Gran Torino (2008) Poster


Plot Keywords

gang hmong
gran torino teenager
veteran korean war veteran
widower old man
gangster birthday
car priest
heavy smoker two word title
villain arrested crucified hero pose
compassion street gang
haunted by the past boy
teen angst tradition versus modernity
self parody bathtub
ford torino teen smoking
product placement pabst blue ribbon beer
golden retriever bath
american flag cough foreshadows death
finger gun no opening credits
film with ambiguous title white male pretending to be black
uzi tradition
thug raised middle finger
provocation nose ring
navel piercing father figure
dysfunctional family cooler
blockbuster beer
asian american alpha male
will reading wd 40 oil
tool belt spitting
shot repeatedly shot multiple times
shallow off screen rape
moral transformation misanthropy
misanthrope male virgin
male bonding lapsed catholic
italian american irish american
incest rape incest overtones
handyman granddaughter
generation gap gang rape
ethnic slur ethnic humor
duct tape disinheritance
confession booth ceiling fan
catholic priest bully comeuppance
barber anti hero
woman doctor war medal
vintage car tools
polish american korea veteran
house repairs hip hop music
heroism funeral repast
barbecue grill forgiveness
christ figure pearl necklace
workshop silver star
shaman horoscope
hardware store garden gnome
child translates for adult zippo lighter
medal of valor handgun
gun title appears in writing
title appears in song shot in the chest
revenge rape victim
punched in the face pistol
murder kicked in the face
husband wife relationship held at gunpoint
gardening disrespect
death of wife death of protagonist
cousin cousin relationship cigarette smoking
brother sister relationship blood
malcontent driveby shooting
curmudgeon urban decay
tragic hero tough guy
shot to death self sacrifice
rifle redemption
rape rap music
race relations medal
machismo machine gun
lung cancer loner
insult incest
greed grandfather granddaughter relationship
gift ghetto
funeral father son relationship
drive by shooting dog
doctor detroit michigan
coughing blood construction
confrontation community service
cat burned with a cigarette
bully beating
battle fatigue bar
asian mob anti semitism
tragic event racist neighbor
racist insult racial tension
racial prejudice racial issues
racial intolerance racial diversity
racial discrimination racial barrier
nasty neighbor bigot
bigotry bigoted neighbor
bias wasted life
racist joke racism
mentor immigrant
culture clash confession
classic car catholic
birthday party barber shop
directed by star death of friend
title spoken by character

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