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Kate Joyner: No self-respecting cop wants to have his arse kicked by some broad with a posh British accent.

Aaron Hotchner: [opening quote, voiceover] Voltaire said "The man visited by ecstasies and visions who takes dreams for realities is an enthusiast. The man who supports his madness with murder is a fanatic."

Derek Morgan: Who in the hell thinks they can get away with murder in the middle of the day in New York City?

David Rossi: Someone patient, who waits for the one who gets separated from the flock.

Derek Morgan: [pantomimes holding a gun to Rossi's head] Bang.

Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: Is that the spot?

Detective Brustin: Yeah, thereabouts.

David Rossi: Are we boring you? Look, I know you don't like SSA Joyner. Fine, I get it. But we're here to do a job.

Detective Brustin: Have any of your people ever been cops?

Derek Morgan: Chicago.

Detective Brustin: Then you'll understand. I take it real personal if something like this happens in my city. I was a beat cop during the Son of Sam. This is worse. He's not just going after one type; he's going after everybody. And I need everybody working on this case taking it personally.

Derek Morgan: You have that.

Detective Brustin: We'll see.

Derek Morgan: [about telling off SSA Joyner] I know, I was out of line.

David Rossi: You get too emotionally involved sometimes. I know the feeling.

Derek Morgan: I just felt like Hotch was taking her side.

David Rossi: There are no sides here.

Derek Morgan: I know.

David Rossi: The word is, they have an eye on you if SSA Joyner gets canned. People talk. But if she were to get fired, it would be because we didn't solve this case.

Derek Morgan: Rossi, I hope you're not saying you think I want her to fail.

David Rossi: Of course not. But I've never seen you push a superior like that before. So would you take the job?

Derek Morgan: I don't know. It might be nice to finally be the one making the calls.

David Rossi: And dealing with the politics of running a field office? That doesn't seem like you.

Derek Morgan: BAU wears people out, man. Look at Gideon. That man was *the* best, and in the end, he simply ran away. I mean, Hotch hasn't even thought about cracking a smile in over a year. That man has to take a personal day just so he can have a conversation with his own kid. What about you? How many times you been married?

David Rossi: I get it. But I'll make you a deal. If I think you're losing it, I'll pull you out myself. But right now, I see someone who wants to get back on the job. Or is there another reason why you haven't even touched that beer?

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