Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

battle immortality
wizard werewolf
duel to the death artifact
1990s dragon
chosen one magic wand
teenager throat slashed
cult film destiny
loss of friend spy
teleportation fear
wand vault
hereditary gift of witchcraft terrorist
main characters killed off cup
year 2017 race against time
soaked clothes goblin
roman numeral in title year 1998
torture final battle
aftermath inspirational speech
dying words waterfall
bitten by a snake assumed identity
hero versus villain castle
life and death battle near future
memory dark secret
betrayal death by fire
dead woman with eyes open falling from height
magic infiltration
elf forcefield
bank friendship
double agent mass destruction
last of series death
witch legend
broom good versus evil
based on young adult novel fictional war
dark fantasy self sacrifice
magic curse python
magic broomstick exploding bridge
terrorism scar
heroism train station
ambush snake bite
sorcerer curse
snake giant snake
fire breathing dragon presumed dead
forest corruption
killing a snake dead body
power ghost
railway station returning character killed off
limbo frog
train hero
21st century eighth in series
pretending to be dead rescue
wet jeans redemption
duel teacher student relationship
blood flashback
arson giant spider
boy with glasses disaster
fire giant
20th century year 1997
epilogue threat
dead woman on floor sequel
childhood friend spider
showdown sword
evil wizard young version of character
death of relative kiss
attack black magic
bravery revelation
cult figure loyalty
teenage hero 2010s
explosion dark past
exploding building death of friend
based on novel character name in title
number in title

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