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The thing about Funny People is that it's a real movie. That means carefully written dialogue and carefully placed supporting performances -- and it's ABOUT SOMETHING.
The New Yorker
Apatow’s richest, most complicated movie yet--a summing up of his feelings about comedy and its relation to the rest of existence.
Miami Herald
The movie's power sneaks up on you, reminiscent of something screenwriter I.A.L. Diamond once famously described as "the Billy Wilder touch": A combination of the sweet and the sour, because even funny people, like you and I, aren't always being funny.
Apatow is on the right track. In moving his adolescent male comedies into more adult realms, the humor sharpens and characters deepen.
The drama aspect is necessary to the story, but it just drags on too long.
The movie wears thin its welcome a couple of reels before Apatow has finished telling his story.
Amusing and engaging yet lacking in snap and cohesion, this insider's look at the world of standup comics in contempo Los Angeles rings true in its view of the variously warped, stunted and narrow lives of its mostly male denizens.
Village Voice
There's so much that's so disarmingly good and sharp about Funny People that you wish the whole movie weren't so much of a shambles.
Sandler isn't afraid of plumbing his dark side, but Apatow fails him: Scenes of George's self-pity drag on too long, and as the character loses stature, Sandler recedes from his own vehicle. Rogen doesn't fill the vacuum.
The message that comes across is: We're all screwed, and then we die. Ba-DUM.

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