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How to make a parody without jokes

Author: Sandcooler from Belgium
10 April 2013

Whenever someone doesn't like a movie, a common go-to criticism to hurl at it is that it has no plot. In reality, this is usually a load of crap. A movie can have a plot you don't like, or it can have a plot that's a bit contrived, but pretty much every movie has a plot. This brings us to "Disaster Movie". This movie has no plot! I mean, there sorta kinda are four main characters, but they're basically just mannequins who stand there while unfunny things happen around them. The order of the scenes honestly doesn't matter at all, this is almost like a sketch movie but without the punchlines. I'm not a big fan of writing classes (read my reviews for further proof), but what ever happened to the classic story structure where protagonists have to reach some kind of goal while fighting some kind of adversity? Have I just gotten too old-fashioned for the movies, is this the kind of experimental filmmaking that will become a standard for further generations? Well, as of this writing this movie's got a whopping 1.9 rating, so I think I'm safe. Got to admit though, I did laugh once during the otherwise terrible "Sex and The City"-spoof. Sue me, I probably deserve it.

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Worst ever

Author: rdfarnham from United States
11 January 2013

I have had root canal surgeries that were more fun. This mess makes "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (long considered the worst movie ever made) look like an Academy Award contender. The basic idea is good, make fun of all the disaster movies, but the actual movie is horrible. I get the feeling that the makers got high on something and just threw whatever came to mind into the script, figuring the audience would be too dumb to understand. These people should be banned from ever making another film and kept away from all movie cameras. I managed to sit through a total of 15 minutes and felt like I should wash my eyes and brain out with bleach to get rid of the memory. Terrible doesn't begin to describe it.

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'Ronseal. Does exactly what is says on the tin.' 'Disatser Movie. Does exactly what is says in the title!'

Author: joben-525-633946 from United Kingdom
10 November 2012

This is without doubt a contender for the worst movie in cinematic history - past, present and future!

The humour is painfully unfunny and can be interpreted as offensive on occasions. There is nothing wrong with offensive humour (well there is), if it's rather humorous, just ask Sacha Baron Cohen - however this is unquestionably offensive to any human with an average intellect.

Jason Friedberg I actually admire for evolving the 'horror spoof' with his fine comedy 'Scary Movie', which occasionally had me in stitches. This however, borders on the lines of disgracefulness.

Matt Lanter prancing around for the entire duration with woeful lines and abysmal acting may appeal to the less intellectual women who need to keep there eyes occupied for approximately an hour and a half. However, everyone else will be left feeling mugged, either for the fact they have wasted their precious lives on this drivel, or - even worse - they have spent good money on this drivel.

I think my verdict is loud and clear!

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I laughed at how ironic the title is more than anything else.

Author: antony hudson from United Kingdom
29 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I might have only sat through only half of the film, but from that I came to the decision that I didn't want to watch anymore. It's not funny in the slightest. In fact, I laughed at how ironic the title is more than anything else. Whoever gave this the green-light should be sacked immediately. I do have a couple of the films in which this tries to parody and fails miserable, like Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk, and all I can say is that it completely destroys them - it actually made me angry. This is truly a Disaster Movie. This film made me cringe with all the incredible badness of it all. I will never watch this film all the way through. However when I do, I want an award.

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This aptly named movie is the worst film of 2008, the worst film of the 2000-2009 decade and possibly the worst film since the birth of motion pictures...

Author: MaximumMadness from United States
13 August 2012

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer should be ashamed of themselves. Completely and utterly.

I'm an extremely easy guy to please, especially when it comes to movies. I'm the one guy in the room who will admit to having enjoyed "Pluto Nash" and "The Mummy 3." I'm the guy who will try to find something in every film to like. I enjoy movies, and am very rarely disappointed in them.

Except for films like this, which are complete and utter idiotic failures by every stretch of the imagination. The team of Friedberg and Seltzer, whom are responsible for this abomination, should be ashamed. They have fundamentally failed understanding or displaying even the most basic ideas of filmmaking and comedy. They have failed with this film in a way which I have never before witnessed. This movie has literally made me angry in the few times I tried to sit through it, it was so insulting.

How can they release such complete and utter trash like this? I actually cannot comprehend how they could have so little respect for the audience that this filth would be released.

