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This was a well acted episode.
kfo949417 November 2014
Hollywood pin-up girl, Mimi St. Clair, is feeling a little down since all the other Hollywood girls are getting their name in the newspapers. She wants to do something to get her name on the front page and believes that she has to make an exciting adventure to the Pacific. While reading her mail she comes across the perfect place to make her adventure come true. At Taratpua with the crew of PT 73.

Upon arriving in Taratupa, Binghamton is upset that Ms St.Clair is here to see the crew of the 73. Binghamton has plans to take her to com-fleet and introduce her to the Admiral. So Binghamton sends McHale out on a phony mission. Mimi has her chance to make the headlines and stows away on the 73. But things do not go as Mimi St. Clair had planned.

This was one of the better acted episode in the entire collection. Jean Hale, that played Mimi, was excellent as the Hollywood star that was all about headlines. Joe Flynn was again at his best as nearly everything he did turned into a personal disaster. There were a lot of laughs in this episode which always make for a good view. This was an entertaining piece of work.
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