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Funny Crossover
magus-41 May 2009
Unlike the other reviewers who rated this show with just one star I would give it 8. The 9 is just to compensate the other ratings. You shouldn't judge this as a regular CSI episode. It's a parody. The odd one out. Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn created 'Two and a half men' and they switched writers. They helped each other to create a CSI-oriented 'Two and a half men' episode (season five, epis.17 "Fish in a drawer"), and a 'Two and a half men' oriented CSI episode. I think the experiment succeeded very well. I'm a fan of both shows and there are very funny references. The actors succeed wonderfully in being caricatures of themselves. And I happen to think that being able to mock yourself is the highest level of intelligence. If you get that, you'll enjoy this show. If not...sorry, your loss.
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jumping the shark - in style?
Locomotiva16 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A zany episode - The premise was not that good: the usual parody of TV in TV. A sit-com actress and the usual band of poor mistreated screenwriters, the dumb husband, the lawyer ready to cool off drugs and alcohol abuse. Some "breaking news", the usual stuff.

The CSI Boys went to Hollywood - a tour in Burbanks - and "Brass" pointed out that the series "Jumped the shark" - Fonzie, You Know?

But, if you got the mood, you got an inside joke every other line.

"David", the coroner assistant, pushed "Grissom" to give the famous "Grissom's One Liner" that closed the first part of almost every episode in 8 seasons.

The Hollywood executive wandered in the lab and mumbled "wow, we can make a show of it" - "Grissom" with an Emmy in hand (CSI got 3 nomination, none win) up to the very end, when the murderer explained how to write a script for a crime episode.

Some jokes were a bit low-brow - "Hodges" and the Tampax, for example.

But, in all, this is the episode where CSI jumped the shark - ninth season is ahead with a new cast. So, if they had to jump, they jumped in style.
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In A Word: Embarrassing
ccthemovieman-130 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, what can you say about an episode like this? I could say a lot, but I think I'll keep it pretty short: this was an embarrassment to watch.

Don't these writers and actors have any dignity? This is the kind of perverted humor that is so over-baked that it isn't funny; it's like "Blades of Glory" or "The Love Guru." It's just one sleazy joke after another. Hey, I love dark humor but not ten sex jokes every minute, especially on a crime show.

Everyone on this episode but Warrick, I think, had some wise-guy remark about everything in here. Sex jokes are okay but come on, man - is this HBO with all this stuff? After last year's great season with "The Miniature Killer," I had hoped the CSI Las Vegas show and turned the corner from the gutter and gotten classy again. Wrong. Maybe this is why Jorja Fox, Gary Dourdan and William Petersen have all left the show.
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CSI "Jumps the shark" & even admits it
old-dude19 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was an attempt for CSI to poke fun at itself and try and get in some "hollywood humor" too. IMHO, it was a miserable failure. Everyone seemed uncomfortably with the sappy crappy jokes. It was painful to watch. Jim Brass even makes a reference to Fonzie and "jumping the shark" which is not even a veiled attempt to convey William Petersen's true feelings about his own CSI show (as if I really know that). No wonder he is leaving. The guys who write for Sheen's Two and a Half Men wrote this episode. They should stick to sitcoms. Reversing a gritty drama to an hour long sitcom doesn't work. Even sans the horrible puns this was not an episode for someone who loves the heart of the show. Watch Reno 911 or Murder She Wrote. You'll be better entertained and still keep your respect for the CSI folks.
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Crime drama swaps writers with sitcom, gets garbage in & garbage out.
dracsgamez25 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
An hour long crime drama decides to swap writers with a 30-minute sitcom('CSI' & 'Two and a Half Men'). The show starts out fairly normal, but once the rubber chicken shows up, things begin to slide into sitcom disaster. The jokes just keep coming, all the way up to the end when Grissom and Brass confront their suspect - the supporting actress to the murdered star(obvious? Nah). After being confronted, she lays out how everything happened as if it was a T.V. show made in Hollywood(with all the twisted back-scene extras), with the story becoming more and more ridiculous. Grissom had NO evidence, and Brass had nothing to support confronting the actress - so, WHY did they? Because it's a stupid writer cross-over episode, that's why!!! Complete and total failure as a crime show, a drama, and whatever it tried to be - it's not worth the time to watch.
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