Princess Protection Program (TV Movie 2009) Poster

(2009 TV Movie)


Carter Mason: A normal dad would go to a foreign country on a secret mission and bring his daughter back a T-shirt, not a person.

[reading an article in a Spanish magazine]

Brooke: It's about Rosie and her mom. One of them has fled the country, and one is in prison or a paper bag. I keep getting those two mixed up.

Chelsea Barnes: [about Rosie] I'll eat carbs before I see her wearing my crown.

Rosalinda: [Chelsea and Brooke are at the Masons' house, Rosie has just revealed that she is a princess] Only to protect my mother!

Brooke: From the paper bag?

Rosalinda: I am not a fool. And she cannot make something out of me that I am not.

Carter Mason: Rosie, we have to do something.

Rosalinda: I will turn the other cheek, because that is what princesses do.

Rosalinda: Since I've been here, I've learned many wonderful things. Most importantly, I've learned about friendship and loyalty and trust. And that those are not things that are just given, but things we must earn. So I want to thank Carter Mason for teaching me these things. And for being my friend.

Carter Mason: What was I thinking? A guy like Donny would never go out with me.

Rosalinda: Then he is not worthy of you.

Carter Mason: Yeah, you can say that 'cause you're all high and royal. But I'm just a girl who sells bait.

Rosalinda: No. You are so much more. You are a princess now.

Carter Mason: Yeah. Trust me, I am not a princess.

Rosalinda: Yes, you are. You just do not feel like one yet.

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