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It reminds me more of Shane Black's "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang," though ultimately it's darker and more raggedy around the margins. Still, Monahan, like Black and unlike Ritchie, has some feeling for his characters.
It satisfies not only in the tradition of yarns boiled hard and wry, but as a savvy comment on fame and ambition.
As exercises in pulp go, this one yields a solid workout.
The directorial debut of William Monahan, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of "The Departed," London Boulevard collapses under the weight of its own ideas and the amount of talent it has to burn.
Slant Magazine
A movie like this lives and dies by its finer details, and London Boulevard screws up by applying the same broad brush to its entire cast, meaning every character gets the same amount of shading.
The result is a superficially handsome crime thriller that doesn't tick, although it's got a pretty, jeweled face, and some clever scripting by William Monahan (scribe of "The Departed"), making his directorial debut here.
Village Voice
Monahan's debut has verve and charisma, but, in the end, the tension of a late-night pub shrug.
Guilty, with one or two mitigating circumstances.
This full-clip misfire reminds us of a valuable lesson: Not even talent, tastefully dressed tough guys and a metropolitan backdrop dripping with after-hours menace can compensate for a complete lack of momentum or drama.
Had the film stood still more often, its stylish gambit would have worked better.

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