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  • Someone has stolen a new top-secret high-tech one-of-a-kind shipboard radar console; the NCIS receives an anonymous tip about its location. While the gang does a covert surveillance of the site, in a rough neighborhood in Washington, DC, McGee watches what appears to be a drug deal gone bad; a man dies. While the team continue the stakeout, the radar gear disappears again without their realizing; Gibbs decides for the NCIS to join the murder investigation by the Metro PD. McGee finds financial irregularities, Tony pursues those, and McGee finds coincidences; then a junkie provides a key service, the gang nab the bad guy, and a Metro homicide detective takes him away.

  • Someone has stolen new top-secret radar gear; the NCIS gets a tip about its location. During a stakeout of the site, McGee watches while a man dies; the radar disappears again. The gang and the Metro PD figure it out and catch the bad guy.


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  • The team is asked to retrieve a stolen radar for the military. Actually witness a murder.

    The team conducts a stakeout at a warehouse where a newly-developed piece of radar equipment, which has been stolen from the Navy by unknowns, is being hidden. The purpose of the stakeout is to catch the bad guys when they come to retrieve the radar. The team notices what they think is an unrelated series of drug deals during the days they are stuck on the stakeout, but don't want to jeopardize their operation by getting sidetracked, so they film the drug deals but don't move on them.

    It turns out the man who developed the radar arranged to have it stolen because he realized that it didn't work properly. Rather than having the Navy--and the stockholders--discover that it didn't work, he wanted people to think it had been stolen. He was caught and arrested.

    Ducky asks Abby to run several blood tests on two samples from a "John Doe." Palmer becomes curious when he finds Ducky looking at x-rays after hours, and hurriedly stashes them away in his desk, which he then locks, clearly not wanting Palmer to see them. When Abby later returns with "John Doe's" test results and starts rattling off the results (which sound not good), Ducky grabs the form from her and says they'll discuss it later, as he rushes out of the room. Abby asks Palmer what's up with the "John Doe" they have, and Palmer informs her there isn't one...which leaves them to think Ducky must have sent his own blood for testing. When Gibbs confronts him, wanting to know what he's hiding about his health because they all care about him, Ducky says it wasn't his own blood, but he can't divulge whose it was. Gibbs observes that there aren't many people that Ducky would cover for.

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