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Solid, Simple and Entertaining Action
Mrs158613 October 2013
This is a simple plot movie that symbolizes everything about Silvestre and Schwarzenegger glory days. There is no thick plot or real complexities, it's a simple bad guys Vs good guys action flick. However, the movie does not disappoint, its very entertaining and full of action and hard core scenes. The acting is as expected, nothing Oscar worthy but good enough from action legends like them. The idea is simple and is easily understood. The one difference in this movie is that the chemistry between Schwarzenegger and Stallone is excellent and they deliver some humor also. The only downside that I can think about is the fact that this movie is really meant for both the stars fans and not people who are looking for real ideas or excellent cinematography. Bottom line go enjoy the movie and don't forget your popcorn.
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Prison, Betrayal and Revenge with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger – What Else Could I Want in an Action Movie?
Claudio Carvalho15 February 2014
Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) is a renowned specialist in prison breaking in high-security facilities. He owns a company with his partner Lester Clark (Vincent D'Onofrio) and he works with his coworkers and friends Abigail (Amy Ryan) and Hush (50 Cent). Breslin follows three basic rules to escape: to know the layout; observe the routine; and get internal or external support to the getaway. Then he delivers a report with the flaws in the system to his client.

Breslin and his team are visited by the CIA agent Jessica Miller (Caitriona Balfe) that offers five-million dollars to him to test a state-of-art facility. Breslin accepts the challenge but soon he learns that he was double-crossed. The cruel prison ward Hobbes (Jim Caviezel) gives special attention to Breslin, following the instructions of his client and uses his right arm Drake (Vinnie Jones) to break Breslin. But the inmate Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) gets close to Breslin and helps him to find a way to escape and find who betrayed him. Will they be well succeeded in their intent?

"Escape Plan" is a full of action movie with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger and a great cast. The plot has the usual flaws but entertains a lot using the themes prison, betrayal and revenge that are always attractive. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Rota de Fuga" ("Escape Route")
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Not great...but not horrible either.
RevRonster2 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Despite the fact I haven't been impressed with much of their work lately, you can't deny the fact that Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the grandfathers of the action genre. So what's it like when you put the two of them together in a film (which should have happened a long time ago) and it's not one of those "Expendables" movies that play out like a bad fake, fan-made trailer on YouTube? Actually, you get a fairly decent film.

I wont' play coy here; "Escape Plan" isn't completely spectacular. The film has its problems. For example, Vinnie Jones is in the film and he's just lethargically playing the same character he's been riding on since his Guy Ritchie days (only, he's lost the unique wit and humor he had in those days) but at least he's not playing the Juggernaut in this film because that was just embarrassing for all of us. Secondly, the movie shifts tones during the climax and it was slightly jarring. The film goes from a movie about guys sneaking out of an inescapable prison to guys just deciding to shoot their way out. It goes from interesting to "eh, let's become a generic action film" very quickly. Finally, the movie has some unresolved plot threads towards its end and it make a mad dash like a demon is on its tail to try and get them resolved before the credits decide to shut the whole thing down.

However, despite the problems, the movie has its elements working for it and makes it a watchable film and something destined to be played numerous times on FX or Spike. Stallone and Schwarzenegger are terrific together and are giving performances that are probably the best they've done in the last decade. Plus, it's very clear Arnold is having a blast with his role and it was sorta infectious. Finally, Jim Caviezel is a decent antagonist as the film's evil warden to the high tech prison…that is, when you can hear him. Caviezel really enjoyed whispering all his lines.

"Escape Plan" may not be the most memorable film of either Stallone's or Schwarzenegger's career but the movie is mildly entertaining and worked for what it is.

Hi! My name is Rev. Ron and I love movies! So much so that I write a blog where I review whatever film I am currently watching (Old or new!). You can read a more in-depth review of this film (and others) at
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Entertaining prison movie
ducati17-756-56669218 October 2013
No doubt that movie is entertaining, 8/10, fast, no slow time. Humour, jokes, a few reference to older movie. This movie is with both main actor, not a Sly movie with a cameo of Arnold, its both of them all the time. It's good and funny. The plot is intelligent, I liked it. It's not a remake of any kind, of course you know the end or you can predict some of the turnouts. But, overall it is fun and intelligent. The ending is rushed a bit, turns out like a bit of a sort of "Expendable" style of movie, but not as much. No sex, or any kind of romance in that movie, or super chicks making you want to jump at the screen, it's a typical American movie, blood, guns & some violence, but no chick.
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Escape Artist Faces His Ultimate Test
3xHCCH10 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I was so prepared not to like "Escape Plan" thinking it would be another run of the mill Stallone action movie. I went in with very low expectations, not knowing anything of the plot. But surprisingly, this film turned out to be very engaging and fun to watch after all. I will not be putting a detailed synopsis for you to be able to enjoy this movie fully as well.

Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) is a Houdini of jails, having the ability to escape even the highest of high security enclosures. He finds himself locked up in an unofficial facility whose problematic inmates are meant to "disappear". In the advanced, high tech and isolated prison, Breslin's escape skills are put to the ultimate test.

Sylvester Stallone still delivers his lines as garbled as ever, but he looks good for his age, and has not lost his charisma as an action star. He managed to be quite credible in playing such an incredibly-skilled individual. We are ready to suspend disbelief and accept that he can do the impossible. Hey, that is Stallone on that screen!

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a German inmate named Rottmeyer, who befriends Breslin. Arnie plays it light here, with his acting so typically awkward and actually funny, but we know and love him in this tongue-in-cheek style of his.

Jim Caviezel is intense as Hobbes, the warden of this special prison, as well as its proud designer. He will go to all extremes to prove that his prison is escape-proof. His career seemed to have taken a dip after "Passion of the Christ" and that is unbelievable after the limits he pushed with that memorably emotional performance. He is very good here despite being in a rather one-dimensional antagonist role.

It was very good to see Sam Neill on screen again, also after what seems to be a long absence. He plays the prison physician here faced with a moral dilemma.

The story telling by Swedish-born director Mikael Håfström is well-paced and actually quite exciting. The set design of the prison was very high- tech, and well thought of. That version of solitary confinement was harsh! The escape techniques seemed logically planned and thrillingly executed. The revelation scenes are very well-staged and that is only how far I'm going to describe them so you won't be spoiled with the many surprises this film has in store for you.

Recommended for those looking for a good, entertaining and unexpectedly smart action film. You may think you already know how it all ends, but the road it took to get to that ending is quite an enjoyable ride, despite those typically hokey gunfight scenes towards the end. I had a good time watching this. 7/10.
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Amazing action film! Stallone and Arnold delivers!
andrerd9 October 2013
I watched Escape Plan yesterday in a preview screening and let me tell you: this movie rocks!

The first co-leading partnership between Stallone/Schwarzenegger is a great flick.

Very good story, a very good villain, good action scenes and a perfect chemistry between the two action stars!

The supporting cast, in special Jim Caviezel, is one of the many highlights of this movie.

For action fans and people who want to forget their lives for a couple of hours and have a film fun, I highly recommend it!

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Stallone and Schwarzenegger...together at last!
ManBehindTheMask6318 October 2013
"Escape Plan" isn't the greatest film ever made. But it is a fun, non-stop thrill ride B-movie that delivers the dream team we've always wanted...Arnie and Sly! Yes, they've teamed up in the over-the-top, cheesy Expendables films but "Escape Plan" is a more satisfying and better quality film.

Rambo...Terminator...Jesus...John Trent...50 Cent...yeah, the cast is pretty awesome for this "prison break" flick. Jim Caviezel almost steals the show as the "evil" warden. We all know Sly and Arnie are in their mid-60's but man do they still kick butt! Plus they're still literally veins sticking out all over the place ripped! We had a blast watching this and I recommend it to any action fan, especially the 80's action crowd. There's great one-liners, slow motion shoot outs, explosions, prison shanks, and all sort of bad ass action.

I really hope this does well at the box office because it is an entertaining film that's way better than "The Last Stand" and "A Bullet To The Head". But I wouldn't be surprised if those films have turned some movie goers off. A real action fan will love this flick though. Go check it out! Get to da choppa!!!!
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Great movie.
Lucas Guimarães13 October 2013
Excellent cast, scrip and acting (yes, acting). You can't expect Sly and Arnie to play Shakespeare, and they won't. They are meant to kick ass and that's what they do.

The story goes by smoothly and fast. Dialogues and sequence are really well written. Main characters bring you in the movie and Jim Caviezel is great as the villain. So is Vince Jones and the rest of the characters.

