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Urban Movie Channel Acquires Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence Shows From Starz Digital

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Urban Movie Channel Acquires Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence Shows From Starz Digital
Urban Movie Channel will acquire over 40 hours of Starz Digital content, including productions starring Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence, and Cuba Gooding Jr., the company announced on Tuesday. The acquisitions include “Martin Lawrence Presents: First Amendment Standup,” “Phunny Business” featuring Dave Chappelle and Bernie Mac and “Lies and Illusions” starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Christian Slater. Umc is a subscription-based video streaming service exclusive to Rlj Entertainment created by Robert L. Johnson last November. “We are excited to have acquired an array of titles from Starz Digital that will bolster our Umc content library,” said Angela Northington, Rlj Entertainment’s Svp
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Exclusive: Christa Campbell and Patrick Muldoon Talk Spiders

Exclusive: Christa Campbell and Patrick Muldoon Talk Spiders
Christa Campbell, Patrick Muldoon, and director Tibor Takacs Talk Spiders, in theaters and on VOD this weekend

Harkening back to the beloved creature features from the 50s and the 60s, Spiders centers on mutant spiders created by pieces of material from a disabled Soviet space station that crash lands on Earth. With New York City threatened to be overrun by the gigantic killer spiders who have invaded the metropolitan subway system, it's a race against time to stop the Queen Spider from uniting with her eggs before a deadly chain of events are triggered from the deadly reunion.

To celebrate the release of the film in theaters and on Premium VOD this Friday, February 8th, we caught up with stars of the movie Christa Campbell and Patrick Muldoon, as well as their director Tibor Tak&#225cs (The Gate), for a chat about this thrilling sci-fi monster movie.

Christa and Patrick
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Christa Campbell gets 'Straight A's'

Christa Campbell has joined the cast of Nu Image/Millenium Films' dramatic comedy "Straight A's."According to Variety, the cast includes Anna Paquin, Ryan Phillippe, Luke Wilson and Riley Thomas Stewart.James Cox is directing from a script by Dave Cole.The story centers on a perpetually recovering drug addict (Phillippe) who is haunted by the ghost of his dead mother and returns to the family he abandoned. He is confronted by his brother's wife (Paquin), who is still in love with him.Holly Wiersma and Rene Besson are producing.Avi Lerner, Danny Dimbort, Trevor Short, Boaz Davidson, John Thompson and Lati Grobman are executive producing.Campbell's credits include the Eric James-scripted thriller "Lies and Illusions," "Drive Angry 3D" and "The Mechanic."
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Sacrifice (2011) Movie Review

If you’re one of the few individuals who suffered through director Tibor Takács’ excruciatingly painful 2009 effort “Lies and Illusions”, then I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why in the hell would I even be remotely interested in watching yet another direct-to-video thriller starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Christian Slater?” To be perfectly honest, I can’t blame you. “Lies and Illusions” was a particularly awful Stv suspense yarn, even by Cuba’s lowly standards. And while I can’t say that writer/director Damian Lee’s 2011 action/drama “Sacrifice” is any worse than the pair’s previous endeavor, it’s certainly not any stronger. Although Slater has been involved in much better productions as of late, this is pretty much par for the course for Mr. Gooding, whose cinematic stock just seems to keep plummeting deeper and deeper into the mire. It’s a damn shame. Gooding stars as John Hebron,
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Actors go down by the 'River'

Ray Liotta, Ving Rhames and Christian Slater will star in the independent thriller "The River Sorrow." According to Variety, Rich Cowan is directing from a script by Steve Anderson.The cast also includes Gisele Fraga and Sarah Ann Schultz.Story centers on a detective, played by Liotta, hunting a serial killer. Slater will play an FBI agent in charge of the case while Rhames plays Liotta's captain.Cowan, Tay Voye, Dan Toll and Schultz will produce. Richard Salvatore and Howard Kerbel will executive produce. The film begins shooting next week in Washington.Liotta was most recently seen in "Date Night," while Rhames can be seen in "Piranha 3D." Schultz co-starred along with Slater and Cuba Gooding Jr. in the 2009 thriller "Lies and Illusions,"
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Slater, Oldman, Cook love 'Guns, Girls and Gambling'

Christian Slater, Gary Oldman and Dane Cook have signed on to the independent thriller "Guns, Girls and Gambling." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Winnick ("Shadow Puppets") is writing and directing.Henry Boger.s Freefall Films is producing and financing the film, which is set for a July 6 production start. The story tosses Elvis impersonators, Indians, cowboys, a 6-foot-tall blond assassin, a frat boy, a corrupt sheriff and a prostitute into a chase for a priceless American Indian artifact stolen during a poker game at an Indian casino.Slater recently starred in ABC.s "The Forgotten" and the Eric James-scripted "Lies and Illusions."Oldman is coming off his villainous role in "The Book of Eli" and will shoot "The Girl With the Red
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Christian Slater: Guns, Girls and Gambling

Christian Slater is to star in crime thriller 'Guns, Girls and Gambling'. The 40-year-old 'Lies and Illusions' actor - who won an MTV Movie Award in 1993 for his role in 'Untamed Heart'- will be joined by 'The Book of Eli' star Gary Oldman and Dane Cook in the new Michael Winnick-directed movie. During the movie, a host of Elvis impersonators, modern cowboys, a corrupt sheriff, a 6ft tall blond assassin and a prostitute will all be seen racing to find an American Indian artefact, which was stolen during a poker game in a casino. Slater - who has previously struggled with drink and ..
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