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Season 1

10 Apr. 2008
19 Jun. 2008
3 Jul. 2008
Drivers 3
World's Dumbest Drivers captures moronic moments from across the globe as we countdown 20 of the best displays of dumb driving.? Sit down and join our cast of celebrities including Danny Bonaduce, Leif Garrett, Tonya Harding, Todd Bridges, and Helio Castroneves as they comment on disasters behind the wheel, all caught on tape.?
10 Jul. 2008
Daredevils 2
Do not try this at home. Instead, sit back, relax and watch as 20 dimwitted thrill seekers harm themselves in all sorts of creative ways on World's Dumbest Daredevils 2. Featuring a dung diving sports fan, a downhill couch race, kayaking off a cliff, dirt skiing, man versus marlin (the marlin wins), woman versus killer whale (the whale wins), Richard Branson's bum-scarring leap off the Palms Casino in Vegas and the longest ski wipeout you will ever see (it's still going on). If there's a dumb way to hurt yourself, these daredevils have tried it. With play by play ...
17 Jul. 2008
World's Dumbest Competitions counts down the 20 craziest (and most pointless) contests known to man. You'll see donkey racing, people running across the tops of outhouses while being pelted with beer cans, tuna tossing, toe wrestling, creative facial hair growing, poker playing in the middle of a bull ring (stressful), shin kicking (it hurts), a backwards marathon, and Russian roulette using eggs as bullets. The competitors in these contests will do anything (ANYTHING) to win or lose at anything (ANYTHING). Get into the competitive spirit and try to beat our celebrity...
24 Jul. 2008
Competitions 2
The dumb just keep giving and giving. We're back with 20 more of the dumbest criminals caught on tape.
31 Jul. 2008
Criminals 7
We've searched high and low to find 20 more of the most pointless contests in the world; including sex doll river rafting, pulling cars with penises (men only), a captivating beauty pageant for female prisoners, a high stakes game of "rocks, paper, scissors", and sumo wrestlers trying to make babies cry (it's not hard). And let's not forget The World Championships of Mosquito Killing (many mosquitoes were harmed during this making of this event). The only winners in these competitions are the people who don't take part in them. Naturally all contests will be judged, ...
9 Oct. 2008
Criminals 8
We've rounded up twenty more of the world's dopiest crooks -- all caught on tape for your viewing pleasure.
16 Oct. 2008
There's a fine line between fanatical and moronic and we present you with twenty dimwitted devotees who blatantly cross that line - often becoming part of the sports spectacle.
23 Oct. 2008
Drivers 4
World's Dumbest Drivers captures moronic moments from across the globe as we countdown 20 more of the best displays of dumb driving.
30 Oct. 2008
Daredevils 3
Beware - dumb stunts ahead! "Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low..." for our next collection of dimwitted thrill-seakers.
6 Nov. 2008
Competitions 3
World's Dumbest presents 20 of the most clueless bad guys in the criminal world.
20 Nov. 2008
Partiers 2
Ever wake up after a crazy night out and think, Uh oh!,...I hope no one had a camera. Well guess what? They did, and we have the tape to prove it.
27 Nov. 2008
They say the customer is always right but what if they're trampling a mother and child en route to a discounted fridge?
4 Dec. 2008
Animal Encounters
Never accuse Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding and the rest of our celebrity cast of pulling their punches when they comment.
11 Dec. 2008
Put the pedal to the metal as World's Dumbest presents another 20 of the dumbest drivers ever to hit the road.
18 Dec. 2008
Criminals 9
Get ready for twenty more best-laid criminal plans gone miserably wrong!? Todd Bridges, Danny Bonaduce and the rest of the celebrity cast tear into floundering felons in World's Dumbest Criminals #9. If you want smooth operators pulling off high-tech heists, go rent Ocean's Eleven. But if you're looking for burglaries broken up by broom-wielding biddies, then this is the show for you.

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