This isn't for everyone but I can't believe this movie is flying so under the radar. What a shame. This is old school, action packed thriller.
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About time the two giants of cinema come together!!
rambo-romeo14 October 2013
Let me start by saying that the fact alone Schwarzenegger and Stallone are in their 60's doing a film like this is the ultimate reason to watch this. I can never understand why people claim they are too old. If anything they put people half their age to shame with their physical abilities and they should inspire people to want to stay energetic well into their senior years. This movie is absolute Gold! We finally have the two biggest movie stars of all time headlining a movie together and believe me you get what you pay for! The action and visuals were what I expected, very clear and stunning. The prison was almost a character itself in making the audience feel apart of the setting. My hat goes off to the director who was able to balance the off-screen chemistry between Stallone and Schwarzenegger and fuse it into the story. No joke these two guys were made to star in a movie together. The nostalgia is off the roof!! Every movie has its flaws and no doubt this one did but in saying that, I was able to automatically ignore them here because of the story, it was well paced. We see Stallone's character introduced as a prison security expert who is set up and put into the worlds most secure prison. Here he teams up with none other than Schwarzenegger who plays another prisoner, pretty much "the one you don't mess with". Together they plot their escape and it is done superbly! Overall I think this movie is a well made action thriller and will surprise audiences with something they haven't seen before from both Arnold and Sly. I will be surprised if this film doesn't get much attention at the box office because this movie goes back to a time when Hollywood was larger than life and gave us memorable characters and memorable action scenes. 10/10
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Inspiring and f-ing awesome.
dan-deinhart-787-45487318 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I don't care what people say about action films, I love them and if it has Arny, Sly, Willis, or JCVD count me in.

I thought this movie was going to be a disappointment like "The Last Stand", and it proved me wrong with a vengeance.

This wasn't a movie slapped together for two "has beens." It was an interesting (and yes a little out there) story that would hold up without the two. Casting Sly and Arny was the icing on the cake. I think the script was decent, the directing great (it actually made me feel involved), and the acting was choice.

It was done well. No old timer jokes, no spoofing, just another movie I want to own.

The ending was almost as pleasing as "Inglorious Bastards'" conclusion.

Nothing like seeing someone get what's coming to them.

I also thought Arnold was just going to be in it for a minute, nope. I'd say he was in about 75 percent of the film and every moment he was on screen I felt like a kid again.

The two are personal heroes of mine and this movie reminded me why.
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Give it a chance
Jerghal26 January 2014
The terminator and Rambo in the same movie, in the 80s or even the 90s this would have been the event of the year...but then Sly didn't look like his veins where going to explode and Shwarzie had less floppy skin. But we digress. Sly plays an expert who professionally escapes prisons to test their security. He gets set-up and end's up in an experimental shadow prison from which he and Shwarzie have to escape. The film reminded me a bit of (and borrows elements from) Fortress and THX-1138. Contrary to The Expendables the film has a descent plot and is well made. The VFX are good and never look fake, so generally speaking a fine production. I expected little so I was positively surprised to see that it could deliver 2 hours of solid entertainment. It was never going to be as good as T2 or Cliffhanger but it's a pity it just flopped at the box office. I hope many people give it a second chance on DVD or BD as it is certainly worth the watch.
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Refreshing and Excellent
alucard_castlevania8615 October 2013
Came back from 'Escape Plan'and I liked it. Seeing 2 of the 80s action icons Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone together was great. The plot was really unique and something new for a change and the small twist between Arnold and Stallone at the ending was just hilarious for me

Once again Arnold really stole the show for me with some of his best liners and action 'n the movie. Stallone for me on the otherhand tried too hard but couldn't match Arnold's performance but both still managed to do a solid job. Hopefully, they'll team up again in the future but with Arnold as the main hero instead next time. The rest of the cast played their rolls well too especially Jim Carviezel and Faran Tahir

Overall, an enjoyable movie and definitely in my top 5 of the year
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Love the first half and then ...
SnoopyStyle7 June 2014
Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) is an escape expert. He is hired to be put into prisons and escape. Abigail (Amy Ryan) and Hush (50 Cent) are his team and Lester Clark (Vincent D'Onofrio) gets them the job. The CIA comes calling to test a privately-run secret prison for the worst of the worst. When he's taken, his team lose track of him. The prison warden Hobbes (Jim Caviezel) refuses to let him go even though he gives the evacuation code. Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is one of the prisoners who helps Breslin but they're on their own.