OK, fine, I'll write an actual review. But this film ain't pretty.

This film has no plot. Literally no plot. It revolves around a group of people fleeing various disasters, while encountering a random array of pop-culture figures (including Batman, Amy Whinehouse, Michael Jackson, Beowulf, Princess Giselle from "Enchanted", Iron Man, Hellboy, Flava Flav, Juno from "Juno", etc.) who show up without any hint of irony or humor, introduce themselves to the camera, then awkwardly leave after a failed attempt or two at humor. Eventually they encounter a dwarf that is supposed to be Indiana Jones (played by Tony Cox) who tells them that in order to stop the disasters, they have to return a Crystal Skull to an altar. That's it. That's the plot.

The acting is atrocious all around. The main actors are completely unlikable and their characters are made into incredible jerks. (We're supposed to root for our hero to get back his girlfriend even though she's some sort of serial cheater, and the main character is the single most bland, undeveloped person you could ever encounter.) The celebrity look alikes don't resemble the celebrities they are "parodying" in the least and make no attempt to sound or act like them. (Nicole Parker is the only one to come vaguely close as the parody of Princess Giselle from "Enchanted", but it still fails and is ruined by a random joke that destroys the character completely)

You may notice I put "parodying" in quotes above. This is because, by definition, this film fails to serve as parody even though it's meant to be. Parody is by definition meant to comment upon or mock established original works through humor and satire. This film doesn't do that, the characters merely show up without making any sort of comment on the original works, and are too unfunny to mock them, hence, this fails at becoming parody, hence, it isn't parody, and Seltzer/Friedberg failed at making what they set out to.

The production is among the worst I've seen. The direction is stale and uninspired to the point of frustration for the viewer. The special effects are some of the worst I've ever seen. I've seen YouTube clips made by 12-year-olds with high production values than this. Costume and set design is painfully bad. The editing is abysmal and destroys a lot of the jokes, the animatronics are just crap. This is one of the worst productions I've ever seen.

And the humor makes no sense. Every joke in this movie falls flat as a pancake. Jokes have no set-up, no humor, no irony and no payoff. It's just random quips and nonsensical pop-culture references that date the film horribly.

I really just an thrown a loop as to how Seltzer/Friendberg can live with themselves knowing they make films like this. This is by far their worst film, but all of their other films are nearly this bad as well. It's honestly upsetting. They have no respect for audiences, no respect for their actors, and no creativity.

This is without a doubt the worst film of 2008. It's without a doubt the worst film of the 2000-20009 decade. And it is possibly the worst film since the birth of cinema. This makes films like "Manos: The Hands of Fate" and "Space Mutiny" look like high art. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, you should be ashamed. 1 out of 10.

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Excruciatingly unfunny

Author: pcast99-1 from Ohio
29 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There have been several different movies that I've seen in my life that were so painfully awful I was sure there would be no other to be worse, I have sat through movies like Alone in the Dark, Battlefield earth, North, and this piece of shi* trying to pass itself off as a comedy is unquestionably the absolute worst thing I've ever seen.

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are the most talentless hacks ever to pick up a video camera or use a keyboard. My head felt like it was going to explode after I finished watching because it enraged me so much.

Here is a small list of things this movie tries to parody, and somebody needs to explain to me what any of them have to do with the disaster genre.

Juno, American Gladiators, Mylie Cyrus, Flavor Flav, Amy Winehouse, Jessica Simpson, and lots others that I feel should have sued the hell out of these assholes for including them in this vomitorium of a film.

This plot makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL! It consists entirely of jokes so awful that it'll make you sick having to hear them. At one point they accuse Juno of having bad writing, the hypocrisy and Irony was big enough to see from space.

I don't want to continue thinking too much about the horrible experience I had viewing this wretch, so I will end by saying this is no doubt the worst movie ever made in history and If you laugh at ANYTHING in this heap you are an idiot and a waste of life, plain and simple.

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

I'd rather be tortured than watch this again!

Author: LeviticusStroud from United Kingdom
26 October 2011

Undoubtedly the worst movie I have ever had the misfortune of watching in my life!

This film, and I use the term loosely, was so awful that it is one of only a handful I have ever switched off in order to be bored instead- as being bored is preferable to having your eyes gouged out by this dreadful piece of garbage.

