The World's End (2013) Poster

Plot Keywords

pub wrist bandage
group therapy bartender
alcoholic campfire
fire escape
self mutilation crushed head
scar deception
suspense suspicion
fear paranoia
femme fatale product placement
teetotaler friendship
estranged friend drug addict
improvised weapon sex in toilet
character repeating someone else's dialogue slow motion scene
dancing train station
toilet urination
bar fight breaking a bottle over someone's head
cell phone hit with a chair
exploding building electromagnetic pulse
secret room clone
genetic engineering nightclub
deoxyribonucleic acid attempted murder
lesbian car crashing through a window
car accident black comedy
fight in the restroom mixed martial arts
cigarette smoking teacher
hand to hand combat brawl
fight fist fight
beaten to death british
forest woods
beating martial arts
chase foot chase
brother sister relationship drunkenness
beer water
one day motorcycle cop
motorcycle small town
inanimate object comes to life giant robot
no opening credits london england
business executive construction site
male camaraderie realtor
midlife crisis absurdism
slacker title appears in writing
surrealism mind control
robot alcoholics anonymous
torso cut in half violence
death murder
blood splatter sword
shotgun alien invasion
reference to the sisters of mercy loss of friend
f word obscene finger gesture
profanity heavy drinking
car dealership group of friends
ripped in half severed leg
severed hand severed arm
severed head decapitation
blue blood present day
year 1990 singing in a car
alien part of trilogy
third part end of the world
apocalypse satire
ice cream homage
gore blood
title spoken by character surprise ending

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