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6 Jan. 2013
Days of Wine and Roses
A senator's daughter's corpse is found on the street. Patrick quickly traces the murder to Dr. Michael Rubin's rehab clinic. There's no shortage of suspects and possible motives, including a ruby necklace she stole from her parents to pay for her drugs. Lisbon remains obsessed with Volker, even though judge Davis refuses to help her anymore.
13 Jan. 2013
Little Red Corvette
Tommy Volker stays one step ahead of agent Lisbon with the help of an inside source, but the team is on the trail of a possible witness to one of his murders.
27 Jan. 2013
The Red Barn
The discovery of three dead bodies inside an abandoned barn helps Patrick make a concrete connection between Red John and the "Visualize" cult.
17 Feb. 2013
Red in Tooth and Claw
The team goes to college to investigate the murder of a graduate student, and Patrick helps Bertram out with his poker game.
3 Mar. 2013
Red Lacquer Nail Polish
The charred remains of a socialite are found in her mansion, and CBI discovers that several people were fighting over inheriting her fortune.
10 Mar. 2013
There Will Be Blood
Lorelei reemerges, this time murdering a woman who may have helped Red John kill her sister.
17 Mar. 2013
Red, White and Blue
A female soldier is killed after a night out, and the only possible witness is a fellow veteran who suffers from memory loss.
24 Mar. 2013
Behind the Red Curtain
An actress in a Sacramento musical falls to her death, and Patrick needs LaRoche's help to find the killer.
14 Apr. 2013
Red Letter Day
While CBI goes to an Old West tourist town to solve a murder, Robert Kirkland is able to get his hands on Patrick's secret Red John research.
21 Apr. 2013
Red Velvet Cupcakes
CBI needs the help of a radio couples therapist to solve a murder, but he may also be able to help patch up tensions between agents Rigsby and Van Pelt.
28 Apr. 2013
Red and Itchy
Patrick helps LaRoche retrieve a Tupperware container that was stolen from his safe, which may also help them uncover the identity of a mole within CBI.
5 May 2013
Red John's Rules
As Patrick narrows down his Red John suspect list to seven people, Red John strikes again, and this time the victim triggers distant memories from his old life.
29 Sep. 2013
The Desert Rose
After Patrick discovers that Red John already knows about his list of seven suspects, his dangerous actions during a murder investigation get him and Lisbon banished to the sticks.
6 Oct. 2013
Black-Winged Redbird
While the team investigates the death of a software engineer by a drone strike, Patrick picks up clues about how Red John is staying one step ahead of him.
13 Oct. 2013
Wedding in Red
Patrick takes a murder case in Napa so that he can continue his investigation into Sheriff McAllister and Red John, and Rigsby and Van Pelt contemplate their future now that they are free to date after the release of a new office policy.
20 Oct. 2013
Red Listed
Patrick gets a step closer to finding the person who stole his dummy list of Red John suspects, and he may need the help of an old colleague to bring him down.
27 Oct. 2013
The Red Tattoo
Patrick is forced to work alongside one of his Red John suspects as CBI takes on two homicides connected to Visualize.
10 Nov. 2013
Fire and Brimstone
With the final clue in hand, Jane attempts to gather the remaining Red John suspects - Gale Bertram, Bret Stiles, Reede Smith, Ray Haffner and Tom McAllister - in one place in hopes of finally revealing his identity.
17 Nov. 2013
The Great Red Dragon
After the explosion at Patrick's house, the Red John suspect list is narrowed to two, and Patrick learns that Red John is part of a secret society of law enforcement employees.
24 Nov. 2013
Red John
While the FBI shuts down agent Lisbon's CBI team, Patrick goes off on his own to track down the man he has publicly identified as Red John.
1 Dec. 2013
My Blue Heaven
Two years after the Red John case was put to rest, Jane's newfound peace is interrupted by a surprising job offer that could change everything for him.
8 Dec. 2013
Green Thumb
The FBI reluctantly enlists Jane's help to find a missing computer programmer, but he won't help unless Lisbon is brought on board.

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