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We Are Watching The Decline Of The Animated Sitcom Unfold
Jimm119029 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
From the producers of Family Guy, well what do you expect from them. They pushed the envelope for censors on television with some of the most racy material seen on national television with that show. Which is somewhat funny at moments. Though its essentially a guilty pleasure to laugh at even those jokes when watching the whole show. Thats a compliment for such an overly sexual,and politicized show that uses toilet humor and cultural references as their substance.

This new show their packaging without any doubt is overtly shallow because the Family Guy team tries to expand their market with the humorless Cleveland character by making this race based Family Guy-Brady-Bunch hybrid. Though it also shows the decline of animated sitcom's as tasteless, uninspired, and stagnant. We saw Sit Down, Shut Up and recent Simpsons episodes as major disappointments obviously this show doesn't help.

The cast seems to have been thought up without much thought or development just a group of Caucasian Family Guy producers guessing on how the normal African American family works, using The Jeffersons and The Cosby show as references. It seems to be more of a sad attempt at trying to create a wholesome but very stereotypical black animated sitcom while retaining all the edginess of Family Guy. The family is created very stereotypically for an African American family a daughter that wants to do things on her own terms. A five year old son who peeps at women. A mother that needs a man to help out. Then the main character that uses low-tasteless catchphrases.

Also neighbors consist of a group of immigrant bears which is surreal just by me mentioning it. A Redneck so the producers can racially profile the south as still racist. Also finally a 21st century hipster named Holt. All of whom aid Cleveland on this joke of a show.

If you haven't seen the show yet your in for the painful reality of how this show is a sign that Fox's Golden Age as the dominant animated sitcom provider is long gone. Watching the opening is a clear sign of what your in for the next 30 minutes pointless, shallow, stereotypical unadulterated crap. You don't need to take it from me that this show sucks just compare it with a strong television concept and there's no contest. You will clearly see how stupid Family Guy producers were to create this. This is even low for them.
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I gave it a chance...
Wizard-812 October 2009
When I first heard that there was going to be this show, my first thought was, "What? A show centered around a somewhat bland supporting character from FAMILY GUY?" But I decided I would give the show a chance. After all, there have been stranger premises that have worked.

Later, I found out that the character of Cleveland Jr. had been changed from a (hilarious) hyperactive young boy into a fat and slow teenager. But I decided I would still give the show a chance. Maybe this revised character would be funny.

A day before the show first aired, I was surfing the Internet and came across a selection of reviews of the show. They were almost all negative. But I was still willing to give the show a chance. Sometimes critics are wrong.

The next day, I watched the pilot episode. It was terrible. But I decided I would still give the show a chance. Sometimes writers need time to polish their writing for a new show.

As I write this, I've watched some more episodes of the show. And I think I can say now that this show simply doesn't work. It's not very funny - it seems to be written by teenaged fans of FAMILY GUY who have no professional writing experience. Not only that, the show is cursed by some characters that are a major turn-off. They are not only written to be annoying, they have some of the worst voice acting I've heard in a cartoon series.

This show will get no more chances from me.
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This Won't Last
What Boards29 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This show was horrible and I don't see it lasting.

I did NOT laugh one time, I almost chuckled at the R-Kelly part, but that's it. The bear is stupid, the rednecks are stupid, and the new Cleveland Jr is horrible. In the flashbacks from the original Family Guy Cleveland went to school with Peter in Cohog, but in The Cleveland Show he went to school in the south? The show is pretty much a cheap black version ripoff of Family Guy.

Family Guy is hilarious, American Dad is funny, The Cleveland Show is an abomination and it needs to be canceled.

If they brought the ORIGINAL Cleveland Jr back, then I might watch it again, but until then I'm boycotting the show.
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Going in for a cancer screening
kahlessreborn27 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This show was almost painful to watch. I went into the show forgetting that it even existed and watch it for the hell of it basically as apathetic as you can get. Now remember that they canceled King of the Hill for this It makes me very much despise the show. I love Family guy but this show just plain isn't funny, and some might consider it offensive. It is basically the Chinese knockoff of family guy, as in a great concept that is poorly executed.

I grimaced maybe once and the rest of the time I was like god I wish family guy was on right now.

But really fox renewed the series before it even aired so we are stuck with two seasons of this crap. I wont be watching it maybe I'll actually do homework in between the Simpson's and American Dad. That basically sums it up I would rather do anything else than watch this show it needs significant re-writing including bringing back the original Cleveland junior.
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Needs to be scrapped... A huge failure...
adam_isackson28 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I can't find a single thing to say about this show that is remotely positive...

I'm a big fan of Family Guy and I occasionally like American Dad so I thought this would be my kind of humor.. Boy was I wrong..

For starters the rewrite of Cleveland Jr was a bad decision. The original concept would've been much better then what they created.

Secondly Cleveland's charter has been completely ruined. His appeal in Family Guy stems largely from from the abuse he takes from Loretta. The transition to and the new family dynamic the writers created is just plain idiotic.

Even worse the writers seem bent on making this a show entirely about race. Just about every "joke" in the pilot is racially charged and does nothing to add to the appeal whatsoever. This isn't Bernie Mac or the Cosby show . Unless your idea of comedy is listening to a black comic doing nothing but bash white people for a half hour my advice would be to look elsewhere.
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This show is trrrrrrrrrrrible!!!!
jamesoshea918 October 2009
This show suuuuuucks,i was never really excited about it in the first place and when I watched it my brain almost melted with boredom,its pretty obvious that all Seth cared about was money when thinking up this show so he decided to take the lamest character in family guy and give him a spin off,and the reason for this was because family guy fans would automatically watch this lame show. It is a non funny black version of family guy and that is it.the funniest thing about the pilot was when the family guy characters where in it, Cleveland can not carry a show.

