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It's hard not to be both heartened and a little wistful about the fact that The Muppets is probably as good a Muppet project as it's possible to make without Jim Henson.
USA Today
More fresh than retro, The Muppets bursts with charm and cheeky humor.
The Muppets may have been born out of a desire to revive a dormant franchise that was once a cash cow, but there isn't a single beat in the film that feels crass or opportunistic. This one is from the heart.
The Muppets is both a delightful family film about the Muppets and a winking, self-referential satire about how lame the Muppets are.
For kids, blessedly unironic by nature until wised up by nurture, the movie is just shiny, funny, and filled with songs.
Segel and Nicholas Stoller, who made "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" together, wrote the screenplay for The Muppets with obvious intent: to return these icons to their former glory.
The Muppets slaps a smile on your face you won't want to wipe off.
A triumph of simplicity, innocence and goofy jokes.
'As long as there are Muppets," muses a little felt guy named Walter, "there is still hope." And indeed, there is something hopeful about The Muppets - Disney's rollicking reboot of the late Jim Henson's furball franchise.
The love Segel has for the Muppets is a genuine, perceivable and positive quality that suffuses this good-hearted revitalization of the franchise, and if some wish fulfillment sneaks in there too.
For all its sharpness, the movie has a very sweet streak.
A breezy, keen-to-please attitudes prevails, and director James Bobin (The Flight of the Conchords, Da Ali G Show for TV) moves things along with good cheer.

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