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Kelly Robinson: Dr. Brenner's superb. He put this in, it didn't even hurt!

Dr. Simon Brenner: If I had a nickel for every time a woman said that...

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[Archie wants Greg to stun-gun him for a medical experiment]

Nurse Chuny Marquez: It's like a sterilization scene out of some bad sci-fi movie.

Frank Martin: If it means no more children for Morris, it's a service to mankind.

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Dr. Gregory Pratt: [Two elderly patients start bickering] Larry, Laverne, they're all yours.

Dr. Simon Brenner: You think those two can handle it

Dr. Gregory Pratt: Yeah, I think they could handle a lot if you'd let them.

Dr. Simon Brenner: That's right you said that before.

Dr. Gregory Pratt: You know, no disrespect Brenner, but you're making it real hard for me to respect you. You're taking the procedures away from the residents, you're not even letting them do physicals.

Dr. Simon Brenner: They don't know what they're doing.

Dr. Gregory Pratt: They've been to med school.

Dr. Simon Brenner: So what, look you've either got it or you don't.

Dr. Gregory Pratt: Excuse me?

Dr. Simon Brenner: You know what I'm talking about. Some people catch on, other people never get it.

Dr. Gregory Pratt: Yeah but it's our job to train them.

Dr. Simon Brenner: That is sweet Greg, but it's also a complete waste of time.

Dr. Gregory Pratt: Are you serious?

Dr. Simon Brenner: Look, I teach people that can benefit.

Dr. Gregory Pratt: And what about Larry and Laverne?

Dr. Simon Brenner: They're, they're adorable, and eager, and absolutely clueless. Look I could spoon feed them everything I know, and it'd just pass straight through them like a bad case of cholera.

Dr. Gregory Pratt: And so what do you suggest instead?

Dr. Simon Brenner: Encourage them to find new careers.

Dr. Gregory Pratt: I don't know where you came from, but this is a teaching hospital. So if you can't accept the fact that everybody needs to learn, then you don't belong here.

Dr. Simon Brenner: Okay, sorry, remind me again Greg, you're not the chief of the department, right?

Dr. Gregory Pratt: No I'm not.

Dr. Simon Brenner: Okay, that's great. So you do things your way, and I'll stick with the way that works. Now, my shift's over, it's been an absolute pleasure, but I gotta go, I got a date, I got two actually.

[Dr. Brenner walks out of the room]

Dr. Gregory Pratt: Hey I'm not the only one that thinks...

Dr. Simon Brenner: Night, Dr. Pratt

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