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Denise Richards is a lot of things, but "complicated" ain't one of them

Author: JessPumpkQueen from United States
7 June 2008

Here's the reality, Denise: you're not the Bond girl. You're not the girl from Wild Things. You're the woman who married Charlie Sheen. And, frankly, it's hard to feel sorry for anyone who would marry Charlie Sheen.

This stated, I did not watch this show wanting to dislike her. I really wanted to like her. Despite myself, I enjoy reality shows. Yes, I am a little ashamed, but there it is. What can I do? I wanted to like her and I wanted to like her show. However, she makes it very hard. If anything, her show, an obvious attempt for her to gain sympathy, hurts her case, because the difference between her and her ex-husband is that HE openly admits to being a deeply flawed individual, while she whines about her critics, but is somehow thoroughly convinced that America will think her bad personality is cute. I think I'd rather HE get his own reality show, because at least he's entertaining.

I digress. About the show: well, first of all, "It's Complicated" is a poor name, as it isn't complicated at all: she is an unpleasant person. Seems simple to me. And she's not even unpleasant in the typical reality "It makes for good television" way. She is unpleasant in a "I hope I never cross your path because you curse out everyone on it" kind of way. Okay, so she's not the first person to get angry at the people at the DMV, but let's see who else she insulted on her confessionals, been rude to or cursed at (who didn't deserve it): Her personal assistant; her sister, who was just trying to help her; her sister's husband, who didn't even do anything; her friend, who was just trying to help her; the guy who was on her date, who she was cold and sarcastic with, and then made fun of behind his back and called gay. And yes, girlfriends make those kind of comments to each other, but most don't do it on national television. I really hope that guy was just a hired actor.

Any more innocent bystanders you want to shoot, Denise?

The second episode wasn't as bad as the first, but how hard is it to get people to cheer for you when you're cursing out the paparazzi? I want to make this clear: I NEVER side with the tabloids. Ever. They are BAD people. They're like the mafia without guns with their essential claims of "it's only business". However, attacking the paparazzi is like shooting fish in a barrel. While I don't blame her, and even applaud her for doing it, it doesn't really get the "pity" affect she was going for.

You'd think that with her blunt personality, she would seem honest, but there's a hint if insincerity with everything she does. She says she wants to show another side of her, but we've seen very little positive except a few rare things: I do applaud her standing up to the tabloids. Aside from that? Nothing much. She seems to get along really with animals... Her dad seems nice... Anything else? Nothing really.

This being a business, most shows are devised entirely to make money. Obviously. However, hers attempts to serve dual purposes: to make money and to make people feel sorry for her. She may well do the first, but she's going to try a little harder to do the second.

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It's as complicated as Charlie Sheen's brain...

Author: fedor8 from Serbia
5 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"They say I am a home-wrecker... They say I am a bitch... They say I am a Playboy slut... They say I am a husband-stealer... They say I don't know my kids' names... They say I only know half of the alphabet... They say my implants look crap."

All these things are totally true of course, so I have no idea why she repeats them in her TV-show promo (as opposed to burying them under the carpet), as if by saying them out loud she somehow dismisses all those claims. It's like a sleazy preacher using an atheist's argument, and then smirking sarcastically, as if that cynical grin gives the priest some kind of power over the atheist's logic.

Exhibit A: she is a Hollywood actress, which means an ex-starlet hence casting-couch bimbo and "rent-a-boob object" (I don't know how else to put it diplomatically...). Exhibit B: she posed for Playboy. Exhibit C: she actually married the infamous prostitution-ring meister and all-round Mr.Decadentio Estevez, Charlie Sheen. Not exactly the family-man type, you understand... Exhibit D: she has allowed surgeons to stuff silliconal donuts into her once-tiny breasts. Exhibit E: she sold her privacy for a cash-bringing reality show, in spite of the fact that she does not need money, considering that she receives huge child-support (well, let's call it "Denise-support") payments from ex-hubby Sheen.

Sure, you might call this circumstantial evidence, but one has to be a total MTV airhead not to be able to do to simple math here. A+B+C+D+E = a disaster.

Time and time again I am surprised how these dumb, self-absorbed, and pathologically narcissistic celebrities think that by presenting themselves in a reality show they will come off as wonderful human beings. You can edit the tons of footages of such people till you're blue in the face, and still you will end up exposing them as the morons and selfish people that they are. See Dina Lohan, see Sharon Osbourne... Denise must have thought she was oh-so very clever by throwing a fit of sobbing and cursing at that gossip columnist, when she visited her in one episode. That woman didn't even blink, let alone feel pity: she probably knows the full extent of Denise's hypocrisy, hence probably had to resist laughing at her pitiful drama-queen outburst. Don't you ever believe for a second that Hollywood celebrities are victims of the paparazzi and the yellow press: it's a mutually-beneficial marriage-made-in-Hell, a love-hate relationship that is best left for shrinks to analyze. We had an interesting glimpse into the world of media-manipulation when Richards gave that supposedly "honest" interview to that big-nosed female reporter. There was some very careful planning there by Richards before-hand: she carefully selected the magazine, she chose the location where she'd be interviewed, she even consulted with her "friends" as to what extent she should be truthful! In spite of all this, I guess Denise will probably succeed in improving her shouldn't't-be-improvable image among the more brain-dead viewers (which is the majority, sadly).

As for that Playboy offer she received in one of the episodes: I'd advise her to take it. After all, she has already by now lost most of her former good looks, so she'd better sell that decaying body and face as fast as she can, while there is still demand for it. God knows why, though...

The show is only barely watchable. Neither she nor the Tinseltown "yes-people" who surround her are funny nor interesting, and hardly likable.

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A True Reality Show it is complicated

Author: Shady Show from United States
11 August 2008

Im a fan of Denise Richards and with all those reality shows out there this one is by far the best I have seen. Nothing is edited or doctored and its Her life for all to see. It also shows how some of the public only cares about controversy and not on achievements she has made. I take me hat off to her for a excellent show and can't wait for the second season. I hope she finally gets what she wants because the public isn't letting her. Also the public should know that her season finale was great and got great reviews and shows truly why it is complicated. You'll have to watch it to see why she is excellent and its upsetting to see how upset she gets when people wont let her talk and only want to cause trouble.

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