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  • When the PTA protests about smutty books at school, Justin and Franny are forced to read the books for the first time. Claire uses the protest as an excuse to getting out of reading "Pride and Prejudice". Justin turns to Raja when his parents find out that he has been drawing pictures of naked women.



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  • When Justin's (Dan Byrd) English class is assigned the book "Madame Bovary," one of the PTA moms begins a campaign to ban "smutty books" from the school curriculum, leading both Justin and Franny (Amy Pietz) to actually read the books for the first time. Claire (Lindsey Shaw) tries to get out of reading "Pride and Prejudice" by claiming it should also be banned.

    Meanwhile, Justin is embarrassed when his parents discover that he has been secretly drawing naked women for years and turns to a bewildered Raja (Adhir Kalyan) for help.

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