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Forrest Bondurant: It is not the violence that sets men apart, alright, it is the distance that he is prepared to go.

Forrest Bondurant: Jack, look at me. We're survivors. We control the fear. And without the fear, we are all as good as dead. Do you understand? - Do you?

Forrest Bondurant: I thought I walked.

Forrest Bondurant: I'm a Bondurant. We don't lay down for nobody.

Forrest Bondurant: Have you met Howard?

Maggie Beauford: You just gonna watch me forever?

Forrest Bondurant: Um... uh, wait, what you doin'?

Charlie Rakes: Do you mean immortal?


Charlie Rakes: You fucking hicks are a sideshow onto yourselves.

[laughter continues]

Charlie Rakes: Sheriff, do you have any idea what a Thompson submachine gun does to an immortal?

Jack Bondurant: You can make moonshine whiskey from just about anything. Turnips, pumpkins, blackberries, cornmeal, tree bark. Anything.

Floyd Banner: I respect you Bondurants standing up to that Commonwealth's District Attorney. He's got everybody in his pocket. He takes a shit and half of Virginia falls out his ass.

Maggie Beauford: [to Forrest Bondurant] Isn't that just like you to believe your own damn legend?

Bertha Minnix: You're an outlaw Jack.

Jack Bondurant: No, it's just a matter of perspective. I'm just doing what any man around here would do if he had the same strength of character.

Floyd Banner: [after knocking out Gummy Walsh with a shovel] I've got every lawman in three fucking states up my ass. The last thing I need is some hard-ass crackers pulling a blood feud on me! Now get this sack of shit out of here!

Jack Bondurant: Tell your daddy I said "hi".

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Maggie Beauford: Are you Forrest Bondurant? I'm Maggie Beauford.

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