I really love the first half of this movie. Sylvester Stallone really grew on me. The team and the jobs are interesting. Everything is going well. It makes sense why Hobbes wouldn't release Breslin at first. The first problem comes in the form of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Immediately, I am afraid of cheesy 80s action camp coming. For awhile, Arnold did his job and the story moves on. He did his best, and got a few jokes in. I actually prefer not to have the joking around. The sense of cheesy camp is always near and that's what the jokes are. Then the movie goes full on cheese. It's like a time warp into an old Arnold action movie when he takes the big machine gun.

There is also the problem of why some of these prisoners aren't just killed off. Why would a drug cartel care to keep Javed alive? No idea. Why not just torture Victor Manheim out of Rottmayer? No idea. Why wouldn't Hobbes kill Breslin once he finds out who he really is? No idea. There was somebody else (spoilers) who should want him dead. What happened?

It is so disappointing that this is not a better movie. It starts off so well but it's an obvious mistake to team up with Arnold doing serious action. That era is over and the guys are old. It may work in a jokey way in the Expendables franchise. This should be much better.
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Prison Broken
thesar-229 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A "Plan B" was talked about in the movie, but the producers failed to come up with one when Escape Plan was released.

Like the Grindhouse revival, Stallone has been trying to revive the 1980/1990s Action Heroes and with some success. Unfortunately here and while not a complete dud, he failed. Heck, had this been released in 1990, we would've said "eh," and now I look more forward to the Terminator sequel!

Master escape planist Ray has hacked his way out of the most secured prisons around, but he met his match during his latest "outing." Without the aid from the outside and with the friendship with said Terminator, he might be able get out of this fine mess.

Most of the films Stallone wants to bring back to the next gen have similar and thin plots, but the comedy and homage make them special. Sadly, no humor is found here, nor much homage. Just a bunch of set up, more talking and the less admirable clichés are overly used.

Also, the movie "stars" 50 cent, which I wouldn't have recognized had I not recently saw him in Last Vegas. Mercifully for that movie, he was in it for about 50 seconds (or less.) In Escape Plan, he much more screen time and not only are those frames worth less than 2 quarters, but I sincerely hope I don't see him in any more movies.

The rest of the secondary cast, Amy Ryan, Faran Tahir, Sam Neill and definitely Jim Caviezel were all so plain, lifeless and cardboard and without the fun irony/homage to the clichéd movies of decades past. None of them had fun here, nor did we.

While not a waste, it wasn't worth the almost two hour running time just to get the two titans (Stallone/Schwarzenegger) together. It did have its moments, but not enough to avoid all together and just wait patiently for Expendables 3.

* * * Final thoughts: 50 Cent…shut that mouth. I know you're in shock you're allowed to be in so many movies, but act like an actor, close your trap and take some classes before your next attempt.
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Schwarzeneggers, Stalones and Sam Neils worst movie.
fraggn-aut7 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Don't really know why everybody is praising this movie like a masterpiece. I saw it and regret that i bought a cinema ticket. The acting and storyline is ridiculous bad. Stalone is imprisoned because... yeah, why? He wrote a book and a prison got built including his opinions for a perfect prison. He doesn't know anything about it and than he got imprisoned there because somebody wanted him disappear? What? Why? Schwarzenegger supports him with his prison break with his worst acting ever and that guy who wrote the conversations for him should feel guilty his whole life long. Yeah and then this Oppium drug dealer. lol yeah, why should some drug dealer pay money to imprison him there? A drive by would be much cheaper... oh wait, of course, they needed a Muslim in this movie for Stalones escape plan. And then, last and least: Neil. A drunken doctor haunted by guilt, who tries to redeem himself with helping with the prison break. I was damn close to leave the cinema, but i got still popcorn left and the tickets are too expensive to waste them...

tl;dr - worst movie i saw this year, Schwarzeneggers worst acting ever, even worst plot, conversations written by an ape and everybody who gives this film more then 4 stars saw another movie
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Decent action, but trying to be more clever than it is.
erlinggur30 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was pretty decent, it did try to be more clever than it was. It's not flawless. No movie is and when Stallone and Arnold are in it its worth watching.

