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5 Jan. 2012
Outlaws 5
If you're looking for brilliant criminal minds, look elsewhere. But if you want seriously stupid crooks, we've rounded up 20, slapped on the cuffs, and put them on TV for you to laugh at -- burglars in their underwear, jewel thieves who don't know diamonds from plastic, and robbers with seriously lame disguises. It's all served up by our law-abiding celebrity cast, including Frank Stallone, Daniel Baldwin, Tonya Harding, and Todd Bridges.
12 Jan. 2012
Episode #12.12
We've combed the back-country to find farming fools and small-town morons - the world's dumbest Hillbillies. Say howdy to twenty of them, including lawnmower racers, do-it-yourself dentists. Flesh will fly during an amateur tattoo removal. And we've got country-flavored commentary from our celebrity cast, including Frank Stallone, Tonya Harding, Judy Gold and Danny Bonaduce.
19 Jan. 2012
Episode #12.13
TruTV's got your party right here, filled with 20 of the stupidest people ever to celebrate on camera.
2 Feb. 2012
Episode #12.15
If you want to star in this show, all you need is a vehicle and a stunted brain. We've got 20 of the world's most moronic motorheads on display, crashing everything from golf carts to Segways to snowmobiles to Ferraris. In our drivers' seat: Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding, Daniel Baldwin, Frank Stallone, and the rest of our celebrity cast.
9 Feb. 2012
Episode #12.16
TruTV's got startling video of 20 daredevils, bashing themselves silly in pursuit of that ever-elusive adrenaline rush. Each is dumber than the last, including a hung-over hang-glider, several BMX klutzes, and a naked motorcycle stunt guy who gets road rash in the worst possible place. Plus we've got commentary from our usual crew of celebrity thrill-seekers, including Tonya Harding, Todd Bridges, Danny Bonaduce and Daniel Baldwin.
16 Feb. 2012
Episode #12.17
Twenty idiots enter the ring, but only one will triumph! TruTV counts down the dumbest fights ever captured on video - from Russian billionaires getting physical on a talk show, to subway brawls from many nations, to one of our own cast members who loves to fight dirty. And of course we've got blow-by-blow commentary from celebrity sluggers like Tonya Harding, Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges and Frank Stallone.
1 Mar. 2012
Episode #12.19
Take a vehicle, add an idiot, and the roads get chaotic and crazy. We've got 20 real-life video clips of dopes driving dangerously for your amusement -- including a thief in a hijacked back-hoe, a trucker using Flintstone-style technology, and an Amish buggy driver who couldn't care less about the rules of the road. Along for the ride: our celebrity cast, including Frank Stallone, Todd Bridges, Danny Bonaduce and Tonya Harding.
8 Mar. 2012
World's Dumbest Outlaws 6
Tru TV is throwing the book at 20 of the stupidest citizens ever to run afoul of the law.
22 Mar. 2012
World's Dumbest Performers 11
Brilliant performers are rare and exquisite.
7 Jun. 2012
World's Dumbest Motorheads 7
The 14th season of truTV's hit series revs up with 20 motorheads, putting the pedal to the metal of dumb. You'll see a tipsy Mayor earn a DUI, some severe Australian road rage and a snowmobile avalanche.
14 Jun. 2012
Brawlers 13
Some things are worth fighting for. Your home, your family, your right to party. But we'd rather show you 20 of the wildest, most pointless brawls ever captured on film.
14 Jun. 2012
Thrillseekers 7
What's more thrilling than being a daredevil? Watching 20 idiots crash and burn.
21 Jun. 2012
Themeless 1
truTV is mixing it up with a potpourri of 20 of the dumbest people on the planet. Our countdown includes a partier who can't keep her pants on, daredevils unable to stay upright, a magician who fails to keep his assistant afloat, and vegetables that tell the future.
19 Jul. 2012
Performers 13
Take your seats and prepare to be amazed! TruTV is counting down 20 of the dumbest performers you've ever seen.
2 Aug. 2012
World's Dumbest Partiers 20
Crank it up! TruTV throwing down with 20 of the dumbest partiers we could find. Our countdown includes a baseball game streaker, a drunk falling up a hill and a wedding dance you have to see to believe.
9 Aug. 2012
World's Dumbest Hillbillies 5
Hitch up the trailer and get out the good moonshine, because TruTV is counting down the 20 most blockheaded bumpkins ever caught on tape.
13 Sep. 2012
Brawlers 14
It's time to get in the cage with 20 of the most boneheaded brawlers ever to throw down.
Jan. 2012
Brawlers 10
It takes brains to resolve a conflict peacefully, but it's funnier to watch idiots fight it out.
12 Apr. 2012
Episode dated 12 April 2012
In its ongoing effort to chronicle outstanding human achievement, World's Dumbest brings you twenty more of the dumbest record-breakers on the planet.
19 Apr. 2012
Episode dated 19 April 2012
Sometimes the best performances are the worst performances. Tru TV has rounded up 20 entertainers who fail in hilarious ways, and we're counting them down: We've got butter-fingered figure-skaters, busted-ass break dancers, klutzy beauty pageant contestants, and comedians who are only funny because they're so not funny. And our celebrity cast is here to heckle, including Leif Garrett, Danny Bonaduce, Tony Harding and Todd Bridges.
26 Apr. 2012
Episode dated 26 April 2012
Crime doesn't pay, except in laughs when the criminal is an idiot. We've got video of 20 severely stupid crooks doing what they do worst -- including a thief who leaves his resume at the store he's about to rob, a masked bandit who can't quite keep his mask on, a vending machine vandal who gets caught but doesn't get candy, and two teenage boobs in a bait car. And who's going to indict these miscreants? Our celebrity cast of course, including Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding, Daniel Baldwin and Leif Garrett.
10 May 2012
Episode dated 10 May 2012
The countryside is full of wise people with excellent judgement. But we're ignoring those people, and focusing on their idiotic neighbors. Join us as we count down 20 of the dumbest hayseeds ever caught on video, including a mentally-stunted stunt man, a drunk doing some self-dentistry, and yahoo trimming his shrubbery with an automatic weapon. Joining our tour of the hinterlands is our celebrity cast, including Daniel Baldwin, Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding and Todd Bridges.
24 May 2012
Episode dated 24 May 2012
It's a thin line between brave and stupid, but we've got video of 20 people crossing that line and leaving it far behind. We're talking seriously stupid thrill-seekers, like an alligator trainer who's almost alligator lunch, a clumsy cliff diver, and an amateur stunt man who will probably never go pro. Joining in the bad clean fun is our celebrity cast, including Tonya Harding, Todd Bridges, Danny Bonaduce and Leif Garrett.
Jul. 2012
Thrillseekers 8
Look out below! TruTV jumping off with 20 of the dumbest thrillseekers the world has ever seen. Our countdown includes a skier headed for some trees, a kiteboarder headed for a house and a base jumper headed for the hospital.
Jul. 2012
World's Dumbest Outlaws 8
What ya gonna do when they come for you? If you're anything like the 20 supremely stupid criminals in our countdown, something really dumb!
Aug. 2012
World's Dumbest Inventions 9
TruTV is bringing you 20 of the most miraculous inventions you never knew you needed! We've got devices to keep your toilet seat warm and your soda under lock and key- plus a robot with astounding assets!
16 Dec. 2012
World's Dumbest 2 Dardevils
World's Dumbest Drivers captures moronic moments from across the globe as we countdown 20 of the best displays of dumb driving.

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