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Casablanca (1942)
"We'll always have the disableds'" is a comic variation on the romantic sign-off "We'll always have Paris."
It's That Man Again (1943)
Audio clip near the beginning title which describes the fast-talking star, Tommy Handley, of the radio series which this film is based on.
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
"Modern Art" recalls Gort
The Yogi Bear Show (1961) (TV Series)
Mentioned in dialogue
The Wild Angels (1966)
The World's End features "Loaded" by Primal Scream which samples Heavenly Blues' "We wanna be free!" speech. The dialogue from The Wild Angels can be heard in Edgar Wright's movie.
Cabaret (1972)
Gary says "Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!" to Sam.
The Omen (1976)
The character Oliver Chamberlain, played by Martin Freeman, has a birthmark shaped like the number 6 and is called "O-man." In "The Omen", Damien Thorn has a birthmark shaped like three sixes.
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)
SPOILER: When Gary enters the pub with the robots, the bartender says they won't be served. At the Mos Eisley bar, the bartender does the same when Luke enters with the droids.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
The way the blanks scream when they see humans is in reference to the pod people.
The Blues Brothers (1980)
We're getting the band back together
The Thing (1982)
Survivors must prove to each other that they are still human
Ghostbusters (1984)
The list of fix-ups to "The Beast" is almost the same list of fix-ups when the Ecto-1 is first purchased.
Aliens (1986)
Reference to Bishop's knife-between-fingers trick.
They Live (1988)
The blanks' plan for conformity and their methods of congregation echo the aliens in John Carpenter's film.
Back to the Future Part II (1989)
Stephen descending through the Network's light via flagrope mirrors the shot of Marty hanging from the flagrope off the DeLorean as the light from it's hover mechanism shines down.
Barton Fink (1991)
The sustained service bell ring in the hotel reception when the boys check in is an homage to the service bell in Barton Fink, and also repeats the same gag that was used in Spaced.
Antiques Roadshow (1997) (TV Series)
Referenced in dialogue
Shaun of the Dead (2004)
When the group reaches The King's Head Pub, inside can be seen the same Fruit Machine Ed (Nick Frost) was playing in Shaun of the Dead based on the music it plays in the background.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)
An absurd conversation with a disembodied being from another planet. Also features Martin Freeman.
Hot Fuzz (2007)
Simon Pegg's Gary King holds his forehead in pain after hitting it against a post. This nods to the brain freeze reaction in Hot Fuzz.
Thor (2011)
"Modern Art" recalls The Destoyer
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
During the Cross Hands fight, Andy breaks the back of a blank youth in the same fashion Bane breaks Batman's back.

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Midnight Screenings: You're Next/The World's End (2013) (TV Episode)
movie is reviewed


The Need for Speed (1994) (Video Game)
Arcade game played

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Projector: The World's End (2013) (TV Episode)
movie is reviewed
At the Movies: Episode #10.24 (2013) (TV Episode)
Clips shown when this movie is reviewed.
De wereld draait door: Episode dated 14 November 2013 (2013) (TV Episode)
A fragment is shown.
The Blockbuster Buster: The Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy (2014) (TV Episode)
movie is reviewed
Nostalgia Critic: What You Never Knew About Hot Fuzz (2014) (TV Episode)
also scored by Nick Angel

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