The thing that took me by surprise was Arnold's Acting, he played actually good and not over the-top neither did Stallone.

I saw it without subtitles and i can understand why some doesn't gets its plot, because the two are pretty hard to understand sometimes.

In one of the first scene Stallone greets a Warden, and i swear to god i thought he said "What up" instead of "Warden".

The best scene most be with the scenes where Arnold is co-acting with the bad Guy Jim Caviezel.

The Bad guy here is the kind of really evil bastard, your meant to hate but he is kind of funny. His death was a laugh, it was cheesy and i loved it.

This is not a movie with the biggest explosions, its a Arnie and Sly film with a cool bad guy. The plot is predictable really, there is a twist who didn't take me by surprise but i guess its a trend to have some twists and curls in action movies these days.

This is not a movie i'm going to buy, but if you like movies with Sly and Arnold and you want to see them together. Even now when they are old, they are pretty badass in this movie. I recommend it because it's fun, funny, good chemistry with the two action elders.

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OMG How amazing to see a film so original
jhanzeb198418 October 2013
If you think this is a simple film with the usual script as in , guy in jail, struggles to escape, then escapes think again! starts straight in action and has many twists and new plots and ideas.

Acting by Jim Caviezel was amazing and Arnie was so refined and refreshing .

If you loved the 80s ans 90s action films by them both you will love this...its like them but up to date, clever, witty and very fast moving!

I found my self on the edge of my seat wanting more and taking in the new concepts that Sly has brought in.

Both big boys proved they make a great team and have great chemistry! i hope they make more films together!

also...Vinnie Jones was great and 50 Cent wasn't stereo typed!
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Nostalgia aside; horrible.
ArT_of_InSaNiTy31 October 2013
Sometimes Nostalgia can cloud ones mind and the fact that this movie is averaging at around a 7 is a clear indication of that. But if you neglect that need for nostalgia, then all you are left with is a foul movie. I, like any other welcomed the prospect of Stallone and Schwarzenegger in the same movie, but then i seen the trailer....and then i read the plot....and then i watched the trailer again....and eventually i had lost interest.

Yes, it was obvious from the announcement that it wasn't going to be a mind blowing spectacle of acting, but they could have at least came up with something original. Nevermind the fact that i almost chewed my face off at Arnie's role as "the favour guy" as Stallone so expertly put was like a deteriorating, rusted, blob of waste compared to Morgan Freeman as RED from Shawshank. And i know there is basically no point in comparing their acting abilities, but at the end of the day it is a film....and a film consists of actors/actresses....who are supposed to act....and unless Arnie is a machine (literal or in human form) then he fails. The "comedy" between him and Stallone was mind numbing, but what do you expect from Rocky and a Terminator.

The two live off of their past status, so when they decide to star in a film together...all the Rocky fans and all the Terminator fans find themselves in a tizzy and choose to disregard the fact that they are both a complete tragedy when it comes to acting. Instead choosing to succumb to nostalgia. As i said it can cloud the mind.

Now, back to the unoriginal factor it carries. And that is not in relation to Shawshank or all prison break films....but one. Anybody remember "Lock Up"? Yes that starred Sylvester Stallone as well...where he was very good at breaking out of he ends up being wrongly transferred from one prison to another (a slight difference in how he gets there but still very similar).... there he is greeted with a warden who has a hidden agenda......and is mentally and physically tortured ..... ah very similar indeed. So in conclusion this film is basically "Lock Up" with a rubbish RED in it.

Even with the two disasters aside, the acting doesn't really have any saving grace, i mean Vinnie Jones?....50 cent? Not exactly a strong cast. Donald Sutherland.....(sorry that's Lock Up) i mean Jim Caviezel plays an OK part as the wicked warden, but apart from that there is nothing. The action is what would be expected; exaggerated. The comedy is cheesy and the plot is placid and predictable.

If you're starved for nostalgia then this is the movie to feed that hunger, but for me it was and is a recipe for disaster.

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The 80's Heroes Epic Escape
chrys19 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Bring the good old days back! Everyone agrees that Stallone and Schwarzenegger are the top kick-ass icon during 80's. They may age and become slower than their younger selves but they still kick-ass.

