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Sliff 2010 Review: Dog Jack

Review by Dane Marti

Based on a novel by Florence Biros and directed by Edward D. McDougal, Dog Jack takes place during the tumultuous Civil War. You remember that, right? Not a lot of fun? It was the major turning point in American history and bringing to close the evil, inhumane practice of slavery. Of course, the war didn’t end racism in the south or anywhere, but it certainly started humanity on the right path, even if many consider States-Rights to have been violated.

While there are many great films based on history, including war films, the Civil War has only occasionally been the focus of a motion picture: Obviously, there are a few that stand out: the famous, epic and controversial, Birth of a Nation and Gone With the Wind are two big examples of important cinematic works. Director John Huston gave us Audie Murphy (the WWII War
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The complete 2010 Black Harvest Film Festival schedule announced

It took a while, but finally the complete and final 2010 Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago has been announced. Over 40 movies in every category from feature film to shorts, documentaries, dramas (such as Bilal’s Stand pictured), comedies and everything else in between. All the films will be screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago located at 164 N. State St in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Opening night is Friday August 6th and the festival continues throughout the month until Thursday Sept. 2 with a special advance screening of Tanya Hamilton’s Night Captures Us with Ms. Hamilton present. Of course I will be there too on most nights, so if you ever had the desire to punch me out for any of my articles on S & A now here’s your chance. (Not that I encourage it though…)

The complete list below:

The Gene Siskel Film Center welcomes
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