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11 Feb. 2011
Drivers 22
truTV presents twenty of the biggest idiots ever to be seen on stage or screen -- including a TV pitchman doing stunningly bad impressions, a pageant contestant who can't stay on her feet, a newscaster who can't keep a straight face, and a fake power ranger getting a non-fake injury. It's presented by our always-brilliant celebrity cast, including Tonya Harding, Frank Stallone, Todd Bridges, Daniel Baldwin and Danny Bonaduce.
10 Feb. 2011
World's Dumbest Thrillseekers
Want to see morons pursue thrills and rack up hospital bills? Well it's a good thing you came to truTV. In this hour-long episode of World's Dumbest, you'll meet a human fly who swats himself, a guy who gets crunched on his own home-made water slide, skiers with bad ideas, bikers with worse ideas, and a very nasty nurse to make the wounds worse. It's all presented with sensitive commentary from sympathetic observers like Daniel Baldwin, Leif Garrett and Chelsea Peretti.
28 Jul. 2011
World's Dumbest Lovers 3
We've all done stupid things for love -- but not this stupid.
20 Jan. 2011
World's Dumbest Performers 6
World's Dumbest presents 20 performances so bad, you won't be able to take your eyes off the TV screen.
27 Jan. 2011
World's Dumbest Brawlers 6
Prepare to throw down... truTV is about to take on twenty of the most boneheaded brawlers on the planet.
17 Feb. 2011
World's Dumbest Criminals 25
To keep the streets safe, truTV has rounded up another twenty severely stupid scoff-laws.? We've cuffed them, booked them, and put them on TV for you to jeer and deride.
24 Feb. 2011
World's Dumbest Record Breakers 6
The eternal quest for excellence is always compelling - especially when it's undertaken by morons.
10 Mar. 2011
World's Dumbest Motorheads
There's nothing more dangerous -- or funny -- than an idiot behind the wheel.? In this edition of "World's Dumbest Motorheads," truTV presents 20 low-IQ auto enthusiasts.
24 Mar. 2011
Performers 7
truTV has scoured the world for dumb performers, and now we bring twenty of them together for an hour of brilliantly stupid entertainment.? We've got dancers doing damage to each other, a dentally-challenged Russian boy band, a comedian spicing up his act with pepper spray, and a muscle man who bulges in all the wrong places.? And of course we have expert analysis from our celebrity cast, including Tonya Harding, Frank Stallone, Todd Bridges, Daniel Baldwin and Danny Bonaduce.
7 Apr. 2011
Episode dated 7 April 2011
Get the gloves on - you're about to enter the ring with twenty of the stupidest fighters ever.? They come from all over, with nothing in common but high aggression and low IQ's:? a brawling bum on the Sunset Strip, fighting photographers at a Russian wedding, a mascot melee at a college football game, and a high-school wrestler taking down the referee.? And of course, we've got blow-by-blow commentary from celebrity pugilists like Tonya Harding, Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges and Frank Stallone.
14 Apr. 2011
Episode dated 14 April 2011
Some like their parties elegant and sophisticated, but at truTV, we prefer them crazy and stupid.? In this edition of "World's Dumbest Partiers," we celebrate with a Russian wedding crasher, an exploding birthday cake, a table-dance gone horribly wrong, some out-of-control baseball fans, and sixteen more morons.? It's all graciously hosted by Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Daniel Baldwin, Tonya Harding and the rest of our celebrity cast.
21 Apr. 2011
Episode dated 21 April 2011
Most country folk are practical, sensible, and intelligent. But we've searched the hills and valleys to find 20 who are just the opposite.? Check out a dangerous redneck roller coaster, a lumberjack with horrible aim, a plastered political commentator, and a super-hero whose only power is jumping into a pile of beer cans.?? Here to monitor these morons is our celebrity cast, including Judy Gold, Daniel Baldwin, Tonya Harding and Todd Bridges.
5 May 2011
World's Dumbest Outlaws
Some outlaws are pretty smart; others are really dumb.? We prefer the dumb ones, because they're easier to catch and more entertaining.
2 Jun. 2011
World's Smartest Inventions 4
Don't let the title fool you: these inventions are, arguably, the oddest contraptions to ever hit the market! From a "food storage system" with a combination lock, to slippers with headlights, to body-scanner-proof pasties, to a girdle for men, to a bra that doubles as a gas mask (we kid you not)! And Richard Heene (father of the "Balloon Boy") unleashes his newest creation: a "bear" back scratcher!
9 Jun. 2011
World's Dumbest Motorheads 2
Fasten your safety belt - truTV is taking you for a ride with 20 of the world's most dim-witted motorists.
25 Aug. 2011
Inventions 5
The "World's Dumbest" crew changes it up this week, and counts down twenty of the "World's Smartest Inventions."? We've got questionably brilliant innovations in portable toilets, beer-finding technology, weapon storage, and wigs for newborns.? With inventive commentary from celebs like Todd Bridges, Tonya Harding, Danny Bonaduce and Judy Gold.
1 Sep. 2011
Episode dated 1 September 2011
truTV is always tough on crime - so we've rounded up another twenty of the stupidest criminals ever to break the law.? On the docket:? a nearly-naked burglar, a break-in artist who can't break out, a robber with a pre-historic weapon, a ridiculously elaborate plot to steal sheep, and lots more.? Sitting in judgment of these idiots will be Chelsea Peretti, Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Frank Stallone, and other law-abiding celebs.

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