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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Disaster = correct

Author: ( from United States
10 April 2009

I've always been a big fan of IMDb & have rated tons of movies I have seen; although I've never written a review on one. I decided to watch this movie knowing it would be stupid based on ratings but figured it would be a 'funny' (i.e. Scary Movie) type of stupid. Boy was I wrong. I do not recall even laughing one time. I've seen some bad movies in my time but I would have to say this is the worst of the worst. I do not recommend even bothering to watch it and I thank God that I didn't pay to see it. Horrible.

I normally always give a movie a try regardless of ratings. This is one time I should have listened and stayed away. I just wasted 88 minutes of my life on this one. Would have just turned it off but I kept saying it will get better lol. It didn't.


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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:


Author: nwowolfpac14 from United States
14 March 2009

Wow are there people who liked this movie??? If so then you HAVE to be a pretty lame person this along with: Meet The Spartans, The Comebacks, Epic Movie, Date Movie, Another Gay Movie and Superhero the Movie were all very stupid movies if you actually get a kick out of repetitive spoofs mostly making fun of a crappy actor or Micheal Jackson then you must have the brain of a tick.

Seriously what keeps assholes like you alive? if one joke and cheap spoofs that again are the same in every singles spoof movie keeps you laughing then i think my time on this earth has passed see ya later in the afterlife where i just may have super godly powers and i will dominate your weak, idiotic spirits you will never ever reach heaven or hell or Valhalla or where ever you go i will make sure of it!!

And if you think i am joking look down your pants you are slowly corroding from your crotch and soon will spread to the rest of your body....and hopefully to your family and friends and i will sleep like a baby sucking on my mamas breast. Being mean is fun. I will laugh for days when your dick or vagina's fall off and the crows feast upon it. HEY maybe i will join them! I haven't tasted COCK since the last time i watch Disaster Movie!

I will be going for now, but be weary i will return!! Thimbalterot has spoken!!

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Seriously, this was the worst movie ever

Author: bjaardker ( from United States
1 October 2008

Gigli, Howard the Duck, Tank Girl, and Ishtar were Oscar material compared to this piece of tripe.

EVERY SINGLE JOKE fell flat on its face. There were no laughs in the audience, just the occasional groan of pain.

Everything was so disjointed it was merely a series of badly written skits, not a movie.

It's a real shame that true slapstick and parody has died in the face of movies such as this. Later Naked Gun sequels and the first scary movie still had a sense of what comedy is. But someone who's dressed like Amy Winehouse standing there farting for well over a minute isn't funny, it's boring and a really poor attempt at humor.

Just remember, if you take the time, or god forbid spend money to see this movie, I warned you.

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

I'm stunned by just how bad this is!

Author: galahadfairlight from United Kingdom
5 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I seriously don't know what to say about this 'movie'! I've just downloaded it because I didn't ever want to be stung by this pair of miscreants again, and thank god for the delete option! This 'movie' is listed in the "Comedy" genre..... why? It's not remotely funny. For a film to aim for laughs, and miss every one of them, you have to wonder if there's some sort of misadvertising going on.

It's called 'Disaster Movie', c'mon guys, its like shooting fish in a barrel with a title like that! The 'story' if you can call it that is Cloverfield, but without the skill behind the camera, and without the writing skills on the screenplay.

Interspersed with the 'story' are lots of 'humourous' meetings with characters from other movies. That in itself wouldn't be a problem, if these 'humourous' cameos actually served a purpose, or, more importantly, added something funny, which they don't.... frequently! There is also the same problem that plagued Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans, namely, characters either announcing themselves, or other characters telling us who they are!?! Is it because the directors thought the impersonations of the various characters was rubbish and therefore needed to be explained, or was it because they wanted to help us poor mentally challenged people along? (I call myself mentally challenged for actually watching this crap from start to end!) If you have to explain your cameo characters, chances are, they are either crap or not funny.... or both! There is actually one point in the movie where they parody a parody, a scene where they are beating the crap out of the lead characters girlfriend, almost a lift from Airplane! Quite a lot of people haven't spotted that this is simply a retread of Epic Movie and more so Meet the Spartans.

Characters have a problem, and need to get to a destination which is fraught with difficulties. Thats Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans!!!!! In the middle of MTS there is a dance number, in Disaster Movie there's two, More of the same, plus a little bit more! There was only ONE redeeming feature of this movie, and that was Nicole Parker as the Enchanted Princess, her performance was quite acceptable, but that could soley be down to the diabolical performances of her co-stars making hers look better. With a better script, her take off of Amy Adams would have been quite good.

As for the rest of the performances, just utter crap! They were easily recognisable (even with without the dumb pointers to help out!), but the script (if you can call it that) just didn't do anything or go anywhere.

