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Some Flirting between Characters.

The Fairies Rayna and Rayla are in Love with the Prince and Call him There Husband.

Some Fairies dresses expose cleavage.

Nothing to Worry about this is a G Rated Picture.

The Skeezite Monsters try to Eat the faries but there rescued by a light with blind's the Monsters.

The Queen is Poisoned.

The Skeezite's try to eat the 3 Fairies.

A Sea Monster attacks 3 Fairies and tries to eat them up.

There is a Fight in The End where the Skeezites try to eat the Fairies.The Fairies stab,Throw arrows and Blind the Skeezites.

The Evil Fairy Henna is eatan by The Skeezites(we do not see it but we here her scream).

Some Heck.

A Character is Poisoned.

We See The Evil Fairy Henna prepare the Poison.

The Scene where The Skeezites try to Eat the Fairies might be unsettling or scary for some viewers.

The Queen's Poisoning might Saddend or worry Very Young Children.

The Skeezites and The Sea Monster May Scare younger children.

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