The story is non existent, even to the extent of parody, and the parody itself is done abysmaly with virtually no reference to the source material at all. In fact, this film is almost entirely made up of 'parody' versions of clips from other films that were only taken from the trailers from said movies- the vast majority of which aren't disaster movies in the first place. How this is supposed to pass for a comedy film when it has no plot, virtually no parody and fewer jokes than the most dirgeful funeral I have attended is beyond me. Perhaps that is the joke? If so, it's not funny.

Whilst the rest of the genre made by (some of) the same production team such as Date Movie and Superhero Movie at least made parodical reference and jokes based upon films from the genre the relevant film was named after, Disaster Movie instead is just a description of what the end product turned out to be. We can but hope that this film puts nails in the coffin of the directors careers so they can go and be more productive in the film industry sweeping floors or emptying bins- footage of which would be more entertaining than this drivel.

Mark my words- no matter how bored you are, how cheap this becomes on disk or how free it may be on the internet- do not waste your time watching it. You will only regret the loss of those precious minutes of your life, which could have been spent more satisfyingly and less painfully by watching paint dry whilst being beaten about the head with a mallet.

Forced watching of this film should be added to the bans under the Geneva Convention as torture. I for one would rather be water-boarded than see this film again. You have been warned!

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Author: karlandraspoulsen
19 September 2011

I must say first of all, that I did not expect this to be a very good movie, or even all that funny, just a few laughs. What I got, was a complete lack of humor. Not a single joke made me laugh say but two where I mildly smiled. First of all, this barely had anything to do with as disaster happening, except for a few earthquakes now and then. Most of the movie consists of 1. throwing in as many references from other movies as possible, in context to absolutely nothing and 2. abysmal rap numbers every 5-10 minutes, that just made me want to bash my head in with a hammer. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this piece of crap.

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Disaster (of a) Movie

Author: aesgaard41 from United States
23 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Remember the good old days when Mel Brooks did "Young Frankenstein" or David Zucker did "Airplane?" This movie will have you wishing you were watching those movies. Seltzer and Friedling don't do movies; they create really bad sketch scenes strung together without a plot, usually embarrassing their actors along the way. It's not funny at all, nothing has a point and at no moment does anything come close to making sense. It's like watching the thoughts of the stars of MADTv under marijuana overdose. There are no jokes, not a decent impression and one scene is dragged on one after another. It's basically twenty to fifty characters running into each other in search of a plot. Nicole Parker acts as if she's on acid, Crista Flanagan looks wasted and the rest of the cast look embarrassed they agreed to do this. It's almost as if they're looking at each other wondering "Was this in the script you read?" or "When do we start the movie?" or "I hope this isn't used in the final draft." Bottom line: Seltzer and Friedling need to be stopped from doing these movies. I could do it better. Anyone could do it better.

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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Rusty Nails....

Author: daedroth_king from United States
17 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yes, the title of this review is relevant. Because said instruments for bonding wood which have largely changed into iron oxide are what I wanted to shove into my eyeballs after watching this... No. I refuse to call this a movie. It's rather closer to something you might find behind my dishwasher.

So let's dive behind said appliance for the cleaning of dinnerware and have a look at just what makes it so disgusting, shall we? Starting with the (Highly Appropriate, but not in the way they intended) title. Disaster Movie, huh? Because I see no semblance of any form of film based upon natural events which cause devastation and- oh, let's cut the big words, there's pretty much nothing linking this to any form of disaster flick in existence.

The humor.... Seltzer and Friedburg. No more need be said on this issue.... you know, actually, that pretty much covers the entire thing right there. But, I suppose you want more in-depth... Suffice to say, humor is the wrong word; I'd call it "something that a failing-grades immature twelve-year-old who thinks toilet jokes are the pinnacle of all humor might laugh at" and even that might be a stretch. The jokes aren't funny at all, the random scenes don't fit in whatsoever, and they're not even parodying their targets, just making references and effectively saying "See how stupid these movies are? Er, I farted, dur hur hur." In short, I need to go find some rusty nails. While I don't advocate piracy, if you must see it, go find it on the internet somewhere; it's not even worth the two dollars to rent it from Redbox.

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