This 'movie' also suffers from the same syndrome as MTS, namely being padded out to give them impression its a feature length movie. It isn't. Some of the scenes go on and on for seemingly no benefit, several dance/music routines that go on way too long, and not funny to boot. The Sarah Silverman rip off at the end, just more padding, and horrendously NOT funny at all.

I cannot comprehend how people could find this funny, I really cannot. I have a good sense of humour, I like a good parody, this however is not good and not even a parody. Airplane! is an absolute riot, and even though i've watched it time and again, and know the jokes inside and out, its platinum coated viewing in comparison to this mess.

I only watched this out of morbid curiosity to see just how bad it was, and it is every bit as bad as you've been led to believe.

If you must watch this 'movie', for the love of god, don't pay for it, pay for another movie and sneak in to see this, or, more sensibly, download it for free, paying to see it is something akin to paying someone to stomp on your face... with steel toe cap boots.... with nails sticking out of the soles... you get the idea! Friedberg and Seltzer are not skilled at what they do, its why they are content to rip off other movies, because they lack the skills to do their own camera angles, their own scripts.

Their back catalogue is nothing but parody movies, they lack the skills to do something ORIGINAL that does ride on the coat tails of someone elses work.

I note with interest that Fox were not interested in releasing this movie, and the Box Office for it thus far is showing it to be a flop. Hopefully Lionsgate will decline to release any more of their 'movies'.

The jokes over now boys, you've been rumbled, its time to find something else to do with your time as making movies is not your forte.


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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

The absolute worst abomination to ever exist.

Author: StephenReviews from Ireland
16 July 2010

I am so glad I got a friend to play for my ticket. I honestly couldn't how sick I would feel even to this day if I paid to this movie. I tried to watch "Meet the Spartan" a year or so before this and I felt sick to the stomach after watching it, so I was expecting nothing from this.

The first scene had Amy Winehouse belching for about 2 minutes in the face of a character from 10,000 BC. I knew what I would expect from the rest of the film. What followed was reference after reference of things that were out a week before this film was made (because we all know no one can remember anything from over a month ago). I did not laugh once and I just had to leave the cinema 45 minutes in. Honestly, I would imagine a 5 year old writing better stuff. I'm speechless that it even got to DVD, let alone the cinema.

I know this has nothing to do with the movie, but two of my best friends actually liked this movie. I stopped being their friends instantly and I haven't talked to them since. THAT is how bad this movie is.

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

A complete disaster

Author: Gordon-11 from Earth
21 December 2008

This is a spoof of the latest blockbuster movies amidst a background of disaster.

I thought it would be a comical spoof of disaster movies, but instead it does not even spoof. It references many unrelated blockbusters that each movie appear for only a few seconds. Hence it lacks a coherent theme to stick the spoofs together.

In addition, the jokes are very unfunny. They are so overdone, over the top and annoying. For example, the scene where a princess murders someone is so overdone. It might be remotely funny if she shoots once or twice, but not when she shoots for fifteen seconds.

Spoof movies can be funny and entertaining, but "Disaster Movie" is a complete disaster that bores me to hell. I kept wishing it to end, and when it did, I was so glad it ended.

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

It's not a disaster in all markets...

Author: amoore-4 from Muscat, Oman
16 October 2008

To answer another contributor's comment, they make this kind of garbage because it sells in some markets. Here in the Middle East, movies that are: over the top, brutal, have toilet/silly humor, or have a scene that gets by the censors results in box office lineups. Movies appeal differently to each overseas market, but violent, risqué, or nonsense humor does well in many of them. Movies that come in between 8 and 9 on the IMDb scale usually don't do well here. They are perceived as too subtle (boring), are character driven (characters don't tear up the screen), have a message to tell (don't lecture me) or have a strong cultural theme (REAL American life is not interesting), don't do well. Blockbusters with mega stars do well everywhere. But movies like Disaster movie go straight to DVD and overseas markets. Shameful but true.

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Finally a movie with a title that makes sense!

Author: marcm05 from United Kingdom
24 September 2008

In many ways Disaster Movie is like Ronseal. It does exactly what it says on the tin. The movie is a disaster. It makes you cringe and cry far more than making you laugh. To keep with the 'ronseal feel' the acting is horribly wooden. The whole whole thing is a mess.

When are these spoof movies going to end? None have produced laughs! Date movie, Superhero Movie, Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans are all way below average. with the exception of Superhero movie they are all under 3/10 rated on this very site!

Friedberg and Seltzer should both be banned from the movie industry. I never want to see anything made by them. They know of one genre, pathetic.

