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"Without a Trace" Hard Reset (2008)

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Jack creeps around a dark building, gun drawn (with a spiffy new shorn hairdo). As he reloads, a shot rings out by his head. He fires back at no one. He's alone, which doesn't seem totally safe. He hears a noise, turns and is shot. He falls and two dark figures come out of the shadows and stand over him.

Back in the office, Sam is super-pregnant. Vivian explains a raid they're about to conduct on the office of a doctor who provides abortions for sex slaves, Dr. Cappell.

Vivian asks Sam where Jack is and she says she hasn't heard from him.

They procede with the raid and arrest the doctor.

Vivian asks him about Franklin Romar and the doctor tells him he already told "the other guy" about him. He describes someone who sounds a lot like Jack.

A flashback shows Jack talking to the doctor, asking him about Joe Guisti. When polite questioning doesn't work, Jack grabs the doc by the throat and threatens him. The doc says they threatened to kill him.

He tells Vivian he gave all the files to Agent Malone.

Back in the office Martin and Viv compare notes, wondering what Jack's up to. Viv is not pleased, thinking Jack went ahead because he thought they'd get in his way.

A flashback shows Jack lobbying Viv to go after Guisti while she wants to go for Romar, the ringleader. He tells her Guisti is her best bet "considering how far you are from bringing in Romar."

Viv asks him what's up. A flashback within a flashback shows Jack visiting Jen Long, a 13-year-old who Guisti raped and whom Jack wants to avenge.

Viv asks Jack if he has her back on this and he says he does. His pants do not burst into flames.

Sam tries to calm Viv down, saying that if Jack was planning on going rogue he would have cleared his schedule. "I'm telling you, something's not right," Sam says.

Jack lies sputtering in a pool of his own blood, so she's pretty right on.

Later, Viv and Danny go to inspect a burned out car that the police have identified as Jack's. The interview a local drug dealer who describes seeing a guy, Romar, drive up in the car and toss in a flare. Getting on his phone, he then hopped in a waiting red van. That was an hour ago.

Viv uses her CBS standard-issue iPhone to show the dealer a picture of Romar and confirms it's him.

Back in the office, they lay out leads. Danny asks about Robert Newton, the attorney who he has determined is the guy Romar called.

Elena and Martin interview him about the call, using big words like "accomplice in a capital offense" to make him talk about Romar, who he saw once, but won't admit to talking to that day.

Cut to Jack, whimpering in pain, trying to staunch the bleeding with a nearby rag. He plays dead when the two men return. They discuss what they're going to do with Jack's body.

In the office, they track Jack's car GPS to find where he stopped.

The team suits up and heads to the address, guns drawn. They find a bloody handprint on the windowpane of the building Jack was in earlier.

Inside, Danny finds lots of blood and drag marks.

Cut to Jack, wrapped in a blanket in a trunk. He does some good old fashioned near-death hallucinating, meeting with Jen Long in a deserted diner. He smells oranges which remind him of something. She tells him about seeing her abusers everywhere, even the dead one. She asks if it's time for him to go, he sees water flooding in under the door.

Back in the trunk, he's out cold.

In the office, Viv gets a call for Jack about Yvette Joseph, one of Dr. Cappell's clients, a Haitian woman who's being held in an immigration center.

Viv speaks French to Yvette, which sounds totally cool, and Yvette tells her about talking to Jack.

Jack showed Yvette a picture of Romar, promising her she can stay in the country. She describes seeing him at places where she met men for sex. She identifies Sharon Brooks and describes going to a party away from the city. She describes where it was.

Yvette asks Vivian if she'll make sure that Jack will help her stay, and she says yes.

Martin and Danny look into the apartment where the party was. Sam contributes to the case from a seated position, saying that Sharon Brooks has been shot in the arm and being brought in.

Sam bullies Sharon into talking about Jack. "She's hormonal, I wouldn't mess with her," Martin says.

Sharon confesses she saw Jack last night and he made her set up a meeting with Romar, which is when she got shot in the arm. A flashback shows that meeting led into the scene that started the episode, with her fleeing right before Jack was shot. The bloody handprint on the window is hers.

When she hesitates, Sam squeezes her bullet wound, which is sooo not maternal.

The bad dudes drag pig-in-blanket Jack into a junkyar pond and leave him floating in the water, tossing his gun in after him. He's face up, but seems closer and closer to not faking being dead.

In the office, Sam looks for vehicles registered to Romar. Danny announces that the lawyer Newton is the owner of the company that owned the building where Jack was shot.

Sam stares into space wistfully, remembering a conversation with Jack in which he reassured her she'd be a good mother. (Post-strike pregnant Sam has more of an accent than she usually does.)

Martin interviews Newton. After a few threats, he confesses he sometimes tapes calls with clients, including one with Romar from the morning in which they made plans to meet up later.

The team wires Newton and follows him to the meet with SWAT. Newton gets Romar to tell him what kind of trouble he's in. "It starts with a dead cop and goes downhill from there." When Newton refers to an FBI guy a moment later Romar figures it out, finds the wire and stabs him in the chest.

THEN, the team decides to rush out. Vivian asks for a moment alone with Romar, telling him he has two minutes to tell her where Jack is. When he won't talk, she fires her gun next to his ear which should leave him with ringing for a month. When she offers to do the other one, he talks.

Cut to Jack, bloated, floating in a filthy pond.

Jack and Vivian have an imaginary conversation in which she asks him if they should keep hurrying to save him. He throws a self-pity party, saying he's never done anything right in his life.

The team finds him in the junkyard, someone calls for the EMTs and...that's all folks.


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