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15 Feb. 2008
Saving Sampa and Tony
At Chimp Eden, Eugene is waiting for the results of blood tests on the 2 young chimps that he's been forced to leave in Angola. But life at the sanctuary is not running smoothly either. Sally is proving tough to integrate with the other chimps.
22 Feb. 2008
The Code of Jao
Eugene takes his life in his hands to go into Chimp Eden's kindergarten, which is where all the baby chimps are placed in the custody of 43-yr old Jao. He acts like a grandfather to the babies but is potentially dangerous when Eugene enters the enclosure.
29 Feb. 2008
Trouble with Xena
Josephine's introduction into the adult group has everyone at the sanctuary on edge. The last female introduction to the adult enclosure was violent and brutal. This one could be worse.
7 Mar. 2008
Angola Girls, Free at Last
Rescued from a decade spent in tiny cages in Angola, Mimi, Lika and Gida are about to taste freedom for the first time. And, Eugene soon enjoys the fruits of his efforts as the girls will have open spaces, sunshine and trees to climb.
14 Mar. 2008
Zac and Jinga: Mystery Chimps
Jao faces a challenge for leadership of the family from the #2 male, Zac. Jao is wiser and more experienced - Zac is younger, bigger and stronger. A showdown is inevitable.
21 Mar. 2008
Rough Start for Jinga
It's a trial by fire for Jinga as she joins a group of 3 big males and 3 females. After some abuse by the males, Jinga manages to escape twice and Eugene must ask himself: Does he try again or accept that Jinga may never be integrated into the group?
11 Apr. 2008
Eight Babies for Eugene
Eugene's off on a mission to Sudan to rescue five orphaned baby chimps. But this mission is different. The stakes are much higher for Eugene. His wife, Natasha, is seven months pregnant.
18 Apr. 2008
Mission Chimpossible: Eugene's Choice
Back in Sudan at the safe house, Eugene is given a warm welcome by the seven baby chimps and receives the good news that his plane is arriving the next day. But this means Eugene must finally decide which of the seven babies he must leave behind.
25 Apr. 2008
The Rise of Cozi
There's a problem at Chimp Eden and his name is Cozi. Cozi is the sanctuary's Jekyll and Hyde chimp - lovable and funny one minute, aggressive and hostile the next.
2 May 2008
Baby Booming at Chimp Eden
It's an important day at Chimp Eden. The five baby chimps that Eugene recently rescued from the Sudan have completed their time in quarantine and are ready to join the other chimps in the infant enclosure.
9 May 2008
The New Order
Eugene returns to Angola for another difficult mission. He's here to rescue two young females - 2 year old Lily and 5 year old Suzie.
24 Apr. 2009
Josephine's Day Out
Josephine escapes from the adult enclosure, but fortunately stays nearby and takes refuge in the volunteers break room. A minute-by-minute chronicle of her latest adventure, as recounted by Eugene, Phillip and cameraman Willem van Heerden.
8 May 2009
Life in Quarantine
The facility is filled to overflowing with 10 new chimps. This is Chimp Eden's newest family group and they represent a perfect opportunity for Eugene to continue his hands on rehabilitation.
29 May 2009
Growing Pains for the Infants
Jao's family is moved to the old adult enclosure, which offers more room to explore - and more chances for trouble. How will Jao and the others react to their new surroundings?
29 May 2009
The Millennium Family
The new family leaves quarantine and is released into the now empty infant enclosure. It's the day Eugene has been waiting for since Jao rejected him several months ago.
4 Jun. 2009
The Human Alpha
Eugene's hands on work with the new family group begins in earnest. In many ways, he is as much a chimp as the newcomers, who have only known captivity.
26 Apr. 2010
Tony's Brush with Death
It's moving day at Chimp Eden. 4 year old Tony and 7 year old Sampa, who were rescued from Angola, are ready to leave quarantine and start the integration process with the other chimps.

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