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"Without a Trace" Satellites (2008)

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Sam looks at her baby things. At the office, someone tells Jack they're ready to get started on the OPR hearing.

At a coffee shop, a man gets a latte. Another's cell phone rings. A young woman walks in. A man wearing a hat pulled down over his face comes in. The five disappear.

At the coffee shop, Martin and Jack look at the security tape, which shows the man with a hat pulling a gun and forcing them out the back door. They only have an ID for the barista.

At two hours missing, Elena is trying to get a name from a credit card that was used. She asks Martin if he's talked to Jack and how he's doing. She's supposed to talk to OPR in a while.

They look at the footage again. They think they can ID one guy from his phone and the fact he made a call. The girl came in, apparently looking for someone. By the way the gunman held the gun, they think he's a cop or military.

Danny gets nothing from the barista's boyfriend and Sam gets nowhere with the wife of one hostage, Dan Mahoney.

Olczyk comes to talk to Vivian, to make sure there weren't any other shortcuts in the case that he doesn't know about. She says no.

Martin has ID'd another hostage, Julian Simonson. Martin talks to his wife. The coffee shop was nowhere near his office. She says Julian had been losing interest in her.

Flashback to him coming home at 2 a.m. the night before. He claims to have been working late. He smells like perfume. He says he's not cheating, but says he's not hiding anything.

They find three calls to Julian's office from a motel in Ithaca. Danny and Elena go check it out, with Danny telling her he's tired of covering for Jack. The manager tells Danny and Elena that Julian never stayed there, he just visited. He saw him with another hostage, Mary Warren. The manager says he thinks Mary was a lesbian, so it's not an affair they're hiding.

Jack meets with Clare, his psychiatrist. He tells her he didn't defend himself in his hearing, because he doesn't feel like he should have to.

Martin has a partial print from a shell casing. Danny reports that Julian just started calling Mary a week ago. Danny meets with Mary's mom, she knows Julian. They went to college together. She says Julian visited last week and it was weird.

Flashback to her hearing Julian saying "he" has to be stopped and they should go to the police. He mentions a dead man named Stephen. She blows off her mom when asked. Mary left the day after fighting with her mom.

Sam and Elena find that Julian and Mary didn't go to college together, but their phones were roaming at the same time in Buffalo. One of the matches for a partial print was from a guy Bob, in Buffalo, retired Army Special Forces.

They visit his wife. She says he moved out. She knows Julian and Mary. She says Julian was her step-son Stephen's friend. He killed himself a week ago.

Flashback to the wake. They're not welcome. Bob tells Julian that he killed his son. Julian says they had to talk about camp, that Stephen killed himself because they never talked about camp.

Bob blamed Julian for Stephen's problems.

Martin wraps up with OPR, but they have one more question. They ask him to assess Jack's "fitness" in running the missing persons unit. He gives them a "the field is different from the office" speech. The rest of the team answer. Elena says he's great. Sam can't believe they're asking, but she says he's the best man for the job. "But I don't think that's what you want to hear is it?" she says. Vivian also declines to play their game. Danny hesitates.

Jack is back with Julian's wife, Anya. She says she knows nothing about the camp. He tries to convince her to talk. She does. She says he wasn't very experienced when they first got married.

Flashback to them in bed, him getting up abruptly, saying "it's not gonna happen." She tries to convince him to talk. He says she can't tell anybody. He starts telling her about a man at summer camp. He says it didn't just happen to him.

His wife says the man was a swimming instructor at the camp.

Jack heads to his office and Olczyk intercepts him. He says they have a decision. He tells him Jack is going back on the street, stepping down as head of the unit. Olczyk says he fought for him. Jack doesn't really react, just walks off in a daze.

He checks in with Sam. Vivian tells him Bob wasn't the swimming instructor, Bruce Matthew was. They pull up a picture of him. It's Dan Mahoney. They think they were just going to meet with Dan, but Bob decided that wasn't good enough.

At 11 hours missing, Danny tells Elena Dan changed his name eight years ago. Sam tells them there's a van going up an access road at the camp.

Meanwhile, Sam is breathing funny. She goes to the hospital. She thinks she's in labor. The nurse asks if there's anyone they should call. Sam says no, with a sad face.

The FBI goes to the camp with SWAT. They bust down a door and find Mary bleeding with Julian trying to help her. The barista is also there. Julian says Bob and Dan are in the woods.

Flashback to Bob threatening Dan, calling him a worthless excuse for a human being. Dan begs for his life and Julian tackles Bob as he fires. Mary is hit.

Jack and Vivian track Bob into the woods. They find Bob with a gun on Dan. They try to get him to put the gun down, but Vivian shoots him in the arm and knocks him down.

Cut to her leading Dan into a police car.

Back the office, Jack pauses mournfully outside his office. He sees someone waiting at Sam's desk, the guy she asked to watch her desk. Crafty Jack hits redial and gets the address.

He shows up at the hospital with a baseball hat. Sam's holding her son. She offers to let Jack hold him. He's all squishy and puffy baby-faced. Sam says she hasn't named him yet. Jack tells her she didn't have to do it alone. She says she did. He sighs, flustered. "What I mean is, you don't have to do it alone anymore."

Fade out meaningfully.


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