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"If you dream about boys or me sitting on the toilet, then you should consider a therapy"

Author: adrianAKArosemarys_baby from Germany
6 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The title of my comment is actually the best line in the movie - sadly a comedic one in a supposedly serious horror movie. I'll divide this comment in plot and acting:


After 15 years, the main character Phillip needs to return to his rural northern German hometown because the town's mayor wants to buy his parents's bequest - a big creepy old mansion. Phillip shouldn't have returned to the town however, as his presence awakes the "Gonger" of a child that died in the forties. A Gonger is the spirit of a killed person, who is said to haunt the second generation descendants of its murderer. Oddly enough, in 2008 there are only four descendants of the 4 boys who killed the child back in 1943. You would at least expect them to have twenty incestuous relatives somewhere.

Anyway, due to Phillip's presence, the descendants will dream of each other's death inflicted by the Gonger - a dream which could become reality if the friends don't act fast enough. If they successfully save one, then it'll be the next one's turn... Wait, isn't this ripped off from Final Destination? Not only does the movie copy the formula of the mentioned movie, it's also full of every horror movie cliché from the last decade.

First off, you have your specific 'important' characters who WON'T die in the movie, and the 'unimportant' characters which include your token pothead, token fat guy and token nerd. Then you have the "Gonger", your creepy little child with dark sordid clothes, face covered by something and moving in a slow "creepy" manner. I'm so tired to see this stupid "creepy" kid in every goddamn horror movie these days.

In the end, the dude figures out that the only way to end his (and his new girlfriend's) misery is to redeem the Gonger from whatever. But unfortunately the kid was no "Gonger" because Gongers actually do not exist - the kid was some devil child or some other crap. Instead of giving salvation to the kid, he reincarnated an evil child from the past. Why call this movie "Gonger" at all then? And why does the kid want to kill the descendants at first if he very well knows that he could be more effective (in killing) if exactly those people resurrect him? What I also hated about the movie is that the plot advances way too fast. There's no time invested into introducing the characters. I could have cared less if the Gonger got them.


Acting is as expected subpar. ProSieben poured enough money into nice cinematography but spent no cent for decent actors? The main character did the best job, but this is saying much because his performance came off wooden in many scenes. On the other end is Helma, the girl who is probably a soap opera reject - otherwise I would not be able to explain her terrible acting "skills". In Germany, it seems that you only need to look halfway handsome to get roles in movies. Especially bad are the people who are acting as corpses (expect to laugh out load when you see Phillip's mother). The kid is most likely also a bad actor or otherwise they wouldn't have limited him to one phrase and pushed all of his scenes into the last three minutes. Last but least Bela B. should either have acting classes or stay far away from movies altogether - I haven't realized his acting was so bad in "Garden of Love" but in that movie he was dubbed with a demonic voice - go figure why.

I thought this movie would be at least a little more enjoyable. I really didn't expect too much - hey it's a TV horror movie for 12 year olds after all. But all the scenes in the trailer, which were all crammed into the last two minutes of the movie, looked a little different because the boy had evil blue glowing eyes added to him. Why did they do that? A case of false advertising, if you ask me. The ending also sucked, as it felt like the cliff hanger of a TV episode. Does this mean they will make a sequel? How should that work? They can't use the Gonger name anymore for obvious reasons. If you feel like wasting your time for nothing and losing brain cells in the process, then "Gonger" is the perfect solution.

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Is "a waste of time" the right expression?

Author: fmhummel from Germany
5 January 2009

I guess so. There isn't even enough involuntary comedy it, but in which other film do you see someone being run over by a truck as soon as he steps on the road like in Scary Movie but it's not meant to be funny? There is not much story in it and nearly everything is told right at the beginning. To be frank, the whole story is told three times during the movie because they either think the audience can't remember or they didn't have any more ideas for other dialogues. Nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing mystic or scary You'll notice that the actors never move much while they talk. They don't use their hands, they don't walk around, they hardly touch each other. Normally they'll stand motionless about a meter from each other and talk stone-faced as if they read a their text. They don't even try to show emotions, so maybe they didn't get paid enough. That's not much of a loss, since there aren't any characters you can't describe with more then three or four words. But the most important point is that "Gonger" isn't scary at all. It tries to rip off scenes from Japanese horror classics, but it doesn't do that very well. When there is the hushed wailing of the dead child haunting the people, they blast full orchestral soundtrack in your ears. Furthermore if you have seen one or two classic horror movies you'll know exactly when the ghost will appear, what it will do and who will die. A funny thing are the wet footprints of th "Gonger", since they don't look like real ones, but like the design of footprints you'd use for advertisements or in cartoons. The movie won't try to surprise you. Sticking to the traditions to a genre's traditions doesn't have to be bad, but you at least need some kind of story, actors and a director who know what they are doing. All in all the film is just boring with some funny moments caused by bad acting, ridiculous screenplay, ripoffs and bad directing.

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After a young man returns to his homeland village strange incidents happen to increase.

Author: ScreenJunkie from Switzerland
5 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An average TV mystery flick

The plot: Phillip (the grandnephew of the wicked Eric Hansen) who became an orphan at the age of eight returns after 15 years to his homeland village, in order to sell the inherited mansion of his Grandpa. But after Phillips's arrival strange occurrences begin to increase - and there are the first dead ones. Is a "Gonger" (sort of poltergeist believed to exist on the German island Sylt) behind it? After the legend humans murdered in the Watt turn after two generations as "Gonger" back, in order to afflict the grandchildren of its murderers. Can Phillip and his youth friends defeat the curse?

My comment: The movie begins promising under-laid with moody music and gloomy light effects. But as soon the actors begin to talk (in that ugly German slang, commonly used in TV series) the magic gets somewhat lost... (Well I hope the English dubbing will be done much better!)

The pace and suspense is not too bad. Some scenes are sort of goofed by unrealistic acting of reaction, in my opinion.

But all in all, this movie is quite recommendable, especially for the fans of the mystery genre.

Bottom line: ***** out of ten

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Author: Clive Childress from United States
21 November 2014

When I am Bored I go on the internet and look up new things to me. I found this movie and was throughly surprised.

Yes, this movie has many clichés. Yes, this movie has a certain formula that's completely easy to follow. Yes, there is not the greatest acting in the world. But it was a good told story.

I read what people wrote on the reviews and to be honest I feel like It's getting a somewhat less than it deserves. You escape into a movie to enjoy and escape into. Not to criticize it at every turn.

This TV's movie! Had great cinematography and story. I watched this movie in German without subtitles and I enjoyed it. And I loved the surprise ending. It drasticly turned.

Yes the title of movie is gonger so it can be misleading to reveal at the end. It leaves room to question Why. Which is what mystery does. If you can't accept that mystery isn't for you.

In short. Give this movie a try It's a good TVs movie. It will at least keep your interest to watch it.

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A great story with unknown actors and a surprising end! All a good movie needs is included

Author: christoph-hocks from Germany
8 January 2009

My meaning is, that this movie is a cool movie and it was really great to see it on TV! The actors aren't famous for acting, but they did it very well. The story I like very much, it's an old legend and it's really mysterious. The whole movie I thought Eric, the murdered boy, was a victim and it's a really surprising end! That I thing was amazing and It offers the possibility to make a "second part" of this movie. The End i think was the best, but the movie was a bit complicated, so that I maybe have to watch it a second time. That really doesn't matter to me, because I liked it!!

6 stars

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