forgive me if I missed a word). Lord Death, Sid (a teacher), and later a rather intriguing teacher Stein all teach the "kids" how to work as a team harmonizing their souls to work in tandem.

Enemies begin small, such as an amazing 2d character Blair that makes me laugh all the same, to dark and truly evil witches that want to destroy the word. As we progress through the series, it gets darker and looks hopeless--at one point I recall asking, how many episodes are left? They can't do this HERE in the season!--and yet, the kids don't give up.

Comic relief is constant in the series, but then again what series doesn't have it? Even Alan (D-Greyman) had it. If it's not Blackstar's constant assurance that He's The Greatest, then it's Excalibur admonishing "Fool!" looking like a cross between a penguin, an umbrella, and an armadillo (as my daughter says he resembles the latter). Even a love affair with a toilet is thrown in mid-season. The moon and sun are being used as a typical design (Alan has the same moon).

I highly recommend this series. It *is* dark, and I would watch it with younger children so they do understand concepts explored--or for the few hints of sexuality tossed in the mix (such as a pair of bikini underwear given improperly to a young lady!)--to make sure all remains well. It will remain a family favorite for a LONG time to come.


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Outstanding, One of my personal favorites!

Author: Marie x
3 October 2015

I've just finished Soul Eater a few minutes ago, all I can say is that it was FANTASTIC. It has a good use of action, some humor here and there and a few feel moments. I definitely recommend this if you're into anything like that. Once you start watching you get completely hooked and just cant stop. Its some what unique too, as others have pointed out. I've never seen or heard of an anime revolving around meister and weapons that are able to take human form.I cant really think of anything else to be honest because everything about the anime is just awesome.

Anyone who is thinking about watching this,do it,this anime is amazing!!


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