The thing that annoyed me most was the fact that the just took the family guy formula and applied it to Cleveland,the even use the stupid cut aways which I hate more than anything,its destroys the story and is a sign of shoddy writing, cant think of anything to say...put in a crappy cut away or a gag joke,but apart from that the jokes are lame as hell.the only funny thing is the little afro kid. This show completely falls apart after the first 5 minutes of an episode,out of the two I've seen.

Watch American dad instead because that is funny
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I Still Don't Get Why People Don't Like This Show
asrexproductions3 December 2012
Watching the latest episode right now, and there are /so/ many clever jokes, far more clever than the jokes on "Modern Family", which I am also a fan of, so no, I'm not hating on that show. It's better than that new show with Christina Applegate (which I tried and hated), or "The Mindy Project", which I really wanted to like and couldn't. Honestly, from a writing perspective, "The Cleveland Show" is excellent, so much so that I almost feel like it really is racism that prevents this show from being more popular (either that or the time slot). I honestly DVR this show and watch it during "Bob's Burgers" so I don't have to watch that, and while I will admit I am in the minority on this, I like it more than "Family Guy" and "American Dad" too. Just never understood why this didn't catch on. Bugs me that it's now in danger of ending.
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Very, Very, Very Funny.
Bwilson12330 December 2011
I was extremely shocked to see the overall rating of this show. It is highly misunderstood. In my opinion, I think people just tend to blow it off because they assume it's a get get rich cheap quick cartoon from Seth MacFarlane.

They are wrong, it has some of the funniest humor I have ever seen in it. I'll even admit it, I did not give this show a chance in the least until it arrived on Netflix. I originally watched the season premiere, got a few laughs, then stopped watching because I had better things to do or watch. I was mistaken.

Yes, at times it may make you feel as if you're on acid or shrooms, or high in general.. but that's one of it's qualities. Very spontaneous, clever, and packed full of hilarious jokes. Joke after joke after joke, yet they still manage to connect at an emotional level, oddly enough, or I may just be crazy with part. You can decide that.

I've noticed when I introduce to people to the show, they are always kind of skeptical, sort of like, "I don't like this show, it's not that funny. Let's just watch Family Guy." Then I show them a few choice episodes and they instantly fall in love. For example, the episode where Cleveland Jr. and Kenny West (Kanye West), get in a rap battle. (*Brotherly Love.) It had us crying of laughter. Also, the magical walrus that will appear at random times, always just in time, to save Cleveland, his family, or him and his friends. Cleveland always manages to crack us up with his random one liners, too.

I think the show is a hidden gem and you should give it a chance. You will most likely warm up to it and absolutely love it. It always manages to put me in a good mood. I would love to see just as many seasons from The Cleveland Show as Family Guy or American Dad has.
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So this is what replaced King of the Hill?
dhochoy24 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why FOX was so quick to canceling King of the Hill without second thoughts, granted King of the Hill wasn't a groundbreaking masterpiece, but it did have a wholesome plot that dealt with a lot of morals and realism, lovable characters,& offered plenty of laughs. WHICH IS WAAYYY MORE THAN I CAN SAY FOR THIS POINTLESS TRIPE!!!

Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate Cleveland Brown, in fact, I kinda liked him but I can't see how Seth can devote an entire show to him and result in being a good show especially considering the sad fact that a show with a cast fully consisting of African Americans rarely works out. However I went to see it anyways because I will admit to being somewhat a fan of Family Guy and boy was that mistake I will forever regret, the plot lines are ridiculously stupid,& not only that, it offers NOTHING new to the plate, everything in this show you've seen before, even the concept(Man loses house to wife but keeps the son, goes back to his hometown and marries his high school sweetheart; Correct me if I'm wrong but it feels like the concept was done many times before). The characterization is lousy too, Cleveland's new family are nothing more than a stereotypical African American household, I mean you have the sassy, attractive, big-booty wife(Donna Tubbs), the bratty, self-centered, first-born daughter(Roberta Tubbs), they changed Cleveland Jr. to the typical nerdy, momma's boy middle child - Still to this day I question why they did that,& lastly, we have the typical rambunctious youngest child(Rallo Tubbs). As for Cleveland himself, he's pretty much been reduced to being a black Peter Griffin. There are other characters as well, like Cleveland's old and new friends but I really don't care for any of them,& out of all of them, I really hate the Bear the most, he's just there for comedic effect, he has no depth whatsoever. The humor is the same as Family Guy's, only 100x dumber. Fortunely for the Cleveland show the animation is decent, the voice-acting is good although shoddy at times however the music is forgettable, I really hate the theme song, it's like a stereotypical 80's theme and it reminds me of how much they ruined Cleveland's character.


I wouldn't recommend this show to anyone, even the most die-hard Family Guy fans shouldn't subject themselves to suffering from this dreck.
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PopcornCoolie28 September 2009
Being that as of Sept 28th 2009 I have only seen the pilot and it doesn't seem to be a promising show. It's a little funny, it did make me laugh, but Cleveland just isn't funny. When you have a character like Peter (an idiot) everything just falls into place. TRYING to be funny just doesn't work.

I don't see much coming from this show. It's like it was designed by the lowest bidder. They had to make a show because without a show there is no biz, but this is the best they could come up with. Lackluster is the best way to describe it, uninspired.

They need to stop blowing a hole in Cleveland's bungalow. It was funny the first time.
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