Well, I missed the first minutes of the movie. Yeah, I was embarrassingly late :( I came in the cinema when the title "Escape Plan" came up on the screen. So what is it? Five minutes late, maybe? But with the flashback, I know what happened in the part I missed. Stallone's character, Ray Breslin is a Houdini, but in this case, he is talented in finding his way out of prison. No, he is not a criminal. Just to test the prison's quality in the security aspect.

Then the plot moved to a lawyer from CIA (Yeah, Langley..) who asked Breslin to test a prison prototype's security. He agreed and nothing is wrong until Breslin realized that his evacuation code did not make any sense. Like he is being put into prison for real. Then as usual, prison fight, a stranger, Emil Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger) suddenly became a best friend, then planning to escape from that prison. And, of course, they finally escaped from that prison.

The theme is not new. We all know there are lots of movies and TV series like this, like Prison Break and Escape from Alcatraz. But this movie is executed perfectly and I really enjoy this movie. A bit boring the first twenty minutes but the rest of the movie did entertain me.

Action is a must. Blood, fight, guns, and most;y anything available in nearest location. And some gags, humors, everything hilarious add more excitement to this movie. The detail of the prison is amazing. This movie is like a "Escaping Prison 101". Using available stuff and human resources to escape from a prison.

This movie is highly recommended. Stallone and Schwarzenegger still kick-ass and also can be funny at the same time. I am sure you will not be disappointed.
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past its sell by date
simonpcpearson30 October 2013
The Escape Plan is a throwback to a bygone era, and it feels like one. The movie industry has thankfully moved on from the lazy dumb action movies that were so prevalent thirty years ago. That is not to say that the current crop of action flicks are works of art,they are not, but they are products of their time. Escape Plan feels as if it is a product of the Eighties, and it is difficult to find the appeal of such a past its sell by date product.

Sylvester Stallone is apparently reluctant to face his old age. He tries to act as though he is a young man, but there is no amount of cosmetics and hairpieces that will disguise the fact that he is too old for roles like this.

Arnie comes across slightly better. Like his role in The Last Stand, his character feels age appropriate and he is having fun in his over the top portrayal.

Pacing is a problem. There is a long tedious section in the middle which seems to go on forever. The end brightens up with an okayish action sequence, but the effect is spoiled by some silly moments and an incredibly lame one-liner.

Wait for the DVD.
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Lots of action, not much else
ntsci12 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was probably one of dumbest films I've seen in a while. Stallone is a professional who goes into prison to try and figure out how to escape so that the prison can then tighten up security, etc.. This job makes no sense. Why not just inspect it and make recommendations; why risk death by being in the prison. Anyway, he is paid to enter a particularly secure prison for the worst of the worst. When he gets there he finds out he has been double crossed. He befriends the Governator (former), who has tried to take down the banking system with software. The Governator is a criminal with a heart of gold, or something like that and they become friends. I suppose because he's hurting the banking system, the producers figure he'll be seen as a heroic criminal, so its OK if he goes free. I don't want to give away too much of the story (not much of a story to give away anyway) but in the end Stallone escapes, but surely in killing guards while escaping he is no longer an innocent professional, but just a run of the mill criminal. Oh well, such details are usually ignored in Hollywood films. If you like pointless action, this is the film for you. If you like implausible escapes and miraculous shot outs where the hero somehow survives... then you'll love this one. If you are looking for drama, good acting, a rational plot, or a meaningful theme then this is probably not what you are looking for.
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Hollywood have lost the plot
Had Enough9 January 2014
It is not often that you get to see a movie that defies description,,,,but I suppose if you wait long enough, anything is possible. Yes, there is lots of action, and yes the acting is fair, but believe me when I say, there is absolutely no sense whatsoever to the plot. You will spend most of your time asking yourself, how did this come about, how did that come about. There is absolutely no continuity in the story and no explanation for half the stuff that happens. So, if you do not need a plot or for it to make sense, and are happy to sit in front of a screen and watch some action and listen to sound effects, without it making any sense,then this is the movie for you. You can give your brain the night off and put your eyes and ears on overtime. I think Stallone and Arnie, can basically write a script during lunch, and just get someone to make the movie regardless. This is nothing but money for the boys. Oh! yeah,,,I gave it a three for the sheer barefaced audacity of making it.
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Geriatric Action Flick
coljam2124 March 2014
Why can't thugged out gangster rappers just stick to rappin'? When I saw the rapper who goes by the moniker half dollar or 50 pennies was a part of this film I knew there was no way it would be saved. I am so relieved that I did not watch this mess in the theater. Stallone should really retire. It seems that his head keeps getting bigger with age. It looks down right swollen. The skin on his face looks like silicone. I kept wondering if the make-up people on the set couldn't do something more to make him look more human. His acting also seems to be getting worse with age.

