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Season 2

1 Sep. 2009
Episode #2.1
Rose and John save Savanna Ford from the clutches of a vicious street gang who terrorise her estate and on whom she has informed. The gang is headed by drug pusher Clinton McSmith but he has also been prison visiting Leo Westbrook,who was involved in a paedophile ring and, acting on Savanna's information, John and Calum discover an empty house where runaway children are caged whilst in transit for the sex trade.
8 Sep. 2009
Episode #2.2
John and Calum rescue a young boy from paeophile Richard Hyde, who has bought him from the traffickers, and learn that a fresh cargo of children is coming in from Bulgaria. The operation is being master-minded from prison by Leo Westbrook, so the boys are sent inside as prisoners to kill him. Rose, posing as a woman anxious to buy a baby, meets McSmith, hoping to plant incriminating evidence on him, but he is murdered by a Bulgarian, whose cartel is aiming to take over the trade. MI6 man Symmonds is annoyed that the fixers are not targeting the Bulgarian kingpin but ...
15 Sep. 2009
Episode #2.3
Symmonds gets Lenny and the team to eliminate Gideon Stone, an international drug dealer who murdered three British soldiers out to arrest him in Afghanistan, a fact which strikes a chord with ex-soldier John, who knew one of them. John is wounded in a shoot-out with Stone and, as the group is technically illegal and hospitals are off limits, desperate measures are called for. Lenny also discovers that Symmonds already knows Stone and has an ulterior motive for the task.
22 Sep. 2009
Episode #2.4
Rose is visited by Richard Millar, once a suspected rapist and killer of young girls in his science class. He was freed because Rose went underground to nail him and was accused of entrapment, thus ending her police career. He describes them both as being victims and so, anxious to catch him a second time ,she dates him and sleeps with him in his hotel. However the team trap him when he abducts Paula, a chambermaid from the hotel, and they exact their own justice,though Rose finds out that Lenny her ex-husband, lied to her all those years ago in order to convict ...
29 Sep. 2009
Episode #2.5
John threatens Symmonds with a gun for setting him up but Lenny calms him down and gives him his new assignment. Cold-blooded killer Sean O'Driscoll has arrived from Dubai to mastermind a big robbery and is staying with his cage-fighter son Connor at Connor's fight club. John's martial arts skills gain Connor's confidence but Connor is scared of his father as they are both dating drug-addicted Gemma. Connor kills her to prevent her telling his father and then claims he did it as she was going to leave with John. John is forced to fight Connor but beats him to a pulp ...
6 Oct. 2009
Episode #2.6
An Indian hit man comes to London with the aim of killing a baby who is an heir to a very big fortune. If he is killed his death would initiate a bloodbath in the Indian criminal world.

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