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Hot chick, great acting, perfect punchline, what else do you need?
agentloki-130 April 2008
Look, I've watched a ton of these short films and let's face it, most of them are amateurish, filled with college friends as "actors," and have all the personality of a dead fish. This one is different.

From the get go, this short film actually feels like a real "film." This is an overall quality that is definitely something in short supply on most of these around the internet. It has quality actors (which yes, provide quality acting), strong direction (strong in my opinion basically means the director KNOWS what the hell he wants and gets it), and great writing (the punchline at the end is perfect.)

All in all, I give this a major thumbs up. It's got a hot chick in her underwear, writing that actually makes you laugh, and a punchline at the end that's worth the price of admission. Give it a look people. It's worth your time.
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The Babysitter is one hilarious adult themed short!
tavm27 August 2008
Just watched this on This was a pretty hilarious comedy short about an-18-year-old blond babysitter reluctantly being left in charge of a much older-than-her offspring whose girlfriend just left him. To entice her to stay the guardians (one of whom I recognized as Molly Hagan from "Herman's Head") offer her $100. Things are strained until this "offspring" offers some beer...Directed by one David H. Steinberg (is he related to the comedian with the similar name? I gotta check him out), things start slow until the events after the beer. And wait till you see the surprise ending! Like I said, it's on I highly recommend this one!
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Brie Larson pre-fame
Warning: Spoilers
"The Babysitter" is a 5-minute short film from 2008 written and directed by David H. Steinberg. It is a brief comedic adventure of what happens when a girl has to sit a somewhat unusual baby. The babysitter is played by Brie Larson who will probably win an Academy Award this year and she was still very young when she made this film here. Of course, she is still young. It is an okay short film overall, not too great or funny, but the plot twist at the end makes it worth the watch and, of course, it's always nice to see famous faces long before their big triumphs, just like with Larson in this very case. She looks pretty hot here, I can't deny it. If I had been the baby", I would not have resisted her either. The other three actors in here also have somewhat prolific careers, even if you probably have not come across them, or at least not knowingly. Solid little film, I recommend it.
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Innovative concept
Amit K9 August 2008
The good thing about this movie is its innovative. New line of story and interesting.

Acting is reasonable, there could have been more background about the leading lady. Probably a more sexy leading girl would have added some flavor to the movie.

There could have been some sex scenes though as it would be expected by many movie goers who might be aware about the story line.

Above all i think its worth a watch, bit difficult to digest i suppose for many but altogether a good one without much of morality dialogues.

I was expecting some sex scenes and was disappointed.

I would give it a 6.
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