Edmund Pevensie: WHY did we have to go? I'd much rather stay in London and see the war!

Peter Pevensie: This war is going to be very nasty, Edmund! Which is why we're all being sent away!

Edmund Pevensie: Spoil-sports grownups...

Susan Pevensie: They're doing it for our sakes, Edmund! When the bombs stop falling on London...

Lucy: [turns to Susan, and clutches her arm] I wish Mother and Nanny could've come with us...

Edmund Pevensie: Well, I don't think it's fair. They'd be right there! In all the excitement!

Peter Pevensie: All that danger, you mean! Don't talk such a tosh...

Susan Pevensie: We are lucky, Edmund! We're going away deep into the countryside, where we'll be safe!

Edmund Pevensie: Yes. And you know WHY we'll be safe! Because in the country, NOTHING ever happens!

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