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5 Jan. 2009
Kurona, tôbô. Kudasai, kimi no hohoemi?
Arachne risks her life to gain a new ally in the plot against DWMA. Meanwhile, when Crona runs away from the school, Maka sets out to bring her friend back safely.
12 Jan. 2009
Kirareta Kado. Medyûsa, shibusen ni tôkô suru?
Medusa offers Death a deal: in exchange for her release, she'll reveal the Kishin's location. The Grim Reaper won't have long to decide - Arachne is on the verge of releasing madness on a global scale!
19 Jan. 2009
Kurukuru Kururu. Hakase ha odoru, atarashiki sekai?
Dr. Stein's mind is deteriorating quickly. As he explores his mental landscape for a way out of the increasing madness, Crona begs Death for a chance to right past wrongs.
26 Jan. 2009
Shingeki! Baba Yagaa no shiro. Nanka moyamoya suru?
The forces of DWMA prepare to open several fronts in the war against Arachnophobia - but Maka decides the time has arrived to fight a very personal battle of her own design!
2 Feb. 2009
Saigo no madôgu. Buki nashi kiddo no Misshon Inposshiburu?
Maka and Soul continue their search for Medusa's lair. Meanwhile, a clash with the creepy guardians of the final Magic Tool leaves Death the Kid even more suspicious of his father's true motives.
9 Feb. 2009
Yowamushi Kurona no Ketsui. Itsumo soba ni ite kureta kimi ni?-
Physical pain and mental anguish are guaranteed when Crona and Marie enter the treacherous confines of Medusa's lair to confront the little witch and the insane Dr. Stein.
16 Feb. 2009
Taima no hachô. Môkô, ikari no majin gari?
Crona is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice as the battle against Medusa rages on. If the witch is to be destroyed, and Dr. Stein saved, Maka and Soul must reach rare heights of power.
23 Feb. 2009
Takeshi ka shura ka. Kessen, Mifune vs. Burakku Sutâ?
The final confrontation between Black☆Star and Mifune begins! As the warriors clash, Mifune reveals a startling connection to the young Meister's past.
2 Mar. 2009
Kiseki no Chabudaigaeshi. Bokura no desu shitii robo?
After the fight between Blackâ˜+Star and Mifune ends, the DWMA gains a powerful new ally. And when Death utilizes Brew in an astounding way, he turns the tides of the battle against Arachnophobia.
9 Mar. 2009
Buki (desusaizu) wo motta Shinigami-sama. Chotto saki ha yami darake?
The Kishin and the Grim Reaper tear into each other with unimaginable levels of power. Before this ultimate clash between good and evil concludes, great sacrifices will be made.
16 Mar. 2009
Ashura Kakusei. Sekai no iki tsuku hate he?
Arachnophobia is crumbling, but the Kishin is stronger than ever. Maka, Death the Kid, Blackâ˜+Star, and their Weapons attack with all their might, but when Soul slips into unconsciousness, all could be lost.
23 Mar. 2009
Ichi ka bachi ka?! Kami wo koeru otoko tachi?-
Maka struggles to save Soul, but even if she manages to bring her partner back from the edge of insanity, it might be too late to rescue Blackâ˜+Star, Death the Kid, and their Weapons from the Kishin!
30 Mar. 2009
Aikotoba ha yûki!
With her friends fallen, Maka must find the strength to face the Kishin alone. The world is in jeopardy and evil is poised for certain victory - until something stirs deep inside the young Meister's heart.

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