I admit I did not see all of this film. I like many other people at the cinema with me walked out before the end. Even with the two for one offer on tickets, I wish I didn't pay. Its part of my life I will never get back. I could've had more fun castrating myself.

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Not that you all don't already know this movie is terrible.....

Author: tyrael84 from United States
23 September 2008

First off, I'm not at all considered a movie critic of any sort. My expertise on movies derives from the sole fact that I've seen so many, and usually keep up on most current flicks. I also don't write reviews like this often.

However, sometimes I see a movie that is so incredibly awful, that I can no longer hold my tongue. This is a perfect example of such a creation. There are so many negatives to focus on, there's no way I'll get through them all before I suffer a massive brain aneurysm, as I nearly did watching this pathetic excuse of a motion picture.

If you see Carmen Electra in ANY movie these days, you can bet it's going to be total crap (I wasn't even a fan of the Scary Movie series, so my opinion may be biased to some of you). She had a part in "Meet the Spartans" as well, which is easily tied with this monstrosity as "Worst Movie of 2008", possibly even the decade. Kim Cardashian is in this movie! Enough said. Vanessa Minnillo? Yeah, she's pretty. Just continue with that. The abundance of tight female abs, bras, boobs and overall sex appeal wasn't at all, in any way shape or form enough to make this movie even a small fraction more tolerable.

The cameos were lame. The impersonations were half-assed and done by actors/actresses that don't at all resemble the person they were hired to imitate.

This movie also seems to revolve around characters getting squashed by random objects falling from the sky. That's not funny in most scenarios anyway. Imagine that same occurrence being thrown at you several times throughout a movie. Each time, prefaced and followed by some lackluster line delivered by a poor actor/actress.

There's ONE positive I can think of, and that's the Juno character, whose name is Juney, played by Crista Flanagan. I found that character to be funny AT TIMES, but that's because I'm highly sarcastic myself and find such humor amusing.

The general spoofs throughout are uninspired, cliché, and poorly executed.

There were several musical parts in the movie as well. I don't enjoy such things in movies most would consider good. To add them to a movie as atrocious as this, and make them as pathetic as the rest of the movie, is flat out torture for all viewers.

I'm nearing the fabled aneurysm I spoke of earlier, so I'll stop, as I did with this movie one hour into it. No, I didn't finish it, and if any of you have an ounce of dignity, you'll do the same, or not watch it at all.

I don't feel I need to provide you with any other evidence to contribute to your decision to not watch this. What I've said should deter anybody from watching this.

It is %*&^ing awful.

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

A Nutshell Review: Disaster Movie

Author: DICK STEEL from Singapore
20 September 2008

I guess the title already tells you everything you need to know about the movie. It is without a doubt a total disaster. I still find it quite amazing that writer directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer still managed to get funds to have their films made, after equally disastrous unfunny comedies such as Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans (OK, I shall unabashedly say that I enjoyed Date Movie), because while it's spoof after spoof, it certainly isn't cheap trying to replicate certain stuff, even if done laced with loads of cheese, or swede-d.

Should there be a story linking everything little crazy thing together, then it would be Cloverfield, where a group of friends Will (Matt Lanter, whose left year I found strangely out of alignment with his right?), Calvin (G. Thang), Juney (Crista Flanagan), Lisa (Kimberly Kardashian) and the Enchanted Princess (Nicole Parker) journey to save Amy (Vanessa Minnillo) before getting themselves out of the city to escape some unknown and best forgotten natural calamity, where the threat of mankind is raining cows.

The only merit I would give the filmmakers is how they went ballistic and stretched their imagination to milk every possible opportunity to script in some other movie, be it borrowing characters or premise. You'd probably lose count at the something-new-at-every-minute strategy, and frankly speaking, they're at best some skits which for the life of me, are totally unfunny. Nada, zilch, nothing to laugh about. I guess even kids will find the juvenile humour here a total turn off.

Which is not strange, considering that even jokes were borrowed, and relied too heavily on the usual toilet humour, which is already so tired. While there are comedies which can be original, the pedigree of Friedberg and Seltzer, coming as scriptwriters for Scary Movie(s), would by now reinforce that they make poor stories and jokes from their lack of innovation. Being able to string together countless of movies is one thing, but making a genuine and workable comedy is another. Not having an established cast to star in your movie might stem from a modest budget to work with, but I'm likely to think that everyone approached, save for the relative no-names here, would not want to touch this even with a ten foot pole, just in case it really stinks and stain their filmography.

I think it's even time for me to put a foot down and say No to Friedberg and Seltzer. The powers that be should really dry up the credit line that fuel their productions, and given some belt-tightening in the economy, hopefully this should be soon.

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