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Plot Summary

  • Clark feels that Kara is under the effects of red kryptonite when he discovers that she is the reason for the plane containing the last member of the Veritas exploding. Lex is directed to look for answers surrounding the traveler in the Arctic Circle, where Clark's Fortress of Solitude rests.

    - Written by Moviedude1
  • In the cliff-hanging season final, Kara goes after the fugitive Edward Teague to find out how to control 'the Traveler'. However, 'Kara' is actually Milton Fine (the Brainac) whom has escaped yet again from Krypton and Kara is trapped in the Phantom Zone. Brainiac/Kara meets with Lex to show him the way to the North Pole to Clark's Fortress of Solitude where Lex finally discovers the origins about Clark. Meanwhile, Lana finally awakens from her induced coma, Lois offers Clark a job to work at the Daily Planet, and Chloe ends up getting arrested by government agents after she's caught yet again hacking into government data links in her secret efforts to help Clark.

    - Written by matt-282


Edward Teague is on a private jet when the flight attendant approaches him. It is Kara Kent beginning to question him about Veritas and a device...

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