Stallone as usual was unconvincing and uninteresting. It seems like he's half asleep throughout the entire movie. He is just way too old to play the characters that he no doubt writes for himself. The movie was just about 2 old farts acting brawny and throwing punches. We all loved them in the 80's and 90's but they're just way too old to play the part of an action hero. I must say, it was a pleasant surprise to hear Arnie speaking in his native tongue. All in all the movie was unbearable. I literally skipped many parts just to get to the end.
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Uninventive with strong hints of political preaching (MINOR SPOILER)
donteatcarbs27 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Do we really need to see another movie in which Stallone plays the victim vs some big bad brutal machine? And in which the warden is a sadist who never raises his voice but speaks in near whispers (to show contained rage I guess--but it's a cliché).

I like action pictures a lot--but not when there are plot holes the size of Arnold's neck every 10 minutes, and an ending that doubles the size of those holes.

There's nothing original here and you feel like you are participating in an exercise in making others wealthier--producers and actors who don't care at all about what they are creating. Even Arnold's natural charm rarely shows through here.

The filmmakers seem to want to draw comparisons to Gitmo or other detention facilities that are related to anti terrorism--thus the quasi waterboarding, the presence of Moslems, etc. Note to filmmakers--please keep your simplistic political opinions to yourself. And make better movies.

Particularly irritating is the use of a Moslem character (and I do mean use) to illustrate the writer's/director's political leanings. When at one point in the movie a character (MINOR SPOILER HERE) who is clearly Moslem kills prison guards while yelling God is Great (in Arabic), you must be tone deaf and lost in a sea of irrational political correctness. This is what is chanted when terrorists crash planes in sky scrapers or blow themselves up on buses. There's nothing heroic about it and such scenes in movies not only don't belong but are irritating and make you feel cheated.
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Men in a hole
Prismark102 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In Escape Plan, Stallone plays Breslin, a former Prosecutor turned Security consultant who breaks out of prisons to test their flaws.

Breslin is offered by the CIA a chance to test out a maximum security prison run by a shadow private undercover organisation that imprisons high level terrorist types. Before you can say 'set-up' Breslin agrees for double his usual fee.

The rest of the film is essentially a bottle type of drama as its contained within the Hi Tech interior prison environment that keeps the budget down. Breslin finds out that he might be on his own in this prison with no chance of escape or being rescued. He might have been double crossed by his business partner (rather foreseeable) and to make things worse, Arnie is one of the inmates and is trying too hard to be his friend.

Jim Caviezel who previously has come across as a rather bland leading man, camps it up as Hobbes, the sadistic prison warden who does not care whether Breslin is innocent. Which begs the question as to how many other inmates might be there for obscure reasons in this private consortium prison for the disappeared.

Sam Neill appears as a conflicted doctor who is there to provide minimal medical attention to the prisoners.

Fair play to Arnie and Sly for not going for a shoot em up, although that was done in Expendables 2. It is more thoughtful although you get some gun toting action at the end.

I would be the first to admit I did not understand what Arnie was doing in this type of prison although I sort of guessed his true identity. You can imagine there would be Islamic terrorists housed in this Hi-tech prison, but then you also get white supremacists type, cartel gangsters and others who should be in a maximum security prison not housed in a prison for people who could no longer be sent to Guantanamo Bay.

We have Farhan Tahir playing a Muslim who helps Arnie and Sly but is he a terrorist or a cartel guy? If he is a cartel guy, he should not be in this prison, something the film never grapples with even though Tahir is the third hero of the film.

Sly and Arnie act their parts well, although there is still too much mumbling.

Plot holes a plenty as no one inside the prison discovers that although they might be located deep down, they are actually in a ship and no amount of stabilizers can protect you from heavy seas or even the humming of the engines in such a big cargo ship. Surely such as a ship would have to dock for supplies for the prisoners and staff, change of crew and prison guards.

Its fun, maybe too long and has confusing plot elements.
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